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  • Unconditional Love ✔
    29.9K 3.4K 40

    #1st in RagSan on 25th August 2020 # 3rd in RagSan on 15th May 2020 The unconditional love of... 🤔🤔 Want to know? Then peep in 😂😂

  • My Husband
    4.5K 533 7

    A spin off to "my wife" Story of a married couple, Raglak ❤️❤️

  • Symphony... RagLak
    845 162 2

    I just wanna be part of your symphony... Would you hold me tight, and not let go? Symphony...

  • Broken Yet Beautiful (Two Shots) (completed)
    3.6K 342 3

    A two shots on RagLak (requested two shots)

  • James bond ( not me but my wife)
    2.6K 364 6

    sanskar a family man gets afraid of guns and violence and his family was same like him. he wants a traditional and beautiful girl.. ragini Dubai underworld most ruling don. who comes to India for her mother sake and gets married to sanskar, who was unaware of her truth.

    1.2K 77 1

    RagSan OS

  • RagSan- True Love
    28.5K 1.5K 22

    The story is the continuation of the ff which was written from the id @Tejaa_diksha. The ff continues after chapter 40. The story starts from where Laksh and SwaRagini made sumi and shekhar together by their great efforts. The story would have been much better if the show had done justi...

  • DIL KI DOCTOR... 💉 (completed)✅
    46.5K 4.8K 29

    A story of hate turning to love between raglak... Their meeting was accidental but love was unconditional... 😍

  • I LOVE YOU... 😍 (completed)
    44.4K 3.8K 21

    Get inside to know it... 😂

  • Oh My Groom...!!! 😍 (completed)
    43.8K 4.1K 23

    A fun filled love story of raglak... U want to know? Just get in...

  • RagLak OS
    35.9K 3K 43

    Little shots on RagLak for all RagLakians and Tejuholics 😘 Word count for each chapter - less than 1501 words. Hope you like it.

  • The RagSan Club
    4.2K 459 25

    The very interesting book for Ragsanians and i am sure, no Ragsanians would take a chance of missing it. Something very unique!! But wait, what we gonna have in this book? Something like 3 things.. Fun.. Quiz and....... Guess!!

  • Star Crossed Lovers RagLak
    6.8K 1K 18

    RagLak Money. Brother. Power. Those were all he needed. Those were all he valued. But then...then came she. She made him realize what love was. He loved her for making him feel it. He hated her for making him yearn for her. He wanted her. He despised her. And yet, as time passed, all he wanted to do was have her...

  • Fairytale Collections (RagSan)
    590 81 2

    Ragsan book. With different fairy tale stories as a Os.

  • True Love Never Dies...
    740 95 3

    Did you ever heard True love died? Happy Reading -

  • Tere ishq me jana
    28.5K 2.7K 59

    This is a story of a rich boy sanskar, who doesnt know value of money and life. Its about how hw meets ragini. will they fall for eachother? #1 ranking in Ragsan on 11th jan 2019 #39 in Ragini thanku frnds #1 ranking in Ragsan and #1 ranking in Tejaswi on 29th jan 2019 #5 ranking in Ragsan on 29 November...

  • Dil Mein Baji Ghantiyaan
    708 86 1

    Raglak OS, a birthday gift❤️

  • Mera pehla pyar
    9.9K 904 8

    Story in Sr track, but with deviations.

  • Lost Love...RagLak
    1.1K 178 2

    RagLak We all know that Laksh had once tried to kill Ragini, and ended up hanging onto the mountain edge for life instead. What if Ragini got into trouble while trying to save him? What if she then returned as a different person all together? What if now, Laksh wanted her back, but she didn't so much as tolerate his...

  • Complicated love
    15.4K 2.1K 32

    A college love triangle Three friends, two boys and a girl, they both love her, but who would be her choice? The two mean a lot to the other, what will they chose, love or friendship? What will happen to the trio? A story on friendship and love.

  • Chanced Encounters...RagLak
    10K 1.6K 22

    Raglak Who would have thought that a cold hearted business man would be someone who believes in having a one true love? But then again, who would have thought that a sweet and kind hearted girl would be filled with venom for the word caled love?

  • Un Chaha Pyaar: in dubitable feeling
    4.8K 665 13

    Dho kadam unke taraf bhadaya.. Dho kadam unke taraf bhadaya Tho pata chala ki pyaar ishq mohabbath tho kuch nahi par alfaaz hai.. Par hai tho suna hua andekhi daasthan.. Pehchaan na hai hame uss mohatarma ko.. Par kya kare kambakhth Hame tho behad Unchaha Pyaar unki daasthan se hogayi..

  • The Bond We Share (RagLak TS)
    703 107 1

    Peep in to know about the story.

  • Roses And Thorns
    400 79 2

    Ragini Ratner, Princess of Rewa, came from a royal family but living her life like an ordinary person. Student of a private college. Sanskaar Shekhawat, A 23-years old guy. A tease, a bully, a prankster and the flirty guy. Love to irritate teachers and students around him. "Do you think yourself a Princess or what...

  • Those Three Words. (Ragsan) ✔
    6.8K 582 11

    fight between mind and heart of Ragini to accept the fact, her love towards her to be husband, Sanskar... Please don't expect all emotions and stuff.. because it's not. I wrote this a very long time ago on another couple and had this huge urge to post it here on Ragsan... it's simple short story with few parts.. hap...

  • Destiny : of Two soulmates
    2.3K 293 8

    Cover Credit: @NihaCreations Story of two soulmates and how Destiny brings them closer it's a small story on ragsan.... which is based on a south movie so all copyright belongs to its original writer

  • Entangled
    1.5K 221 8

    Girl who blindly trusts her friend. Friend is worthy or unworthy for her trust For that you have to read the story. Another RagSan story. Pls pls read vote and comment

  • Loving You
    15.6K 986 20

    Meet Ruhi. Your ordinary girl next door-minus the 'ordinary' part! She is smart, stunning, sensible, successful: basically a lot of the good 's'. To everyone, she would have been the luckiest girl alive. There is however one major glitch: her love life! Name: Ruhi Sethi Family: Crazy enough to make her unsure of all...

  • Love? In This Chaos!?
    21.8K 3.1K 55

    Two boys, one girl. And she has to choose one. This was supposed to be her biggest problem. And yet, here she was. Being the last heir of a rich inheritance that could very well change the world. Not to mention she's got assassins that want to kill her, best friends who are up-to troublesome meddling and two heart...

  • We Are RagLakians
    245 56 1

    We are RagLakians and it's about RagLakians. We are here for all the RagLak fans. We can be together and make everything easy.