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  • { lights out}Ticci Toby x Reader
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    knowing Toby Rodgers will not be a happy ending, there's too much broken, too much to fix. How is someone suppose to forgive all the things he's done wrong, and accept the little done right? Simply accepting the existence of him is accepting failure, in keeping him sane, and yourself safe.

  • A Broken Heart (Ticci Toby X Reader)
    184K 5.8K 37

    (Ticci Toby X Reader) A little girl afraid of her father. She ran away and begun a new home. Soon she met a boy who would flip her whole world around. Why is this relevant to you? Well that little girl, is you.

  • Camp Creepypasta (Ticci Toby x Reader)
    1.1M 39.7K 33

    Slendy needs more Creepypastas. So he takes Splendy's advice and makes a summer camp to train some chosen kids to become Creepypastas. He sends out letters to the chosen kids to tell them that they have been chosen. You live with your little brother and abusive father. What happens when you get one of the letters and...

  • Ticci Toby x reader
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    (Y/A) year old (y/n) walks home one night after a total fail on a date with the person who you thought she loved. The boy Zach told her to leave and never speak to him ever again. You left and walked home crying, but you stumbled in a forest to be tackled by a stranger.

  • List of CreepyPasta Characters
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    This is a long list of all of the creepypatsas (the original not the ones people make up for themselves)

  • Ticci Toby
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    "What's your name?" "T-Toby." Toby is a boy who isn't exactly right. He can't feel pain and he has uncontrollable twitches and tics. His bullying caused him to be hollow and stiff. After murdering his father and catching his own neighborhood on fire, he fled and was abducted by a mysterious tall creature with a pure w...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Savior (Ticci Toby X Reader)
    652K 21.7K 81

    You had an abusive family. No one cared for you nor your little sister, Cherokee. She meant everything to you. She was your life. Your guys bond was like no other. Until someone breaking into your house and taking away. This stranger saved you and fell in love with you..

  • Ticci toby X reader
    238K 6.2K 35

    Will you stay sane? or will you fall in love with a Killer Teenager? (y/n)'s Sister having to be Murders. Leaves her to join them. Having met a teenage boy with grey skin and orange goggles tried to kill her once along with her Little sister Gail, Who is also a Murderer, Might have sprouted some feelings about her. Wi...

  • Ben Drowned x reader
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  • Let Me Fix You (Ticci Toby x Reader)
    293K 7.3K 31

    All my life I've been mistreated and bullied. I was ready to give up until a certain encounter changed everything.

  • Ticci Toby x Reader
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    IM RE WRITING THIS THIS HORRID SELF INSERT (this was my first fan fiction so yes it sucks ass dont have to tell me XD) your life haunts you day and night it wracks you dreams and daily life, your father is always in a drunken rage and he hits you often, thus making you fear the touch of another person...that is until...

  • Proxy of Raven Bird
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    This is a creepy pasta based story. This is the story of if I were to become a proxy.

  • Perseverance
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    Masky × [Reader] (COMPLETE) _______________________ Things are everywhere and upside down for teenage [ ] [ ]. She's moved to a new town and has befriended strange people that seem oddly familiar. What becomes of her when she's fallen for her new friend? A/N: Y'all, I wrote this in 2013 during my cringe phas...

    Completed   Mature
  • Creepypasta x reader (A Jeff the Killer x Reader Fanfiction) DISCONTINUED
    145K 3.5K 45

    You were always abused by your foster parents but now.. You were saved by two women who went on a killing spree that surprisingly met you! Now,that the three of you bumped into a serial killer and a tall faceless man,that faceless man tells you that he is your real father.. You forgave him and went home all together...

  • Creepypasta Backstories
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    This book is going to be about the Creepypasta's backgrounds. All pictures and stories belong to their rightful owner. Enjoy~