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  • Spellbound
    233K 11.6K 20

    In the realm of Hesian there is Stavros, a detective who has made a name for himself as a dangerous, short-fused cambion; a child of an incubus and a human. Stavros neither wants nor needs a partner, but when the option is taken from him he is left with Elion, a young, cocky elf that knows exactly how to get under his...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blood of Azura
    973K 44.5K 47

    Fara's husband, the Prince of Azura, is murdered and she's enslaved by his killer, Theodan, a warrior fighting a war he doesn't believe in - until her. ***** Following the assassination of her husband and the invasion of the kingdom of Azura, Prince...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Lost Redeemer (Aeonica #1)
    2.6M 163K 68

    [ Highest Ranking: #1 Fantasy ] Aeons once ruled the world with a power called Ethermancy. They reigned for centuries until a human faction called the Templars overthrew them. Now, their empire lays in ruin, and the survivors hide in every corner of the world. Nahlia is a librarian's apprentice who's obsessed with Aeo...

    8.9M 221K 52

    In this club of high-end escorts to the spouses and partners of powerful CEO's, Execs, and politicians, they subscribe to Casanova's principles of seducing and coercing insider trading knowledge from their clients to then use as leverage to sell to competitors for profit, and sometimes revenge. SUITS meets IMPOSTERS (...

  • 🔥 The Path of Fire (Path of Light and Fire Book #1)(Completed) 🔥
    1.3M 79.9K 72

    Thief. Murderer. Mage. Prince. Warrior. Heroes. 16 year-old Sabin's plans to join the army change when he learns he is a Serien - a warrior who wields an element. With a sentient sword, he must find the other Seriens. His goal: unite them into a force capable of defending humanity from the Guan, a humanoid race belie...

  • Regenerate | X-Men/Avengers - Pt. 1
    232K 10K 30

    | Wattpad Featured | A nameless mutant child escapes certain death at Alkali Lake. Years later, she reunites with the man who helped her escape. Plagued by flashbacks of her past, she tries to erase the person she once was. As she adapts to her new life, she'll rebuild herself from the ground up in a world about to be...

  • Vampire's Pet
    32.4M 1.3M 86

    The world had gone to hell long ago, taken over by the vampire race. In order to keep some sort of peace in our land, the Vampire Lords made a consecutive agreement. The rich and powerful humans could survive just as they had been, untouched by the vampires save for the occasional blood collections, or so they thought...

  • Crimson Ash
    25.9K 1.7K 117

    *A Wattpad Editor's Choice* "You may live as a soldier or face death. Choose wisely." Solanine Lucille wants her little sister back. Eight years ago, the government kidnapped her sister Ember, stole her memories, and transformed her into a soldier. But Solanine refuses to give up. Now that she and her fiancé have loca...

  • Slightly Sarcastic with a Chance of Indifference (Sky High Fanfiction)
    2.6K 112 15

    Everyone knows the story of Sky High and the heroes that walked its hallowed halls, but little known Saint Leonard's Academy. It's not a Catholic school, or for the public for that matter. It's the reformatory for Sky High. It's composed of those troble kids who just couldn't make it at the school in the sky. So what...

  • After
    677M 10.6M 102

    Tessa Young is an 18 year old college student with a simple life, excellent grades, and a sweet boyfriend. She always has things planned out ahead of time, until she meets a rude boy named Hardin, with too many tattoos and piercings who shatters her plans.

  • Darkness Girl: Trickster God
    9.7M 280K 76

    Can a natural killer learn to be human again? Regan's unique talent for murder makes her a perfect assassin. After a lethal encounter leaves her broken body washed up on a beach, she finds herself adopted by a group of teenage bodyguards. She doesn't intend to stay for long, but soon Regan finds herself faced with a c...

  • 【Fifty Shades of Phoebe】
    27.2K 413 7

    After living under her parents roof, Phoebe Grey decides to live on her own and experience life all by herself, in the company of her best friend Amber. After meeting the famous yet dangerous Stephan Knight, Phoebe tries to deny her attraction towards him at all cost, knowing if she gets involved with him he'll bring...

  • Pure Blood (UNEDITED)
    3.3M 51.1K 36

    Growing up alone in the forest Snow is faced with constant attacks from male wolves. She doesn't trust them until she stumbles onto Hunter. The Alpha's son and future Alpha of the Redwood pack. She develops feelings for him, not sure if she should trust her heart. Hunter on the other hand, doesn't want a mate, well n...

  • The Ghost Files
    6.5M 146K 32

    Cherry blossom lipstick: check Smokey eyes: check Skinny jeans: check Dead kid in the mirror: check For sixteen year old Mattie Hathaway, this is her normal everyday routine. She's been able to see ghosts since her mother tried to murder her when she was five years old. No way does she want anyone to know she ca...

  • Brother's Proverb [Supernatural Fanfiction]
    11.3K 543 15

    After losing Dean to a league of demons in attempt to save a fallen angel, Sam is given one chance to rescue him. But when he is pitted against a forgotten deal he had made with a demon, Sam has to find a way to redeem himself before his brother is killed. But how can Sam rescue Dean when the bargaining chip was alr...

  • The Bad Boy's Secret (Book 1)
    2.8M 76.7K 38

    (Book 1) "What exactly did you do to get kicked out of your last school?" I felt my chest tighten when the vicious smirk played across Noah's lips. He leaned toward me in a flash, pressing me against my bedroom wall. "If I told you, I would have to kill you." Willow Abernathy is your cliche good girl. Grades are p...

  • Liberation (Remnants of Men)
    1.5M 27.6K 40

    When seventeen year-old Runner was sentenced to death for stealing a loaf of bread in MegaCity One, his dreams were literally at an end. But then he opts to sign up for the Remnants of Men, a government sanctioned search for a rumoured fresh water lake beyond a radiated wasteland. At first, it seemed like a second ch...