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  • Zodiacs 2 | Kpop
    325K 15K 156

    Highest ranking #81 ↠Boygroups only! ↠Hello my readers! My first KPOP zodiac book was a pretty good success, so I made a second book for you guys. (^o^) © Huyanyan | 2016

  • ZODIAC SIGN kpop 1
    42.1K 2.9K 142

    hello readers, This is my first kpop zodiac book. Hope you'll like this book! ^_^

  • Blackpink zodiac book
    50.2K 2.8K 65

    Hello readers, This is my kpop blackpink book If you know an title for my next chapter, PM me.^_^ Hope you'll like this book!!^_^ Xxx beauty-yi❤️

  • Zodiacs 1 | Kpop
    542K 24.9K 189

    Highest ranking #38 ↠For all the kpop fans out there! ↠Boygroups only! ↠Thanks to people that vote or comment on this book. I appreciate it! ↠Only updating tag chapters, announcements and news Started 6|12|15 Ended15|01|16 © Huyanyan | 2015

  • ZODIAC SIGN kpop 2
    2.8K 198 13

    hello readers, This is my second kpop zodiac book. Hope you'all will like this book ^_^