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  • Conversations in the Dark
    817 155 8

    Seventeen year old Blue Reynolds has never been one to enjoy fairytales. She's never been a fan of pumpkin carriages or enchanted glass slippers, never been impressed by tales of talking frogs or cursed spinning wheels. Blue has never enjoyed those stories because for as long as she can remember, she's known more m...

  • One Moment
    1.1M 14.8K 12

    *UNEDITED* Broken and hard-shelled twenty-two-year-old Kinsley Hastings wants out. After being the only person to survive a fatal car crash, losing her family, boyfriend, and best friend, she refuses to become attached to anything or anyone. Still suffering from the memories and aftermath, Kinsley wants nothing more...

  • Cheaters Anonymous
    6.2K 1.7K 31

    [Featured on Wattpad Social Media] Dakota Reeves created the app Cheaters Anonymous for a reason. She's tired of the concept of love- tired of carefree heartbreakers and little white lies. And so she has a plan to take the cheaters down, one by one, by posting anonymous updates revealing infidelity. But when an anony...

  • His Match
    2.9M 71K 44

    Ethan Miller runs Miller Inc. a worldwide luxurious business company that has its hands in many parts. Hotels, private airplanes, cars even the music industry. You name it, the company has ties. Taking over the company in recent years from his father, with the help of his two other brothers. The youngest recently bein...

  • Parfait
    6K 1.4K 45

    Parfait (n) 1. a rich cold dessert made with whipped cream, eggs, and fruit. 2. perfect (linguistics) All Summer wanted was a peaceful summer with her friends and study her dream major in the upcoming fall. Instead, she got a job at the local ice cream shop along with one of her least favourite people in the world, lo...

  • Addicted To You [✓]
    70.7K 6.9K 42

    After receiving a letter from her dead father at her college graduation, Evalyn Gonzalez finds herself crawling back to her home town. She's hell bent on uncovering the truth surrounding his passing because what was thought to be a suicide 4 years ago, may no longer be one. It turns out nothing is what it once seemed...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Casual Entanglement
    6.6K 627 15

    Indie rock singer, Cleopatra Bennet, must settle a feud with her arrogant bandmate before she sabotages her music career and a shot at true love. ***** Cleopatra Bennet was blessed with a name that sounds like it was pulled straight from a Romance...

  • Lovesick
    11.8K 350 11

    A red dress. Stolen smiles. Hooded eyes. That's all it took for Veronica and Ace's worlds to purposefully collide once again.

  • Golden Hour Of You And Me
    37.3K 2.7K 20

    Sheyanne Shaw hates nothing more than she hates her hometown of Flagstaff, Arizona. Except maybe, being forced to return to it. After escaping her estranged relationship with her father for years, hating every single speck of dusk of her town, after three years and her fathers decline, she's forced to return to help h...

  • Scoring You
    61.4K 952 19

    Bailey Davis. Hardworking and Hard Headed. Bailey is so close to graduating she can taste it. Her life has been nothing but a roller-coaster and she is finally happy to say things have calmed down... That is till Tyler Hunter. Tyler Hunter. Basketball Superstar. His only goal in life is to get to the NBA and he is clo...

  • The Boy who Broke the Rules
    9.5M 471K 25

    Stay away from that boy. That's what they all told me, but I was never one to be obedient. The Boy who Broke the Rules. All Rights Reserved. * He was the mysterious lonely boy who found her in a clearing and told her to stay still as he sketched a portrait of her. Entranced by his voice and intensity of his gaze, she...

  • Beauty and the Geek Boy
    1.6M 55.8K 64

    Head-cheerleader Ellie Kent has had a crush on William Johnson since the beginning of forever. He's smart, cute, and totally out of her league. The only problem is: how will he ever notice her? Geek Boy William Johnson has been crushing on popular girl Ellie Kent since she saved him from bullies when he was ten. But...

  • Androphobia
    5M 170K 59

    an·​dro·​pho·​bia | \ ˌan-drə-ˈfō-bē-ə noun : an abnormal dread of men : repugnance to the male sex Thea is the definition of sweetness. Whether it be stopping to talk to a homeless person in the streets or volunteering overtime at her local charity shop, she feels the need to give and not take. Although that comes...

  • The Curse of Loving You
    616 45 1

    This is the book version based on my POV series on Tiktok. Tiktok: anne.jannette Insta: anne.jannette

  • Nothing Super [COMPLETED]
    138K 18.4K 44

    "I LOVED IT" - Clumsy_weirdo_353 "So your sister likes to get drunk and beat up guys twice her size," Taylor said, her eyes closed. "Yup." A beat. "So you can teleport." "Yup." Another slice of silence. "So you really can fight," she said. "Yup." A single heartbeat. "So you can teleport." "Yup." "Cool. Cool, c...

  • The Difference Between Getting and Needing
    185K 9.2K 50

    "Sometimes what you need isn't what you get, it's what you already have." 〰️〰️〰️ Being stuck in a people-pleasing routine is what Bayla Barclay knows best. She's got every aspect of her strained relationship down to a science. She'll wea...

  • Sweetly & Home Economically ✔
    356K 18.8K 37

    Abigail Hensley does not hesitate to choose Home Economics as her elective. With her mother owning a bakery, she practically grew up in a kitchen. Abby may appear to be Miss Perfect, but she has her reasons for being the way she is today. She has to work with a partner, and she doesn't like him one bit. Theo Keller do...

  • Boys in Bands
    1.9M 89.7K 42

    ❝I always wondered how normal people became friends with superstars. Then I found out for myself.❞ It's all about who you know. Thanks to having a best friend in the fashion industry, Zora finds herself partying with Four Thrones, the world's latest and greatest boy band sensation. But when one of the charismatic m...

  • Finding Cinderella
    19.1M 358K 53

    [ALSO KNOWN AS "MATCH MADE IN HELL" ON LINE WEBTOON. BECOMING AN ORIGINAL SOON!] He's. . . hot, popular, and proud. She's. . . plain, eccentric, and persistent. There's nothing common between them except that they hate each other. Not good, right? But why is he determined to find her while she is determined to escape...

  • Beyond The Barrier [COMPLETED]
    480K 37.2K 29

    [Wattpad Featured Story] #2 in Adventure "I loved this book so much!! One of my favorites. I read it too fast 😭" - KristenDeF "Ready?" Peyton mouthed. Louie took a deep breath, squared her shoulders and nodded. She turned to the on coming threat and straightened her spine. Peyton's knife was the first one to take...

  • Within These Walls
    4.5M 119K 68

    April Parker's plan for senior year is to tough it out with her overbearing stepfather for nine more months and move far away from home the second she graduates. It's what drives her to go through the motions every day and the reason his oppressive existence hasn't crushed her. The last thing she expects is to end up...

  • Everything Happens At 2:04 AM
    3.7M 202K 52

    Octavia. That's the name the world knows her by. One word. One name. At seventeen, she was a girl who had her spotlight when she was whisked away to co-star in what would be an award-winning movie. From that moment on, she had never strayed away. Now, at 24, Octavia is a star and has found herself in multiple produc...

    Completed   Mature
  • Worth It
    266K 4.6K 16

    Six college buddies. Three guys, three girls. They had made a pact together; unlimited fucking between all of them, no jealousy, no dibs, no emotions. Just fucking to each get their own. The golden rule; No falling in love. ~ ~ ~ ~ "I can't do t...

  • The Good Girl's Bad Side
    8M 232K 63

    Amazing cover by @yankeesforever Highest Rank: #1 in Teen fiction Tristan's grasp tightens around my waist, while inching his face closer and closer to mine. He brushes his lips softly against mine, sending inevitable feelings running a marathon. "You're really tempting me Angel." He chuckles softly. "Do you always...

  • Roses for Rachel
    7.4M 356K 47

    I was sure the worst thing to ever happen to me would be being kidnapped, and sure, that was pretty bad. However, what was worse was being kidnapped, held captive for years, and then being auctioned off to the highest bidder. I thought maybe I had caught a little break when I found out that me and five other girls we...

  • The Bad Boy Cares? | Completed √
    2.1M 62.2K 75

    "You want me, don't you?" Mason smirks He walks over to me and gently pushes me against the wall. "N-no, I don't! I swear, I was just wondering." I quickly say I gulp when his lips come closer. Mason takes a step back again and pulls his shirt a little bit up. "Don't tell me you don't want this sexy body" he smirks an...

  • Man Hunt
    1.4M 63.6K 21

    Twenty teens. Abducted. To play a game of man hunt.

  • Rich Dimples | ✓
    699K 19.9K 57

    ❝You have cute dimples.❞ Seventeen year old Saskia Hayes was more than shocked when she received the news of her acceptance into one of the most prestigious schools in London, where only the richest of the richest went. Growing up in an unhealthy environment with a bumpy past, she had no clue what to expect upon h...

  • Saving Madison
    254K 10.8K 34

    Madison Taylor's life was never the same after being presumed dead for six months. After being washed up, and barely breathing in the lake where she killed herself; the lake where she was pulled out by one of the reasons she committed suicide. Somehow awakening from being dead, the secret of Madison's death and return...

  • The Girl in the Jean Jacket & The Guy in the Plaid Shirt
    24.4K 1.5K 5

    One guy. One girl. Two articles of clothing. ©2016 ℓαℓαℓαℓαwriting