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  • MANANFF: The Pain Of Love Will Never Stop
    639K 37.2K 92

    "WHAT IS LOVE WITHOUT PAIN AT ITS HEELS" "LOVE CAN BE A MEMORY THAT NO ONE CAN STEAL, BUT LOVE CAN ALSO LEAVE A PAIN THAT NO ONE CAN HEAL" This story is about Manan after Talent hunt, when they have misunderstandings and they eventually breakup. As she can't take it anymore she leaves to New York with an advice...

    Completed   Mature
    10.5K 1.4K 200

    "Writing is the painting of the voice" Wanna know what is the reason why all your favourite writers publish such awesome books? How are they in reality and what inspired them? To get to know about these things, one must get into this magical place which would embrace you and take you to a landing where no one has ever...

  • Our Destiny Entwined
    551 14 5

    A girl with special ability unknown to her lives in the outskirts of a town. With grey eyes and almond hair, all she wished was a normal life. But what will happen when she gets transferred to the most elite school in town, only to find herself surrounded by demons, vampires and were wolves. A school based on hierarch...

  • MANAN FF: Drawing Hatred Towards Love
    56.5K 4.1K 32

    AGAIN! AGAIN! AGAIN! Gayathri is back with yet another love and hatred Manan story. The very sequel of 'Pain Of Love Will Never Stop' will yet again bring you to a whole new family drama with a new set of roller coaster rides. Buckle - up your seat belts and add this to you very own library and watch the magic...

  • MANANFF: The Enchanted Misery
    341K 24.6K 75

    LIKE MOST MISERY, IT STARTED WITH APPARENT HAPPINESS! THE ENCHANTED MISERY MEANS TO BE PUT UNDER A SPELL OF UNHAPPINESS. What will happen when a mysterious girl enters the life of a group of 5 people and change them completely? Will their interest in finding out the girls aggression,loneliness and misery lead to troub...

  • ✔Beware
    328 20 11

    Peering down the alley, I wondered if it would be smart to take. I mean it was eleven o'clock at night, anything could happen. My house was definitely a block away from the other side of the alley instead of five miles around. I usually took it, but it's way darker than what it usually is. Deciding to run the mile d...

  • ✔Lost of All: Hope
    301 89 23

    Book 1 of the Lost Trilogy (Independent) Hope Maxwell disappeared a couple of years ago. Only this time she made sure to leave no clues as to what happened or where she went. She just vanished out of thin air. Out of desperation, two of her close friends make it a mission to figure out where Hope gone to. So together...