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  • Saving Scout O'Brian
    302K 13.6K 38

    •GirlxGirl• Scout O'Brian hasn't had the greatest start at life. Growing up in countless foster homes, hasn't been her ideal childhood. One of the worst ones gifted her with a gorgeous little girl, and although she was young, Scout knew she'd work as hard as she could to be the best mother she could. In order to pro...

    Completed   Mature
  • Big Girls Do It Better
    18.5K 299 6

    A collection of one shot bbw eroticas

  • Dear Boss
    114K 6.2K 32

    Skylar, a plus size girl fell in love with her boss Sane Berkly, a sexy bachelor and the CEO of a fortune 5 company. Things became complicated when her office crush fell in love with her.

    Completed   Mature
  • Spouse Swap (BWWM) Completed
    226K 13K 54

    Charlotte (Charlie) Davis agrees to take part in a social experiment led by her best friend Tanya and swaps lives with another wife for three months, leaving behind her emotionally unavailable husband and four year old daughter. Her new partner, Taylor Scott is every woman's wet dream: Hardworking, a good husband, a...

    Completed   Mature
    370K 19.8K 42

    her childhood nemesis is back, much to her despise. ; copyright © tobi. 2016 STARTED: DECEMBER 26th, 2016 FINISHED: OCTOBER 28, 2018

  • Benna
    4.2M 155K 60

    What can happen when the Bronx's king pin known as "Black" crosses paths with little miss Benna Leé. From raising her baby brother with her elder brother, to dealing with an unforgettable past that has been hiding in the dark. Will their obvious differences divide them or bring them closer together? Copyright © 2018...

    Completed   Mature
  • HER
    1M 45.3K 56

    "Man." I sighed. "It's just something about HER." Jordan Banks, is living good for 26 year old. He just opened up a nice Nightclub in Philadelphia, which is doing great. He's living his dream. But he needs someone to live it with. When he runs into Christina, the bartender what will happen? Christina Thomas. A indepen...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lord Day and Lady Night
    215K 19.9K 7

    The rich. The powerful. Those are the men Amy has always despised, because the only thing they've ever done is use her. So...what is she doing with HIM? Lord Patrick Day, descendant of a noble line, with enough arrogance for ten kings and the looks to go with it, is exactly the kind of man Amy hates the most. And yet...

  • The Pussyfooting Prostitute [ManxMan] [Mpreg]
    367K 23.3K 50

    ©2018 lilmizzapplez All Rights Reserved Drakos; a dragon shifter and multimillionaire. One of the last of his kind, who's desperately searching for a mate who's compatible to withhold his semen in her womb. Drakos searched for years, bedding thousands of humans; hoping to find the end of his suffering. Asche; a secret...

  • Loving Cassie
    1.6M 60.1K 25

    Cassie never expected her husband to leave her, not six months after giving birth to their little boy, and especially not for her younger sister, Carrie. After a revelation from both her cheating husband and home wrecking sister, Cassie decides to do what's best for her and her son; move away. She plans to live a man...

  • Sombre (Completed)
    171K 5.1K 31

    Nigeria is a coco girl ready to go off on anybody in her way she is quiet but doesn't care to disrespect anyone who disrespect her, but what happens when she keeps disrespecting the biggest drug dealers son. Hate or love?

    Completed   Mature
  • Wingman
    17.6K 960 29

    "In which he falls in love."

  • Mates of a Human
    852K 47.2K 71

    His world was completely grey. Not a drop of colour entered his eyes and he told himself that he really didn't miss it. Until the day he saw the most vivid blue eyes. Werewolf/Shifter story Man x Man x Man 18 + with graphic descriptions of a sexual nature Author's note; I made the cover, even though it is not brilli...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stallion Mage: A Horse Shifter Mpreg Romance (COMPLETE)
    1.5M 92.1K 71

    Now revised and being released on Amazon: (it's in KU so you can borrow it for free.) In a tribe of stallion shifters, Alvarr is smaller and more delicate than the rest of the herd. But he is also a rare stallion mage, a male horse shifter who can perform magic - a talent only found in mares. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chubby Chaser (Billy Hargrove)
    305K 8.9K 38

    "I'm not loosing weight." I stated crossing my arms over my chest. "Princess, I couldn't care less if you did or not. I'm still getting paid. Now let's make something out of it." Riley's fine with the way she is but for her parents, not so much. So they do the unthinkable and hire a personal trainer to get her into s...

  • Loved by a Dragon (Mate Me Book 1)
    137K 5.4K 60

    Roxie Jones is a twenty-seven-year-old divorcee, with blond hair, violet-blue eyes and plenty of curves. She once was a budding artist, until her ex husband Mitchell destroyed her confidence in herself. He left her for his thinner, younger secretary. Xander Austin owns Dragon Lore Art Gallery and is searching for ne...

    Completed   Mature
  • This Is A Mans World |Dave East Love Story|
    29.1K 1.4K 7

    David Brewster Jr., the most feared man in Harlem comes across a young lady that knocks him off his feet. This could change everything!

  • My Boo | A.A
    22.7K 1.1K 17

    I'm reuploading this book now that it is finished. THIS BOOK IS NOT EDITED! So there might be minor grammatical problems. Read and enjoy! Mwauh ta-ta. Copyright © August 26, 2019. All rights are reserved to

    Completed   Mature
  • Maid in Mafia (BWWM)
    266K 11.4K 46

    She is fearless. She is kind. She is cunning. She is plagued by her mother's disasterous past. Paige-Marie is a black girl who works as a maid in one of the Viteri households. She also works as the consigliere and executioner for the soon to be boss and bestfriend, Franco Viteri. However feelings come into the mix of...

    Completed   Mature
  • An omega's fight
    53.1K 2.3K 22

    Ty was born unlucky. An omega wolf of a cruel pack, he was used and abused, and no matter what he did was always getting in trouble. He's made peace with his shitty life though, and was seemingly content. That was until he fell pregnant. Realizing that he couldn't even stomach the thought of his kids being raised in h...

  • Extra Ordinary ✔️
    932K 51.6K 28

    Fed up with being picked on, a geeky boy with a big secret hires the school's toughest senior as a bodyguard to protect him from the bullies. Cover by @YourRoyalDeadness

  • Ropes And Chains
    10.6K 772 15

    Abraham was white and just by the color of his skin he was privileged. He was meant to grow up, marry and take over his father's plantation. Including the many slaves he owned. His life was planned from the moment he was welcomed to this earth but, then something happened or rather someone. Thomas was separated from h...

  • Clash|| BWWM
    1.3M 48.6K 39

    She didn't care that's he was a 'nerd' He didn't care that she was a little 'ghetto' She didn't care that he wasn't popular He didn't care that she was a little violent She did care that he was being bullied He did care that she stood up for him She didn't want him hurt He didn't want her hurt #60 Romance on April 15...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Love Like No Other
    107K 6.3K 36

    *complete & edited* Cadence Matthews knows all to well the struggle of being a single mother. For the last two years it was always just her and Elijah. That is until Mason Carter came into her life. Mason got the chance to prove to his father that he can run his multibillion dollar real estate development company, by...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ashonté
    195K 9K 51

    "You used to call me on my cell phone. late night when you need my love. I know in that Hotline Bling. That can mean only one thing." - Drake . ! ALL CREDIT FOR PICTURES GOES TO WEHEARTIT ¡

  • The Billionaire's Addiction
    550K 17.6K 13

    "Let her drag me down. I'd drown in her with a fucking smile on my face." - Adrian Hunter A romance author who can't get laid and a billionaire playboy with a dark past...what could go wrong?

  • Not A Finch (BoyxMen)
    306K 13.2K 17

    Asher Finch is the youngest of seven. The target for pranks, punches, and having his identity mistaken. He's been asked about being the younger sibling of one of his six gorgeous brothers more than he's been asked what his own name is. He's been living his whole life in their shadows. And, well he's tired of it. He do...

  • Circle
    329K 16.4K 32

    Soulmates. Everyone had one. Except Keir; Keir has three. Their names were tattooed in a little circle around his belly button, which he always kept covered. His homophobic parents didn't need to see the name of three men covering their son's body. Lief has always felt blessed. He was quick to show off his soul marks...

  • Emison: Roommates
    273K 6.2K 40

    Emison Fanfiction "And the final roommate rule... Try not to fall in love with me" Alison Di'Laurentis, the beautiful blonde queen bee, in her Freshman year of college. Emily Fields, the arrogant brunette womanizer, in her Sophomore year of college. When the two get scammed into living together, the two get to know ea...

    Completed   Mature
  • Instantaneous (ManxBoy) Mpreg Explicit - Book 2
    51.8K 2.4K 22

    Continuation to Intoxicated Book 1. Please read Intoxicated before reading this. After celebrating their Marriage, It's time for Wolfie and Danny to come back to the real world and upcoming trials, past lovers and an upcoming pregnancy could turn anyone mental. Luckily, Wolfie is great under pressure and so does his b...

    Completed   Mature