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  • The Keymaker
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    The Keymaker has waited years to unlock the silver locket that holds an important secret to his future. But when a Boy shows up at his door in need of a key, will destiny be changed? (Written for WattpadShortStory's Reading List Marathon contest: Another Time, Another Place)

  • Reviving Her
    12.9K 3.2K 57

    We often underestimate the power of three things : The stars The ocean And love. Grief pulls us into the depths of despair. Our existence becomes a torture drowning us in darkness, which, we have created for ourselves. In the midst of this anguish, when we're on the verge of being called crazy, a sliver of hope is al...

  • Hymns of Damnation
    2.4K 549 21

    With red eyes and white skin, The Ghostly Prince sins. Born of darkness and hardly with a soul. His victims' bodies take a toll. With killer instinct, only a wolf can love His hands that have sent many above. The wolf and master destroy, Making all a mere chew toy. But they separate, and the prince is irate. C...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Guardians #YourChoice2017
    346 29 7

    "So it is written, the Fallen shall come down from heaven and linger over the earth and the depths of hell. They live lives of grandeur, and choose to bed with many. Their offspring that they bear will call themselves the Guardians. They will be known as having ultimate power from every land, their presence passed on...

  • Evermore #Wattys2017
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    I was just an ordinary girl. Yeah, I didn't have a lot of friends, but that's how most teenagers are. Life isn't like those movies you see all the time where you spend most of your days hanging out with your friends. I enjoyed reading books, watching TV, and talking online with strangers just like everyone else. But...