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  • GTlive Oneshots
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    Just another collection of stories that come into my head and I wrote down. They will all be GTlive centric. Happy reading :) MY lovely cover was made by twinsister27 or @27twinsister on twitter :D

  • G/T One Sh0ts!
    2.3K 30 4

    A story filled with stories willed with G/T stories for people who read stories with G/T

  • G/T YouTuber AU The average life of a high schooler, sorta
    6.7K 128 14

    Meet all your favorite YouTubers, but they may not be the size you once knew! Follow each move they make as they go through daily life. Enjoy! Hey! If you've seen this story before you may notice my cover is different. @twinsister27 (I think that's how I'm supposed to write it, with the @ sign and stuff...) offered to...