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  • The Beauty Of Life
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    Nadia, who has a positive and uplifting personality, is a sixteen year old teenaged girl. Nadia's insecurities of being on a wheelchair haunts her everyday especially people's questions around her. She gets used from the closest people to her heart but nothing stops her. She's unbreakable. She learns that through all...

  • Insuppressible
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    Leila Wilson meets Ashton Brown, finding out that he was what she needed all along. She loved him more than anything else. She dedicated her whole life to him. So much, that she's devastated without him. Could she stand her life without beloved Ashton? Leila finds out the most important life lessons during these years...

  • Echoes of a Broken Heart
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    A series of poems about how a one-sided romance broke my heart. Who knows? It might break yours too.