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  • pray.
    156K 11.5K 18

    "we will be okay." a jeon jeongguk fanfiction.

  • you were beautiful ☾jihan
    33.2K 2.1K 12

    "jeonghan, why did you leave us?"

  • hours
    20.4K 1.5K 17

    how ambreen, spent her last hours. // book two of days // cc: yeonsomi

  • days
    210K 12.1K 32

    missing you everyday is my hobby. // completed // the second book is already out, and is entitled 'hours'. cc: yeonsomi

  • Spoken Words Poetry
    86.7K 1K 29

    Highest rank reached - #2 (9/17/18) #8 (2/28/17) #9 (2/22/17) -----sana mabasa mo, baka matauhan ka at ako ang mahalin mo Book 2 : "Kumusta?"

    7.6K 408 12

    A short novel about SEVENTEEN's Joshua and Jeonghan. A story about their true friendship, and at how one person can destroy it, and how three words can repair it.

  • hong jisoo.
    71.8K 4.8K 31

    ❝ Jeonghan was the only person to make 'Hong Jisoo'- the name that he always hated- look so good.❞ jihan. H1XT4PE©

  • Nights : Meanie
    10.7K 608 4

    "Why were you shouting?" Wonwoo said, raising an eyebrow at the guy across from him. The guy glanced into the darkness until they made eye contact with the other. "Why are you smoking?" The guy fired back. Wonwoo flicked the ash off his cigarette and tried to focus on the guys face. "I'd love to tell you, but we don't...

  • Photograph
    1K 65 1

    meanie fanfic // Mingyu is not a professional photographer but he knows what angle suit wonwoo the best; it's when he smiles. ©️ i do not own the photo used

  • seasons of the heart.
    47.8K 4.9K 20

    "where time stops with you." a jeon jeongguk + min yoongi fanfiction.