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  • Being in love with my stepbrother
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    Caroline's father remarried and she got two step brother, Xander and Samuel. I started to SLOWLY edit this story.:)) ©Co-writing with The writing sheep.:) <3 Romance Drama

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  • Yes, Mom...Arrogant step-brother is totally fine! -hint the sarcasm-
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    Ashley Hill- prototype of the perfect daughter. Aiden Davis- prototype of the delinquent son. Ashley's Mom is marrying Aiden's Dad, so two of them are forced to live together. It's not long till they realize they're completely different. Ashley has boring life, Aiden parties all night long. She can't stand alcohol...

  • Loving my stepbrother
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    Destiny Jones has always had a crush on Xander (Zan-der) Williams. But what happens when she finds out that he's her new stepbrother? Will they find love between each other? Or will they just act like normal brother and sister? --------------------------- My brain couldn't function properly and I couldn't breath. The...

  • The Step-Brother
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    Jade hates her new stepbrother, Zach, but things turns for the worst when she suddenly becomes attracted to him. When she trys to shrug it off it gets worse. But, she begins to think he's feeling it too!

  • The Step Brother
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    So this story was written when I was like 12 years old so idk how it has that many reads on it. I thought it was cool making the main girl Spanish and google translating words which literally mean the complete opposite. I understand this can be offending and I've tried to go through and fix it or just get rid of it. I...

  • But You're My StepBrother?! (book 1)
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    Book One Of The Carter Family Series Noah Carter is a typical 16 year old kid. His mom and dad get divorced. After some time, Noahs mom, Lucy find a perfect man. His name is Luke and he is 37. He is divorced and has a son, Jay who is 16 years old just as Noah. Jay is the big guy, who smokes, parties, and drinks alcoho...

  • Am I in love with my Step-Brother?
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    I'm Gabriella Carey and I'm the daughter of the famous singer Mariah Carey. When I was 10 my parents split up. I'm now 21 and still go between there houses. My dad lives in Dallas, Texas and my mum lives in New York City. Me and my dad fell out and I've headed to New York to stay with my mum for god knows how long. A...

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  • Forbidden
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    Brinley Fukuda was only 8 when her mother decided to remarry and move them to America. That's when her life changed. She was in a new country. She had a new dad. And she also had a new brother. Nick Gray is the son of Lawrence Gray, who recently married Diane, Brinley's mother. At 8 years old, he learned the news of...

  • Extraordinary
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    Zaria Lisle is going to learn how to get along with her new stepbrother Donovan -- one way or another. Stepbrothers can be hot, older, wonderful and extraordinarily off limits...

  • He's Almost My Brother
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    "Thank you for the gift," he whispered. Without me knowing what was going on, his lips met mine. Our lips moved so perfect together. His hands traveled up and down at my back. And my hands were making a mess with his hair. I felt him grow harder as the kiss deepened. I heard him moan and I did the same. ...

  • My Stepbrother
    51.3K 1.1K 16

    Alexis brooks. Beautiful as what people describe her. And when her dad gets engaged her world starts to crumble. This all because of him; Harry Styles. And all Alexis can say is. "My stepbrother is hot". Find out what happens... In My Stepbrother.

  • falling for my Step-Brother
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    Just a little something turned into something much bigger

  • The Bad Boy in School Is My Step Brother
    210K 5.9K 28

    Grace Green is just a shy nerdy senior in high school. She lives with her single mom. Everything is pretty normal in here life until the hot bad boy in school becomes her stepbrother... *** I wrote this while I was an immature bitcH. I leave this up only for the laughs. Thanks to all who actually thinks this story is...

  • Step brother? |hayes grier|
    112K 3K 36

    Thirteen year old Ashley Greene, a thirteen year old girl living in California, was just a normal girl. She fit in at school, and was happy and sad, and lazy. Normal. Just how everyone should least she thought everything was normal. Untill one day everthing changed...One late night as Ashley came home from he...

  • Falling For My Stepbrother
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    He is unbelievably hot, but there are so many things wrong with falling for him. 1. He has daddy abandonment issues. 2. He hates me for no particular reason other than because my dad just got married to his mom. 3. He is my stepbrother. On the bright side, we both have one thing in common. We both have made it our per...

  • I'm in Love with my Step-Brother? Impossible
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    Riley is your basic as she calls herself a nerdy senior in high school. Abused by her own dad and lived through misery back then is happily living with her mom now. Her mom meets a new guy who she fell in love with and knows he won't hurt her. Now Riley is going to meet Michael's family. What a surprise Riley gets whe...

  • My Not So Much step Brother!!
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    Hey guys this story was inspired by a book I actually read here, I don't really remember the name but when I find out I'll give the Author credit. I wrote this book years ago and I do plan on finishing it soon.

  • Falling For My New Step Brother
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    Imagine finding out one day that you have a new stepbrother cause your single father has gotten engaged. Your mother died when you were ten yet your father got engaged when you were 14?!?! well that is what poor Nicole is going through. Don't worry her life gets more screwed up as the story continues.♥

  • My Step-dads Son
    357K 10.7K 37

    Isabel Green has been living with her step brother-to-be for four months now, and just when she expects school to be better this year, they fall. Unfortunately Sam, her step brother, has become a teacher at her high school after graduating early. After a run in with a Mafia leader, a secret relationship, two so called...

  • Good News,I Fell in Love. Bad News,I Fell in Love with my Stepbrother
    397K 6.5K 30

    Taryn Phelps is a beautiful, talented, quirky teenage girl who is thrown for a loop when her selfish bastard of a father forces her to move from sunny California, away from her five best friends, to Boston Massachusetts to live with her stepmother to be and her three sons, in one fail swoop. Everything seems to be go...

  • My Step Brother A Player? (ON HOLD)
    171K 3.7K 25

    When Alexis Parker's mom marries her new boyfriend, what more could go wrong? well she gets three new siblings. And one of them is the schools player. She is the only girl he hasn't banged and it makes him furious. She hates him and doesn't care how hard he tries. But when they start getting to know each other, he st...

  • Falling In LOve With My Soon To Be Step Brother
    270K 3.8K 17

    AUTHOR UPDATE: It has been 6 years since I have been on Wattpad and I would just like to clarify some things after reading the comments I received. A lot of people were commenting on my spelling and grammar mistakes. I have dyslexia, which makes spelling very difficult for me, never mind trying to write a book. Also I...

  • I'm in love with my stepbrother
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    Levi Taylor is a sixteen year old girl that is living with her famous designer mom Raina, and her world famous singer Rick. When her brother goes off for college, the taylor's takes in one of Rick's sons after his father dies in a car accident. His name is Luke and is 16 years old, just like Levi. Levi is no open boo...

  • He is my What??!?!!
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    I thought that I wasn't going to see him ever again but then there he was at my house with an amused look. It was like he new something that I didn't. My mom came in with her boyfriend and that's when it hit me. My first love, the guy that played with me was my mom's boyfriend's son. He was going to be my stepbrother...

  • Falling in Love with My Step Brother
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    Isabella Hayes just wanted her father to return and make her family whole again, but instead, her mom decided to marry Steve. And with a new father, came a new brother. She was suddenly cursed with Noah, the handsome, kind-hearted step-brother. How could this happen to her? Oh Brother!

  • My Step Brother
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    At a young age, seven, both of their parents were separated. Michelle's dad marries Alex's mom in the future. A 15 year old, Michelle falls in love. Her step brother, Alex, whose 16 years old. A new guy named Tommy, 16, comes in and sweeps Michelle off her feet. They both have feeling for each other but they go thr...

  • I am in love with my stepbrother?!(COMPLETE)
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    I walk over to Zac and tap him on the shoulder. He turns and smiles," Sup lovely?" I felt myself blush a bit."Don't call me that..." He rolled his eyes. " Hey I was wondering if you would like to go see a movie this weekend?" I looked up at him. "I don't know... You might-" I was cut off when he slammed his lips into...

  • The Bad Boy is my neighbor
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    Violet Day (17) has moved 7 times in three years with her brother and twin brother, Keith (24) and Kyle (17). She moves back to her home town where her best friend, Zoey Parks lives. Violet has always been the quiet girl with really no friends, thats until she meets Ty Collins, the "bad boy" of Winston High School, wh...