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  • You'll be back
    68 4 1

    I don't know what this is I apologize. I was eating ramen noodles when this idea came on while listening to the Hamilton soundtrack, and I choked on my noodles and started crying from choking and laughter. So yeaaaaaah

  • Klance One Shots
    928 22 3

    Exactly what it says

  • Sweet Summer Symphony
    91 7 2

    Castiel and his family just moved into Lawrence Kansas. It's the summer before junior year, he thinks it will be a boring summer but that changed when he runs into another highschool student, who is blind. Dean is a fun playful spirit and he helps Cas have the best summer ever, not even realizing that the other is doi...

  • Collage Book
    294 12 21

    Collages most will be fandom ones

  • Haikyuu Oneshots
    207 3 2

    One shots most will have ships

  • Playing Cupid
    183 21 5

    What happens when an old college couple meet up again later in life both single parent? What happens if the kids try to get them together? This will be mostly fluff at least I hope so

  • Fandom Keyboards
    179 0 20

    This is what I sometimes do when I'm bored so here you go. Also I couldn't have made these without fancy key. You can also ask me to design one I guess

  • Random Stuff!!!!!!!
    346 13 27

    Idek I'm sorry

  • Destiel one shots
    8.7K 279 15

    Exactly what it is. Most of them will take place in the cannon realm. Also will take ideas for the most part.

  • The Family Business
    60 3 2

    This goes through the Winchesters childhood. Not all if this is canon, some is through subtext and my interpretations and ideas. This goes all the way from before Mary died up until Dean went to go get Sam from Stanford.

  • Fallen
    884 51 18

    This takes place when Cas is still a human. The Winchesters and Cas are on a hunt when something goes terribly wrong. Dean can no longer hear.

  • Art!!!
    1.1K 85 40

    Art by myself and some friends. Also I will take requests.

  • Huminals -On Hold
    19 2 1

    In a world where people can transform into animals, there is a young girl named Danny whom is suspected as the Supreme Huminal;the one who has no limits. She and her freind, Temika will embark on a daring and bold adventure where they'll make new friends a learn the truth of deeply hidden secrets.

  • Captivated-On Hold
    39 2 3

    Max is a Junior in College. Her father works for the government her mother passed away when she was young. She has her life pretty figured out until she gets kidnapped.

  • Carry on My Wayward Son: A Supernatural Ending
    41 3 1

    Sam and Dean have been hunting for years. Here's an ending to their story. I do not own any of these characters.