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  • The Guilds: An RP [Closed]
    4K 36 20

    A fresh take on my guild RP. It's years in the future. This book is for new guild members and old! Come on join! Quest with the main guilds and join in the fun and adventures.

  • Animal Instincts Roleplay
    2.6K 21 7

    A world where people have animal abilities.

  • Demi RP (CLOSED)
    14K 251 79

    Playing the children of the gods. The idea comes from Percy Jackson and the places are summer camps, however the characters and camps will not be based on the series.

  • Old Guild Forms (CLOSED)
    10K 91 39

    For my guild RP, here you'll find ranks, forms, open spots and characters and helpful information.

  • A Guild - RP [CLOSED]
    85K 532 118

    Join in the guild as they take quests, host events and more!

  • DC UNIVERSE ( # 1 ) ( An Rp Story ) [ ENDED ]
    87.1K 1.7K 104

    It's just a glorified story based Role Play book, where fellow DC Comics fan can conjugate. All rights reserved to The actual Creators of Detective Comics. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After the activities of Brainiac's first invasion on Earth 358751 and his defeat at the hands of the justice league, unknown biomechanical...