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  • ↪ His Past, My Future // Bon x Rin Fanfic.
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    It Was Suggested By A Friend And I Don't See A Lot Of These So, Here!

  • Blue Exorcist X My Hero Acdemia
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    Rin is about to exorcise a demon then the demon spawns a portal which rin falls thourgh, the said portal lead him into the middle of class 1A training, which is where it all starts Art is not mine There is many typos Things probably won't make sense but this is a fanfic what do you expect

  • The World Around Me is Black (Amaimon x Rin)
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    That one day changed his life forever. A mission gone wrong. His mind falling apart. His memories being rearranged. Will he remember what happened to him? Remember the truth? Will he find someone to trust, to help him in his troubles? Or will he be betrayed by everyone he cares for?

  • Hanahaki (Bon x Rin)
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    Bon has secret feelings for the one and only Rin Okumura, but will Okumura return the feelings in time, or will he continue loving Shiemi for the rest of Bon's life?

  • Trust Me Please (Blue Exorcist One-shot)
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    What if after Rin reveals his secret, his friend turns cold. Instead of forgiving him and acting like normal. What if they completely isolate him from the rest of the group, calling him offensive and cruel names. Instead of forgetting that he is the son of Satin and only seeing Rin for Rin. Killing him slowly from the...

  • The Demon Prince [Blue Exorcist Fanfiction]
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    Monster! Demon Child! I was constantly called this as a young child and little did I know they were right. I was the child of a demon. One day I would learn that and it would come in the form of a bet and pink clown that I would later learn to call my big brother. ~AHAHAHAHAHA I THE AUTHOR OF THIS BOOK IS PURE EVIL FO...

  • I Am My Brother's Keeper
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    Blue Exorcist, but Yukio actually loves his brother and does his best to protect him like he meant to when he first decided to be an Exorcist. Rin is still big brother, but big brother has been mistreated and lonely for far too long. Yukio does his best to help Rin through his world being turned upside down and inside...

  • Eternal Emptiness (Blue Exorcist)
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    ••• Rin wasn't quite sure when he stopped eating...he doesn't remember alot these days.... all he knows is that it happened and he doesn't want to stop. ••• this is a self indulgent vent fic. ( ⚠️trigger warning ⚠️) •self harm •depression •anorexia •bu...

  • Tails victim
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    A tail that brought together a loving couple

  • Fake smile
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    Ok this is my VERY FIRST FanFiction so don't judge might include some Rin x Bon but that's about it also i love Rin with my life! If you don't like boy x boy BITCH BYE

  • The Masks We Hide Behind (Amaimon x Rin)
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    Rin has always been sick. He has always kept it hidden, never wanting his friends or brother to worry. As the symptoms get worse, only one person notices.

  • A Home In Gehenna
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    In which Satan's children are brought before him. A few of the characters are my own, but Obey Me is owned by NTT Solmare and Blue Exorcist is owned by Kazue Kato. I have not finished reading the manga, so one of his sons will be left out, seeing as I know nothing about him. This includes BL, headcanons, and original...

  • behind my smile is a story you won't believe
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    rin is depressed. he's been depressed ever since he was little but no-one else knows about it not even yukio as they all think he's a cheerful, always smiley boy but if they just take the time to look closer they will realise all his smiles are fake. there's only one person out of all the exorcists at true cross acade...

  • The Life of an Omega
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    This is a story based on omega verse. The main ship is KageHina but there are other ships. For example, AsaNoya and DaiSuga are 2 of the ships in this story. I don't exactly know what the theme is other than its omega verse-based so I'm kinda going with the flow. Also, this is my first story ever so it will probably s...

  • Welcome Home - Kagehina
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    The school decides to open up dorms close by. Kageyama and Hinata get a surprise when they realise who their roommate is though.. They'll have to help eachother get through hard times and something more then friendship grows. Will they be able to get their life together and push through or fall even deeper down. Haiky...

  • Teen pregnancy (Kagehina mpreg)
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    Hinata and Kageyama are first years what do they do when they get an unexpected surprise that they will be parents in 9 months follow Kageyama and Hinata's adventures as partners and parents Side note: Yachi, Hinata, and Kita are childhood best friends that's why they're so close also Kita has kid in this story that...

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    Emma, Sister of Shoyo and Natsu Hinata. What happens if their past was recalled by a certain woman who is known as their Mother. What was she doing to them? Was it good or is it a trap? Read this story to find out about this exciting Adventure.

  • "𝐒𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐞 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐦𝐞" | Kagehina
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    A soulmate au, Kageyama and Hinata are highschoolers, they met in middle school and Hinata swore to beat Kageyama one of these days, they ended up rivals/best friends at Karasuno, the best duo to help them win. Until, one day...That all goes downhill. With Kageyama with an Illness that swears him death, and Shoyo on l...

  • Baby crow on board!
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  • A Crow's Hero New Arrival
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    Hinata Shoyo grew up living a normal life with his two closest friends. They met by accident saving each other in the process and found they share one strange thing that most children their age didn't. Magical abilities that were believed to just be stories. That's what opened a door to an entire new view as they ente...

  • The Demon Contract (Demon Kagehina Au)
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    Started: November 19, 2020 Ended: Cover is my own art I do not own any of the characters in this story they are all from the anime/manga Haikyuu Once I'm finished with the fanfiction I will go over everything and fix all of my mistakes Shoyo Hinata was a normal high school student as well as a volleyball player wi...

  • Fly free
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    Hinata was a new kid as Karasono High school. He was short but loved Volleyball. The problem was he needed to help support his mom and younger sister. Which meant he needed a job, not a sports position. Then he met the volleyball team. Why did he feel so on edge around the tall setter? He wasn't sure, denying even to...

  • And now I can fly too.
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    In another life? Nope. Sad? Yup ;) And also fair warning, its not perfect but, its still like in another life.. but... nevermind if you read you'll find out ;)

  • Memory~
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    Tobio tries to jump off a bridge to end all of his pain. But somehow fails to do so. He is now in the hospital but doesn't remember how he got there, or anything. Who's the one who helped him? Who's the one that is going to help him go through this rough time? this fanfic can be really triggering so if you can't hand...

  • Unplanned ~ A Haikyuu mpreg story
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    "Haha omg" Hinata said bursting out into hysterical laughter "We're pregnant Tobio, you see that?" He shouted pointing at the positive pregnancy test. Hinata and Kageyama have been married for almost 4 years and they are the only couple in there friend group with out kids. That all changes when Hinata ends up with a...

  • Missing the Beats {Haikyuu!!AU}
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    Hinata is a star Volleyball player for his college, he is also part of the horticulture club and the dance club at his college. His roommate Kenma is part of the dance club as well. In fact most of their friends danced, sang, and played volleyball. Then a famous Pop star starts college and moves right across the hall...

  • The Sound Of Your Heart
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    Shoyo Hinata has a secret... He doesn't only play volleyball... But he also sings. *** It's Hinata's second year at Karasuno High School. And a lot of things are different. He still plays volleyball. But some of their team isn't there anymore. Daichi, Sugawara, Asahi and Kiyoko are no longer at Karasuno. They are now...

  • Within The Dark (Haikyuu werewolf Au)
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    Read the story to find out!

  • Truth or Dare
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    What happens when a game of truth or dare becomes a little real?!!! ==================================================================================================== I will be writing this, base on the movie truth or dare........

  • A Royal Wreck
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    Prince Shoyo of the Fukurodani kingdom is what some might call, reckless. He seemed to be constantly putting himself in danger, and it was beginning to worry his parents. What no one who kept track of him knew, was that Shoyo only wanted a little adventure. He was 15 years old and had only left his palace walls 15 tim...