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  • The Villain
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    [second part of The Soldier] Maybe Tessa's place just stays the losing side. Left behind on Midgard, the former soldier has to deal with losing yet another person because she can't reach them in time. Finding no answers to any of her questions regarding the magic Loki left with her, Tessa becomes a target to a much m...

  • The Soldier
    1.1K 84 38

    God will not save you. There was no space for an omnipotent ruler in a rebellious place like this. Tessa knew that. She used to fight for freedom until that took everything she ever loved away from her. Maybe it was just time to fight for something entirely different. A new purpose. What a lucky coincidence that...

    Completed   Mature
  • war of hearts
    2.6K 296 49

    How can something so wrong feel so right? Autumn, the seventeen-year-old girl who's heartbroken and determined in finding out who she is and what she wants in life. Tyeson, the arrogant boy who's trying to finally drop his act and be honest with himself and the people he cares about. Two complete opposites sharing the...

  • raw
    1.8K 40 34

    raw [def. being in a natural condition; not finished, covered, or coated; not having been subjected to adjustment, treatment, or analysis] {inspired by Rupi Kaur's "milk and honey"}

  • 3am thoughts
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    This book is just a summary of thoughts that keep me awake at midnight, or with other words sentences that I can't help but write down.