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  • Havoc on Remnant: OC Male Reader Team X Team RWBY
    3.4K 136 22

    Throughout history, the story has always remained the same. The forces of Good and Evil are perpetually locked in a deadly stalemate. Good is often viewed as altruism and order while Evil is seen as chaos. This is the way it has been seen for many a generation. However... What if this trend was not absolute? What if i...

  • Vytal Information: A Reader Marooned in Remnant
    98 9 3

    You get isekai'd into Remnant. Only remembering the world you were in, you somehow manage to make your way through class that day and wonder what the reason behind this change in worlds could mean. But you haven't too much time to focus on this: a tournament called the Vytal Festival is closing quick and you're told t...

  • Remnant Of Another Life: Ruby Rose X Male Reader
    199K 2.7K 51

    You've always felt like you didn't belong. you couldn't explain it but it always felt like a mistake that you were brought into this world. not that you think that you shouldn't have been born, more like you shouldn't exist in THIS world... Well, turns out you were right. I obviously do not own RWBY or any of the char...

  • Legio XIII Gemina: The Rubicon
    80 8 5

    The Rubicon, a river whose name eludes most of the men standing in formation, is not one with much significance to the locals, nor is it one that is crucial to the surrounding terrain. But, this river is one that divides land where Julius Caesar can lead an army from the lands of Italia, where setting one foot across...

  • Daydreamin'
    28 4 4

    Beginning initially as a dream of mine, the story has two main perspectives: me writing the piece, and the person that I am in the dream. Colonel McDeary yawns, stretching his muscles back to wakefulness. He sits up in his bed and stares out at the crowd of cookie-cutter homes in, what used to be, a farming area buil...