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  • Dewdrops & the Morning Moon
    1.4K 69 3

    An alternate idol universe where, instead of dripping head to toe in diamond and gold, Korea's top quintet, Red Velvet, is facing disbandment. Labelled as SM's lost cause and disgrace, the female group's existence faces obsolescence in the Korean pop music industry. Heartbroken and soul-shattered, they are left with n...

  • Parea: 화양연화
    993 56 3

    "It does not matter who you are or what you do. However, please remember one thing. There is one person somewhere who loves you more than you love yourself. I will also support you. I love you." Based off of BTS' 화양연화 series, this story dives into the universe following the lives of six protagonists and their journey...

  • 21st Century Tales of 4th Grade Dumb Dumbs
    902 30 4

    If members of BTS and Red Velvet had been in school in the 21st century as primary 4th graders, what kind of peace would have resonated in these shaking schooling grounds?

  • Heart Wants What It Wants
    475 23 2

    She used to wear her heart on her sleeve. But that was ten years ago. Now happily engaged, she is a rising choreographer. When Seulgi spontaneously decides to go into a blind interview after receiving an anonymous tip, she is shocked to see the most unexpected face ㅡ Park Jimin, the one that got away. Her one-time chi...

  • breathe
    1.3K 72 4

    where seungwan is there to always remind hoseok to breathe, and vice versa.

  • WANTED: Baby | vseul
    28.5K 1.5K 37

    There's nothing more difficult than surpassing heartaches but changing herself, for it took her six months to move on because she couldn't accept change. But Seulgi never thought that a news would come only to completely change her life forever. A vseul fanfiction #984 - Fanfiction July 9, 2018 #928 - Fanfiction July...

  • [jin.rene] The Accidental Girlfriend - [COMPLETED]
    55.9K 2.4K 43

    Sometimes, a one night stand may not be the greatest idea. WARNING: contains slight mature scenes and swearing ; Highest Rank: #6 in IRENE Date Started : October 25, 2017 Date Ended: April 18, 2020 COVER by : yours truly ü

  • midnight escapade
    667 57 4

    hoseok wanted to run away, so wendy took him to neverland.

  • Time to Love (BTS & Red Velvet Short Stories)
    27.6K 736 20

    I think we've fallen in love. Shall we start? We've waited so long for this time to love. Alternate Universe based short stories of Bangtan & Red Velvet.

  • Day Dreaming (BTS & Red Velvet One-shots)
    38.5K 1.1K 26

    Don't worry, Love. None of this is a coincidence. A collection of BTS & Red Velvet one-shots

  • stay pretty
    1.8K 166 6

    in a society where everybody is deemed pretty, 14 youths had lived a pretty... ugly life.

  • square
    38.8K 2.2K 17

    in which jungkook's pick-up lines blossomed to a gentle rollercoaster ride of emotions.

  • tainted notes | btsvelvet
    8.8K 360 7

    a compilation of btsvelvet one shot stories written in english─ mainly my favorite ships. © 2017 baephroditae Beta editor: @togethere-

    1.4K 84 1

    "you only have one night to change my mind." BEST OF ME a jeongguk & yeri fanfiction pasteldna, 2017

  • Stories of Us: Oneshot Collection
    14.7K 352 8

    7+4; a collection of blackbangtan oneshots.

  • Behind the screen | bangtanvelvet
    320K 9.8K 57

    The secrets hidden between Bangtan and RedVelvet, that fans wouldn't know of. A book of scenarios based on real events. Caution: This is still a fanfiction. Give it a chance :) Started: 12/30/2016 Endㅡ As long as BangtanVelvet is sailing and has moments I'll keep writing as far as I can. Previously titled as: Save Me ...

  • Save me | bangtanvelvet
    30.3K 977 12

    Do you know how the idol life works? Startedㅡ03.29.17 A story for RevéLuvArmies♡

  • The Roulette
    62.5K 2.8K 37

    Mission: to keep the remaining Princes alive. Where three Red agents were assigned to protect the three unknown Princes of Korea. • Slow Updates • Don't expect too much

  • Online to Offline
    621 46 1

    [JungRi college/gaming AU]. It all started the moment he saw her defeating Kim Yugyeom in a duel. "This is Kim Yerim, as you all already know." Yerim mustered up her best smile and gave his friends a right-angle bow. "Nice to meet you all, Seniors." "She is my girlfriend." Yerim bobbed her head up and down. "Oh, I'm J...

  • Bad Ideas
    13.9K 315 1

    isn't that enough? [jimin]

  • Social Media Imagines
    41.9K 2.6K 46

    Some social media edits for BTSVELVET. posting them here so it won't go on waste. No plot, just plainly fake updates. Translations are from Google Translate.

  • cloudy feelings.
    1.4K 106 3

    seulkook ✗ 1MILLION au.

  • My Little Secret | BTS FANFICTION
    327K 11.1K 26

    Loving him was easy. Getting rid of him was hard. #everyoneneedshelp

  • Roulette Bombs
    5.1K 167 5

    A repository for thoughts and scenarios that my mind will spontaneously conjure up and have the perseverance to transcribe them into stories.

  • Perfectly Imperfect | Jeon Jungkook
    1K 95 8

    There are three steps that will successfully guide you to your misery. One: is Agony. The agony of getting dumped by five men in a span of 2 years. Two: The odd best friend who is also your fortune teller. He makes your life miserable for exposing the truths about your life. Where is the fun? Three: Jeon Jung...

  • glitch • btsvelvet
    22.6K 1.3K 7

    "doesn't the city look a little weird to you today?" ©jjk-kyr

  • cracked marble • jungri
    9.2K 532 9

    in which changing the future will end the foreteller. ©jjk-kyr

  • wonderwall ⚜ pjm。ksg
    40.8K 2K 26

    ❝ Why do I feel that way whenever I see you smile? ❞ ― ksg ❝ I wanna know, too. So find out why and tell me, alright? ❞ ― pjm ↠ ♔ xiii. "Seulgi." "Jimin?" ↞ ●●● An inevitably innocent love. ♡ pjm ✕ ksg ...

  • querencia | bangtanvelvet
    11K 600 13

    the matchless bae joohyun may be his first love, but perhaps kim yerim could have the honor of being his last. a btsvelvet gang au, with a dash of exo.

  • Oneirataxia | BTS X Red Velvet
    99.5K 3.3K 33

    Oneirataxia (n.) The inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality. And just like with fantasy and reality, we tend to fantasize more than to think of what is real. Oneirataxia is a fanfiction compilation of one shot stories, imagines and alternate universes, for the Korean pop groups: BTS (방탄소년단) and Red Velve...