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  • Prey and Hunters: A Afterdeath Story
    9.5K 622 8

    Scientists always wondered how relationships truly worked. What exactly were the limits? How long would it take and how far would someone go for their true love? Then, the scientists thought, "What if...we did a little experiment?" (This story was inspired by a dramatic and surprising little dream (that I had), which...

  • Drips of red. Afterdeath [DISCONTINUED]
    73.9K 4.2K 43

    [Hello! Pepe here, just know this story is discontinued due to my lack of interest in this story. I loved the idea but I sadly didn't execute it to the way I wanted it so it discouraged me from finishing this story. I wanna say thanks for everyone who's been reading this story from the start and I'm sorry I ended it l...

  • Chief Death and Criminal Geno
    10.2K 301 11

    An au with Death and Geno and of course Life. Chief Death is a player but he lost his friend along time ago. Will Chief Death stay sad or will he find a new person to be with.

  • (On hiatus) Philophobia (Geno x reaper sans)
    27K 1K 9

    'LOVE, an anagram used to trick those who passed by the ruins, used by me to trick the unworthy ones. LOVE was poison, a drug. Once you got some, you needed more and they got exactly that. More LOVE, more determination.'

  • It Started With The Stab of a Knife : An AfterDeath Tale
    87.2K 5.1K 43

    He had suffered many, many resets inside this darkness. Inside this...void. Geno Sans was unable to take much longer of this madness that he had put himself through. He wanted it to stop. He wanted it to end. However, little did he know, that Death was coming to answer his call. (NOTE: The Characters, Settings, and (s...

  • Afterdeath
    22.9K 851 12

    (Cover made by me, but I don't own the art) Geno and Frisk have been stuck in the save screen for quite sometime now. But what if they decide to visit an AU and meet another bonely friend? ...

  • AfterDeath
    210K 9.5K 48

    Geno is sick and Death comes and takes care of him. Cover picture belongs to me. Geno belongs to loverofpiggies. Death/Reaper!Sans belongs to renrink.

  • Voidless Memory. Afterdeath
    95.8K 4K 32

    (Hey my peeps! Before reading this just know that this book is really old and my FIRST fan fic. So ya it's gonna be a bit bad and confusing. So read it if you'd like to!) Geno had one thing on him mind before death, papyrus. He wants to make sure papyrus is okay, his friends are okay. He wants to end the suffering th...

  • [Hiatus] You're Mine, Geno [AfterDeath]
    47.3K 1.8K 18

    Death can't hide his sadistic love from Geno. And Geno's denial makes it all that much better. But Chara threatens to heal the sick reaper in the worse way imaginable.

  • Afterdeath/Poth Story Pile (Slow Updates)
    18.9K 978 76

    A collection of one shots, mainly Poth, as well as an attempt at multi parters