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    She is a bad ass cop I'll find something soon...

  • One Last Chance
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    This is a sequel of Give Me A Chance. ...Thought I heard a whisper in the breeze, I knew it was you right next to me, and I want you to know, that I'm not alone, cause there's pieces of you in this town and they carry me along.....One Last Chance❤

  • Give Me A Chance (SAMPLE)
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    When everything turns against us, when the heart is no longer strong, and there's nothing to hold on to, I choose love, I choose you, only if you....Give Me A Chance❤ She is a famous actress, the country's sweetheart. She is arrested for the murder of her then boyfriend, two years later, a petition is filed and she's...

  • FREED ✔✔
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    COMPLETED This is the spinoff of TIATW, you have to read the first book to understand this one. There's only a certain limit the heart, mind and body can take before it all comes crashing down but we all need it, just like birds we all need to be...... FREED♥ Olive has always been the black sheep, abandoned by her mot...

  • Rules She Broke
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    Layla Huddat and Ambrose (A. J) DeCasa, Their story is a perfect example of what happens when a Volcano meets a Tornado...

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    REWRITING A lot needs to be changed in this book. She was already broken, He was broken too, she had ghosts from her past, his were worse, then they met in a rather very unpleasant situation. He was the bad guy, she was the victim. He had always loved her, she hated love. So she built walls, walls that he had to break...