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  • Tomorrow's Children
    163 21 3

    The Fairchilds live in a nice home. They lead a nice life. They have nice children and a very nice existence. And yet, their world is changing. They don't know they live on the cusp of humanity, on the brink of civilization. And when it teeters to the point of no return, the Fairchilds must decide what is more importa...

  • Midday's Night [The Tale of Terrabula, Book I]
    1.3K 219 28

    The kingdom of Terrabula is at unrest. Somewhere, deep in the southernmost part of the land, buried below the earth, is a group of rebels ready to take down the country's tyrannical reign. Aboveground, the queen rules with chaos and fear, feeding off the fear of her subjects. But Terrabula is running out of time; as e...

  • The Power and the Glory
    332 49 4

    For nearly a century the Sentries have been humanity's safeguard against the various insanities and abominations too great to be handled by the ordinary humans. Their superhuman might is the stuff of legends; with the immortal Blacklight at their head, their mere name is enough to send criminals cowering for cover. ...

  • Spatial Awareness
    145 20 4

    Dwight Deeney goes into politics. Tilly Welcher turns to crime. Martin Deeney is a dinosaur. P.G. Bunsen is a drifter. Daniel Fry is drifting. This is a story about home; the lengths some go to get one, and the lengths some go to stay out of one. A story about change, and the volatile reactions of those affected by...

  • All of Me
    262K 14K 43

    Storie Sovany is used to being dismissed as the "fat friend", but when the charming fratboy Liam Alexander approaches her, her luck may have finally changed. ***** Astoria "Storie" Sovany knows who she is: she's a fat, mixed-race woman who's capable...