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  • Your Majesty {NamJin}
    308K 19.2K 36

    "Your Majesty blesses me with his presence." " me Namjoon." #12 IN NAMJIN 《Bangtan Jams Awards Winner》 《Teal and Silver Awards Winner》 《Bangtan Ddaeng Awards Winner》 《#AzureAwards2018》 [cover by @seokjinshusband]

  • Chasing Summer
    132K 7.2K 26

    Two more weeks left before Levi Ackerman graduates from high school and leaves the small town of Shiganshina. He can't wait for the moment that he can finally put that dreadful town behind him. But when a Grisha Jaeger becomes the new family doctor, bringing along his ill son that breathes new life into the town he de...

    Completed   Mature
  • ❝тнє ∂ιffєяєи¢є вєтωєєи уσυ αи∂ ι❞ || яιяєи ||
    172K 8.1K 20

    Levi was a trouble maker; he skipped school, annoyed teachers, got into fights and had a history of exploiting people's deep secrets. He was considered a narcissist - he was cocky, selfish, manipulative and just an all-round emotionless asshole. But he was okay with that, he didn't feel the need to change. He thought...

    Completed   Mature
  • Heart Sanctuary - Eren/Levi (Modern AU) - AoT/SnK
    84.7K 4.4K 29

    Levi was lost while he tried to run away from the orphanage. Cold, scared, and all alone, wrapped in the darkest night. How can the world be so cruel on such an innocent child? And then there he was, Eren Jaeger, his angel, his savior, and his heart sanctuary. Eren was the one who found Levi and he was the reason why...

    Completed   Mature
  • Your Wish is My Command
    261K 12.2K 19

    Eren needed a way to prove to his 'friends' that he really had a boyfriend. Ever since day one he had always bragged about how great his was in comparison to their own. he just never thought they would ask to meet him in person... Panicked, Eren runs up to the nearest boy in sight and begs him to play along. The only...

  • The dance studio
    175K 8.6K 17

    Eren is looking for a dance studio because he has a competition coming up and he doesn't want to lose. He finds his old dance studio from when he was a kid. So he resigns up and is then assigned to this guy named Mr.Rivaille. Boy was he in for a treat. Will Eren win the competition..? or Will Eren take dancing to a...