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  • Crazy or Unloved? An Asylum AU
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    You guys asked for this.. so here you go!! This is all gonna be based off an AU with my best friend, Justin (@Archangel_of._.the_Lord) - The story takes place in 1956 New York, on the outskirts of the city. Alexander Hamilton, orphaned at age 10, wanted to leave his mark in the city. Following his parents murder, he...

  • Hamilton Artbook
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    Tryin' my best

  • It Started in a Bathroom
    1.7K 96 2

    Michael never thought his best friend ditching him in a bathroom could have caused one of the greatest moments of his life. He supposes he was wrong. ----- So like, Expensive Headphones X Jake needs a name?? (Expensive Patches & Pins?) Also, with some ships I'll be going against the norm sooooo, Stagedorks, Expensive...

  • It's Michael's Turn | Be More Chill
    3K 115 9

    After the SQUIP 'incident', everything seems to be going back to normal, or has normal has it could get. Jeremy is finally dating Christine, and has new friends. Michael is left heartbroken, so he takes the one thing that could help him get Jeremy. After some time, Jeremy starts to notice something about Michael...

  • Critical (Jamilton)
    64.3K 3.6K 40

    Six years later, Thomas thinks he's finally ready to move on, to let go. He's ready to get on with life and leave the past where it is. That is until something from the past comes back to the present. ((COVER WAS MADE BY @ THOTMASJEFFERSON))

  • Two Hearts In Love Need No Words // Jamilton
    23.8K 1.3K 15

    ❝It means, Two hearts in love need no words.❞ -- The rating is mature pretty much just for language so if you have no problem with that you should be good! -- Content Warning: Strong language Ptsd/panic attack Physical abuse Hospital scene Described injuries French -- Thank to @flyestnihilist for being my super prof...

  • Heart of the Crown (Jamilton Royal AU)
    3.9K 197 10

    King Alexander Hamilton, forced to ascend the throne prematurely, has his back against the wall. His pushy advisory board is closing in on him to make a life-changing decision; he has a country to lead single-handedly, and to top it all off, a walking afro just moved into his castle. The young monarch has made it his...

  • one shots (Hamilton, Voltron, Ect)
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    I do one shots yes it takes a while to get to anything not Hamilton sorry I know it was a Hamilton one shot book now it's just one shots for what I'm into so some Hamilton some voltron some Bmc idk. I'm a multishipper so there are lots of different ships. No hating the ship. Just go away toxic fans. You make this shit...

  • Favorable (Jamilton)
    102K 5.6K 43

    Taking jobs from other people for unreasonably high prices in a probably illegal way? Alexander Hamilton knew how to navigate that. Taking care of younger siblings without any real parent to rely on? Thomas Jefferson knew how to navigate that. Dealing with an arrogant roommate with some self-important mindsets? Both o...

  • What Do You Care?
    343 30 6

    A very bad fanfiction I made on my phone. I'm ehh about posting it, but whatever. Enjoy the cringe that I put allot of time and effort on :') This is modern day, and Thomas is a 17 year old teenager trying to go through life after the loss of his best friend James, who took his life the year prior due to bullies that...

  • Heads or Tails? - Jamilton/Hamlaf
    9.7K 564 22

    1700-1800's Thomas Jefferson and The Marquis de Lafayette are the same person. Always have been. He's been doing a pretty great job at juggling two lives, that is, until he met Alexander Hamilton. Then everything went down hill

  • Healing (Whamjamilton)
    124K 4.1K 33

    Alexander Hamilton has had his mind on his boss for quite some time now. He thinks about him at nights that sleep is forgotten, and he sketches his eyes any chance he gets. Thomas Jefferson has had his eyes on Aexander for a long time. From his passion filled expression to the skip of his walk when he won an arguement...