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  • Call Me Insane (Wilford Warfstache X Reader)
    47.7K 2.2K 22

    He was a strange boy. I knew him in school, yet I could never find a way to talk to him. One day when his best friend was sick he sat down next to me at lunch. It wasn't much, just an exchange of hello's. Then, after that, I didn't see him anymore. And that time turned into weeks. Into years. I graduated to become a d...

  • A Crazy Possibility (MarkiplierXreader)
    50.5K 3.1K 63

    First of all, if you haven't read the first story go do that. The first part of this is 'No Way In Hell' and I don't want you to be confused because this is a sequel. So here's the plot: Y/n ran away, the plan: Get a fake name for cover and never go back. She moved to LA leaving behind her dad and no one else. At leas...

  • Revenge - Antisepticeye x Reader
    282K 11.2K 31

    Anti is here. And he won't rest until you do as he says. Ỉ̸͓̜̬͖̼ͭ͆ͮ̄͒'̡͖͓̭ͦ̒ͫͧ̿̋ͯ̈̕͜ͅm̘͍̺̪̰̲͐ͣ̂͛ͩ͂ ̑̂̎ͮͦ̾͋̔͏̦̩̝̭ͅc̩̣̭̩͔͖̪̅̉ͅȏ͍͑̒̄ͅm̵̶̞̘͙̪̭͉̪̪͇ͧ́̑̀̈iͨ͑̈̇ͣ͋̿͏̡̺͖͎̙̩͡n̼͍̠͚̥ͬ̏ͫ͊̋̊͂ͣ̊͘͘͢g̡̰̼̲̱͒͐̿̑ͫ͋.̑̔͌ͧͬ̚҉̸̢͈̪̬̙̞̮̗ Highest rank: #180 in Fanfiction ♥

  • My Love (Yandere! Markiplier X Reader)
    36.8K 848 24

    My one true love: (Y/N). I've been in love with her ever since we entered highschool. It's 12th grade now and my love has decided to experiment dating. I saw her hanging out with this guy that she claimed to be her boyfriend. Silly, (Y/N), why are you dating other people when you are supposed to be with me? No one can...

  • D̵̠̯̲̏͂ā̷͕͝r̷̼̒k̷̡̲͈̝̦̦̿̍iplier For You
    258K 12.4K 121

    (Readers of this book said that this book is horror.... what's your opinion?) (IMPORTANT - READ THE WARNING) Original title: D̵̩̓̄͗̈À̶͇R̴̥̹̭̖͉̯͎̄̓̈́̐̉Ķ̴͙̲͊̓̀͠ͅ X Reader | ᴅɪᴅ ʏᴏᴜ ᴍɪss ᴍᴇ? You live a normal life... just like you do now... until you meet Markiplier but.... something just isn't right... You feel watche...

  • A date with Darkiplier-Pure blood
    10.2K 326 17

    It was just a simple date with your boyfriend, that was it, you and Mark had gone out to a restaurant for a first date, it went well then he took you to a play but how could it all go so wrong? You didn't know what to do, you were trapped, you made a mistake, you made a bad mistake. You didn't think this would happen...

  • The Monster in Me (Markiplier Fanfiction) {COMPLETED}
    32.7K 2K 24

    "P... please let me go," Mark croaked as the scientist smiled ominously above him. The cruel man only tightened the binds in response as he injected a long needle into Mark's arm and pumped some type of purple liquid into his arms. Mark screamed out in pain as he felt his body snapping and twisting in on itself, as th...

  • Septic Eyes: An Antisepticeye X Child! Reader (Complete)
    107K 3.8K 34

    You were trying to find your way home after school. It was dark now, and you couldn't seem to find the right street. You're parents were supposed to pick you up, but they were nowhere to be found. A teacher asked if you needed a ride after calling your parents and getting no answer, but you were set on walking home. "...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dead Without You (MarkiplierXReader)
    79.6K 3.4K 40

    Y/n moved to LA in hope of a better start. Unfortunately the opposite happened, she couldn't hold a job or find a house. She was homeless on the streets, barley getting enough money to feed herself. Not having any close family or friends, she passed out in an alleyway from lack of food. Luckily for her, her life might...

    Completed   Mature
  • Clipped Wings (Markiplier x reader)
    92.7K 2.7K 34

    ~ Terror, is of the unknown Horror, is of the known But both, are fear ~ It was just another year, another panel with his friends. He expected everything to be the same, until (y/n) literally came flying into his life. After offering her a home, befriending her, and his friends accepting her...everything see...

  • Love Addict (DanisnotonfirexReader)
    10.3K 307 24

    Jealousy is wanting to keep what you already have Envy is wanting to get what you don't have For Dan, these emotions are stronger than most. Dan grew up with severe anxiety, where even touching somebody can trigger a panic attack. When he realizes that somebody besides Phil has the ability to touch him, the feelings o...

  • The Other Side of Jack ~ Antisepticeye X Jacksepticeye X Reader {COMPLETE}
    86.4K 2.8K 24

    "Oh hello Y/N." Anti smiled as he stared at you through the computer screen. "H-how do you know my name?" You stuttered in response. "Oh, Jack didn't tell you?" Anti asked tilting his head. "Tell me what?" You asked. "Jack tells me everything about you." Anti smiled. "Call me Anti. Antisepticeye." !WARNING, CRING...

    Completed   Mature
  • Schizophrenia (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
    115K 1.7K 16

    (( I may never get back to publishing this fully!! it doesn't make any sense and is awful, so I may just leave it at chapter six tbh \: I'm sorry)) TERRIBLY WRITTEN, OLD STORY OF MINE. (bear in mind, I wrote this when I was a child, so it's super cringey, and also very confusing oops). WARNING 1: I do NOT have schizop...

  • Play Time (Anti x Reader)
    652K 21.8K 28

    You go to Ireland for a couple of days to help a fellow Youtuber, and friend, out with doing something for the lead up to Halloween. He said the character's name was Antisepticeye and that you should just go with whatever happens because it's part of his plan. Little did you know, this might be the last Youtube video...

  • A̗ͦͮṊ̘̱͖͑ͦT̶͚̝͢҉̨I͎̞͉͌̚͝҉̡ ̞̱̖̱̦̐̌̈̓ͯ Waiting For You
    161K 5.2K 42

    (PLEASE READ THE WARNING) It's a story I doubt you experienced. Yes, he's a Phsycopath but also so much more... Considering this book is part of my books with YouTuber X Reader's, this book is set in the same times as them... Might I say, it's almost the same story... Are you confused? Well, simply saying this book is...

  • Don't Be Cruel [Darkiplier/Markiplier x Reader]
    33.6K 1.3K 24

    Mark has been missing for weeks by the time you're visited by Darkiplier - master manipulator/part time murderer. Initially, Dark seems charming and kind on your date with him, but as soon as he kidnaps you, his facade crumbles into something much more sinister. Will Mark come to rescue you or will Dark control you f...

    Completed   Mature
  • Patient Twelve
    861K 30.6K 42

    Diana wakes up in pain, tied to a bed and unable to escape. She's been trapped by a group of surgeons with a twisted passion and she's their next victim. ***** Diana Slater, a typical University student, wakes up in pain, tied to a bed and unable t...