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  • Shiroe x Akatsuki (One Shots)
    4.6K 35 7

    Series Of One Shots about Shiroe and Akatsuki

  • Blake Belladonna X Male Reader (Requested)
    36.7K 273 4

    This is my requested Blake X Male Reader and the reader's like Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7! Such as equipment and outfit (THIS IS NOT a crossover story!) You, the reader found yourself in the middle of a unknown forest and you got a bad headache... You seem to lost your memory as well and it was then, you met th...

  • Unconditionally (sequel to 'Remember?')
    10K 332 24

    Sam and Taurtis were friends until Yuki came along. Sam fell in love day by day and taurtis became more jealous with each passing day... Until that day... Sam was confronted by a killer holding a bloody knife and when the force of the knife drove him into the road a black car apears idolizing the end of sam... or is i...

  • Funneh X Alec (Slow Updates)
    13K 236 13

    Just a small Falic fanfic...

  • Never Tell Them
    3.3K 212 75

    Have you ever wondered what it's like to be an agent and go to high school at the same time, well Funneh and her friends do, Iris a 17 year old girl who just want to be loved has many secrets she doesn't want her friends to know. They will meet many friends down the road along with many secrets are told and heartbreak...

  • I'm Here For You |Falec & Kold Love Story|
    2.2K 18 18

    These 2 enemies just started from the beginning But they found love at the end and never let it go

  • Funneh x Alec/Gold x Kyran {Falec & Kold} An ItsFunneh Love Story
    15K 325 19

    (- This story includes Draco, Rainbow, and Lunar going to Yandere High as well -) ~(+ Characters belong to ItsFunneh +)~ :- This also may include some other ships too? -:

  • Funneh X Alec
    75 1 1

    In this story Funneh is gonna be a werewolf yes I know that not her normal self and plus she better off as a fox but this my story......and dream.....Hey don't judge! But her siblings in rl are gonna be in this story I was thinking in to make kyran funneh bro but I changed it but Draco is gonna be the ''over protectiv...

  • ItsFunneh And Krew: "Our Powers!"
    4K 67 7

    "Haha You're So Funny! That's Why I Love You!" Gold Laughed Throwing Her Arm Over Kyran's Neck. "You-You Love Me?" Kyran Stuttered Looking At Gold With A Faded Blush On His Face. "I-I Mean Of Course I Do! You're Like One Of My Best Friends," Gold Said Looking Away From Kyran. "O-O Well I Lo-Love You Too Go-Gold." Kyra...

  • 🌌Falec Fanfiction🌌(slow Updates Srry)💙❤💚💛💜
    2.1K 60 13

    Funneh is not like any other girl that has power she is special and rare. She can do any kind of magic. But shes afraid to show it thats why she always says that her powers are only speed,ice and that she can turn into a baby blue fox.and you can know more about her in this story

  • Funneh x Alec
    11.1K 178 44

    This is a fantastic fanfic that I will be sure to make it interesting for you to read

  • I Want To Be Ordinary.. (Funneh x Alec)
    1.5K 22 4

    Have you been so rich that people began to be digusted of you? Well,someone has.She is a rich girl in town,her father is the mayor.Her name is Funneh,she isn't those snobby girls you'll find at the mall and feel annoyed about.She is one of 'those' girls that hate being rich.But at some point at her life she was happy...

  • FALEC Oneshots [CLOSED]
    9.8K 233 15

    You tell me what you want to read and I'll try my best to satisfy your imagination. ;) (NOT ALLOWED) -smuts -serious topics that include mental illnesses and such. [ CLOSED. ]

  • Heiress island beach resort.
    5.2K 138 26

    Funneh, Gold and the gang have won themselves a trip to the pristine Heiress islands. But so has Yandere. With two guys liking her and a crazed and "anonymous" murderer running around, Funneh will need Golds help to get everyone off the islands sane as well as alive. So much for a vacation.

  • Funneh X Alec
    68 3 3


  • falec and kold
    1.1K 33 11

    this is a story of funneh and alec along with their friends gold and kyran but little did they know is that they are going to be targeted from people because of their jealousy, anger, and rivalry.

  • Undying Look
    1.4K 26 14

    The look was undying And so was their love For their family For their friends Especially for Each Other

  • Survival In The Wild
    2.8K 41 19

    In This story, the Krew are lost in a place that's not anywhere near Canada. Where are they? As they survive in the wild without a place to call home, what events will occur? There will be hardships, sicknesses, and dangers. Crazy and unbelievable things will happen. Will they escape this new world? Title Picture Cred...

  • Falec Ship *love Story*(complete)
    7.6K 201 21

    hey guys! this is my first time making this story so don't expect it to be good though... and no mean comment!! i doing this cause.... i was bored? yeah😂 Anyways... this story is about yandere wants to get her senpai but when she eliminate one, another came closer to him... she needed Alec to clear the evidence but...

  • My dream guy Funneh x Alec story
    648 15 3

    Its my first day in high school and i really think i will have a story to tell you

  • Diamond Love |Evan x Funneh| Rewriting √
    2K 36 6

    [Funneh x Evan] Title: Evan x Funneh New Title: Diamond Love Description: Funneh as been put in a love spell on Evan and Alec is now despressed,thanks to Yandere.Alec has move on and Funneh and spoilers ^-^

  • 𝕄𝕪 𝕊𝕙𝕚𝕡 𝕆𝕡𝕚𝕟𝕚𝕠𝕟𝕤
    428 10 12

    Hey guys it's Mysti (fake name) and this book is about my personal ships and I'm going to say which I like and which that I hate and that are just ok to me. Beware these are ships that I like and hate . So if you don't agree with my ship is fine. Thes ships don't belong to me they belong to its rightful owners😀

  • Falec, a Love Story
    19.6K 635 34

    If you haven't watched ItsFunnehs videos, you might not know what I mean. Alec and ItsFunneh are shipped by many people who watch the videos!! Enjoy this love story ❤️ 1K reads on 1-22-17

  • Funneh's little sister
    4.1K 93 24

    Funneh and Gold are starting their Junior year with their little sister and the Krew and she thinks that she knows something they don't . Inspired by GirlThats_Weird08

  • High school love/falec
    28.7K 543 38

    Funneh has her first year as a sophomore and falls in love with a guy named Alec. Her friend Gold has a crush on two guys. Kyran and Prince. Will both of them love... ⚠️slow updates!⚠️

  • moiety - falec & fevan ff
    22.1K 586 53

    *trigger warning* Evan mixes with the new feelings between Funneh and Alec, slightly from his growing jealousy. Who will she fall in love with? Who will be left with a heartbreak and a few spoken words? Who has love on their side? - - - Takes place in Yandere High Scool. Funneh has to make a decision either to follow...

  • Funneh x Alec (A forever lasting love) [Finished]
    13.5K 163 38

    Funneh and Gold move so they go to a new school big surprises wait for them there

  • Yandere High: Season 1 (ItsFunneh)
    105 3 1

    [Introducing, the Yandere High BOOK series! Every episode will be a chapter, whilst every season will be a book.] Yandere High is based on the famous Minecraft-roleplay series based off on the game Yandere Simulator. This series was created by ItsFunneh and also directed and scripts are written by her four other sibli...

  • funneh x alec = Falec
    456 2 10

    Meeting at the store and being goofy leads to a lot.