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    Is trequel even a word? Anyway, since wattpad is being a son of a b**** saying that I can't make more story chapters on my old random book, I MADE ANOTHER ONE!

  • Werewolf in Japan
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    Francesca, she prefers Frankie, is a lycan and is being sent to Japan to visit a cousin pack and spend time there. She is a tomboy and being dropped in the deep end of Japanese culture and is trying to fit it for the time she's there. Her father told her she was going to be there for the next school year. Follow th...

  • Shining Future Pretty Cure
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    a pretty cure fan fiction

  • The Artificial Girl
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    After a horrific car accident, Nina wakes up in a new body. She is an E-Lite, a living doll. An artificial girl created by scientists. But can she have a normal life like she used to? And can a machine really fall in love? Set in the future

  • Eternal Power Pretty Cure [ART]
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    Here to show off my traditional/digital drawings and art of everything Eternal Power Pretty Cure! Here you'll find civilian/Cure form artworks, chibi drawings, and upcoming concept arts/character design sheets, new or old. Enjoy!

  • Kiki: The Random Book
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    My new book about art, picture and other random.

  • Wanderer's Mind (Random)
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    Welcome to Wanderer's wanderful book of wonders (Yes, that's copyrighted) Anyway yeet, welcome to my random mind

  • Human Error
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    BOOK 1 // Human Error (COMPLETE) BOOK 2 // Human Instinct (IN PROGRESS) *NOW OPTIONED FOR A TV SHOW* "Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness engineered right into their DNA." - William Shakespeare, 1602 (adapted for BioPlus) Astrid Oxford is not normal. Two...

  • A Mermaid's Kiss | OLD VERSION
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    I loved her, even if she never knew my name. She was my Ariel, and I know I am her Eric. No matter what she says. #1 in short story on 02/07/18 This beautiful cover was a gift from @Kmbell92! If you somehow haven't yet, please check her out!

  • Forever Dark | A VK Fanfic
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    16-year old Pureblood Vampire Mitsuki Kobayashi is still traumatized by the events that happened 2 years ago. Her younger brother Kaito Kobayashi being murdered by Rido Kuran right in front of her eyes. After that day, the Kobayashi family went into hiding for two years. They stayed in their residence for 2 years. Fo...

  • Tokyo Mew Mew: Reactivated
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    With Ichigo back from studying abroad and aliens coming back to Earth for vengeance, the Mews are back in action to protect the planet. But with Berry's enemies, The Saint Rose Crusaders, had already been defeated, Berry is left without power and a new Mew is needed.

  • Wolf Girl & Black Prince
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    Siya si Erika Bartolome, NBSB, don't have any experience of having a boyfriend. Ready to start a new life in school, without sa tinutukoy niyang 'Life In HELL' at para hindi yun mangyari kailangan niyang mag-LIE through being a wolf girl, until nakilala niya siya. At siya naman si Luke Villamonte kilalang the 'Prince'...

  • DIS PIC THO!!!!
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    Just me putting random pics about precure that I found on twitter, tumblr, etc. WHICH I DO NOT OWN. ALL THE IMAGES/FANART GO TO THEIR RESPECTFUL OWNERS!

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    I'll post precure stuff, voltron stuff, and pretty much any random things I can think of. This is a sequal to my first story "RANDOM THINGS!!!!"

  • Anime Magic
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    I live in Anime, Fantasia and made a club application and had two clubs....I think this was no ordinary club....

  • Ships & Oneshots
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    Imma do this!

  • Don't Click On Me: A Non-Fictional Diary
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    Actually, who am I to tell you what you can and cannot click on? My name is Kiera Fawn. Actually, I lied. It's just an alias. Anyways, this is a diary. A shared diary between two childhood besties, following our lives which are ever-changing and growing. Starting in 2016 up until now, these are our stories that are 1...

  • The Dream Crashers ✓
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    Rory Wade is terrified of what happens to her when she sleeps. One morning, she wakes up to find bruises and scars covering every inch of her body. She doesn't know what's happening, but suspects it has something to do with her father's disappearance, which happened at the same time she started developing her sleepwal...

  • Kira Kira Ojamajo Ala Mode
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    Kazuko Karu is a Normal 10 year old girl when she meets Lily, A girl with a sweet shop owning cousin, Paige, A girl with a srange secret, Shiro a humble and cool girl with a interest of being a songwriter and Ryouta, a funloving risk-taker with a sense of humor. When Lily comes across a girl who was a teenage witch na...

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    This book contains: Random Stuff Rants Tags Yeah enjoy!

  • Dream Catcher
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    Preview (BOOK I IN THE DREAM SERIES) Dani Deleon has a problem. With a single touch, she can see people's nightmares. When she starts to see the nightmares of a sadistic serial killer known as The Maestro...everyone around her becomes a possible suspect. With the help of Detective Jax Michaels, will Dani be able to...

  • Frozen and Fire
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    Anna has fire powers and Elsa has ice powers. Anna is afraid to tell Elsa about her powers but Elsa tells Anna about hers. What will happen? Also: THE BAD GUY IS NOT A BAD GUY FROM ANY MOVIE OR BOOK OR ANYTHING. I MADE UP THE BAD GUY. IT IS A GIRL NOT A BOY Also: ELSA WILL BE A BAD GUY FOR PART OF THE BOOK. MAYBE FOR...

  • Google Translate Lyric Fails!
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    Google Translate + Song Lyrics = EPIC FAIL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I dislike about 99% of the songs featured, but I try to go with what's (for some reason) 'popular'.

  • Harry Potter's unknown sister
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    What if harry had a sister? But she was sent away to a new family until one day she ran away. Well that is me! Mary Lilliana Potter. (Warning Slow updates!) All characters and plot( apart from my own character and i will change bits to suit the story) belong to J.K.Rowling.

  • Book of.....MY RANDOM DRAWINGS!!!
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    Heheeheheh my drawings..... Ive seen others do it (post drawing on media) WARNING IT CONTAINS SUM CRINGEY STOOF & LOOTS OF OC's INSIDE!!! So,....I just...decided to _____ I do take requests!! Depending on what it is that is.. Edit to present: OML this is so cringe XD I wanna cri;; Also this book is completed and was...

  • Utau and Ikuto's Little sister -Shugo Chara Fanfiction
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    Luna is a young 11 year old girl with 5 chara's. Ikuto and Utau keep her a secret from easter so tehy dont use her like they are them. She enrolls into the same school as amu and the others and she catches the eyes of all the gaurdians but they think that she only has 2 because 3 of them hate being out in public so th...

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    They're better than you, but they struggle too. In the posh city of Beverly Hills lies some of the richest teens in the state and where money lurks so does trouble. Damon Felix, the school's Lacrosse star - and certified hottie - is learning the hard way that money can't buy you out of everything even when you're the...