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  • Tomato Juice
    645 24 1

    When their relationship is on the rocks, Antonio and Lovino make a pact to leave work early every Saturday night and have dinner together. But what happens with the Southern Italian comes stumbling home, totally drunk and exactly five hours and thirty-two minutes late? (Also posted on my tumblr and fanfiction account...

    Completed   Mature
  • Usuk (Demon!America x Angel!Britain)
    159K 7.6K 40

    Angel!Arthur is on a mission to send a rowdy group of demons back to Hell when he is captured and brought to the very place every angel is warned never to go. There, his soul is suposed to be eaten by the Demon King, but that doesn't happen. Demon-King!Alfred is too curious why the assumed human Arthur didn't beg for...

  • ugly words [UsUk]
    71.5K 4K 17

    England found the only way to talk to his crush was to start some senseless argument. It was working pretty well until he couldn’t find anymore things to argue about. Nagging about America’s weight and calling him fat was the only way for them to have a conversation. But when America goes insane over it, he diets in...