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  • shit post
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    I decided to start an shit post :D it's just a spam I guess lol

  • My Random Book Part 4
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    Hey Cheesecicles, this is a continuation of my last random book! I can't believe I've made it to book 4 in just 4 months! I'll post ocs, Gacha stuff, random stuff, TMNT stuff and other things here! I really hope you enjoy!

  • My Little Secret
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    My fnaf au

  • Tagged
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    The title

  • For My BFF And Sissy
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    love you nicole and Sissy!

  • A Cat's Promise (A Marichat Fanfiction)
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    When Marinette was eight, she saved the life of Paris's top wanted criminal Chat Noir. He promised he would protect her if she ever got into trouble. Ten years later, Marinette is a budding fashion designer hoping to land her dream job when she gets kidnapped by the evil villain, Hawk Moth. Can Chat Noir keep his prom...

  • The Alpha's Sweetheart
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    Aubrey is sweet and innocent. Tristan is rigid and vigorous. It's their senior year in high school. Tristan is beyond stressed with pack life and school life, so when he finds Aubrey as his mate, he's skeptical. Tristan wasn't the original alpha. He has an older brother but he renounced his title and left. Tristan has...

  • The Power of Love
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    Alaina learns how to live again.

  • RP With My Ocs
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  • Random Fanfic
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    Any Stories from Roleplays

  • RP With Anna ^^
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    Anna* :b

  • Dreamwalkers (Wolf Point #2)[PREVIEW]
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    Kayla is a dreamwalker. Not that it's helped her much. After six months, Daniel left her, and she's had to return to her mom and aunt and tell them she couldn't bring him back. To save face, she tells them she couldn't find him at all. They'll never find out, right? She's ready to go all girlpower and take on Geo's pa...

  • Fluffy The Neko (I Can't Tell You)
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    Ok so Fluffy Yuri and Michael yeah threesome. Enjoy biches!

  • Can You Survive
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  • RP Book (2021)
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  • Fire and Ice
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    Mizuki Yasushi was a mysterious young girl. Born in a secret government facility, she was trained and experimented on next to her brother. Until a terrible accident caused her to lose everything. Now she is alone, pushed into this world with a quirk she doesn't know how to control. Will things turn around? Will this s...

  • Try to make me blush
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    i bet youll lose this!

  • Secret love Life (ItaNaru)
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    What if Naruto has a passion? What if Naruto loves dance? What if Everyone except for Itachi doesn't know the real Naruto? What if Naruto and Itachi met before the massacre ?

  • I see you
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    Naruto Uzumaki, a new student at Konoha High finds himself crushing on Sasuke Uchiha, the town royalty. When the Uchiha finds out, he promises to make Naruto's life hell until he leaves down. Collapsing in class, Naruto is left fighting for his life and he has Sasuke thinking that he was the reason that Naruto was in...

  • Mutant Apocalypse 6: The Valley
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    **Caution: This fanfiction may contain strong language, sexual and graphic content. Reader discretion is advised** **** Spokane is an all-new home for Leo and his family. This is their chance for a new beginning. Will Leo be able to continue defending his family from the world, or fail trying? **** A group of mutants...

  • Art book ( 2020- present)
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    I've decided to make a new art book posting my new and current art instead just continuing my 1st one. Don't worry, I'll still keep the old one. Cover picture is mine, and belongs to me.

  • Love In Japan: Leo x Reader (DISCONTINUED)
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    You are 15 years old who goes by the name of Y/N, you were trained by Hamato Yoshi ever since you were 5 to join the Hamato clan, your sensei and mother were great friends. Unfortunately he left shortly after your training to go to New York city, but now after 10 years he has returned to Japan with his four son's. You...

  • Reckless in Love
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    ORDER OF BOOKS Spitfire in Love Reckless in Love Wicked in Love He gripped my waist, fingers digging intimately into my skin, and turned in one smooth motion until he was the one under me. I sat on top of him, my legs stretched to accommodate his size. I heard him groan, low and deep, as his hips brazenly thrusted up...

  • Mlp Eg/Ninjago Rp
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    Ever wonder what the ninja's of Ninjago would do if they were new students of CHS? well now you can either become a normal student,a ninja disguised as a student or both I'll have a oc form and cannon characters please let me know who you want to be A hero A villain A ninja A teacher A student A sensei Or a master

  • wolf family rp
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    why not

  • Baby, It's Cold (Without You)
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    Your classic "pretend girlfriend" AU: Christmas Edition (Harmodays 2017 Submission).

  • MLPEG TMNT FNAF roleplay!
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    have fun!