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  • The Art of Faking Straight
    1.6M 49.9K 28

    To his peers, Liam Kingsley has it all-girls, good looks, loving parents, and a best friend that'll fight for him until the death. Little does the school know that Liam's faking it. Faking it all. Fearing the loss of everything he's worked so hard to achieve, Liam forces himself to constantly keep up the act of a char...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Roommate (boyxboy) -DISCONTINUED-
    61.1K 1.1K 8

    Everybody has secrets, some worse than others. Some keep quiet about someone they like; others keep in a secret that could put them in jail. Either way a secret is a secret and when someone has one another tries to fish it out. James is a college dropout; he lives with his two good friends Dean and Rodney along with h...

  • Hello Fascination (BoyxBoy)
    972K 25.9K 20

    What would you do if you were gay and lived with a VERY homophobic, religious family? Caleb is the most adorable boy you'll ever meet. At almost 17 years old, Caleb's so far in the closet, he's explored Narnia for so long, he's practically lost in that vagina-like wardrobe. Only his best friend, Chelsea, knows about...

    Completed   Mature
  • He's Got a Love Like Woe - [Slash]
    1.5M 48.2K 30

    'There. It's done. I can walk away with my pride and the knowledge that after sixteen long years, I've finally gotten laid. (It's a pretty awesome feeling.) Before I go, though, I have to check and make sure that it's Pamela. Because let's face it: A guy has to know who he lost his V-card to. And just assuming that it...

  • Hanging by a Moment [Completed]
    238K 7.9K 14

    "You guys would be cute together though." Seven words that changed everything. [boyxboy] (even though this is complete when you pick it up, please leave me comments)

  • Rowan & Justin [boyxboy]
    377K 11K 15

    Rowan is goodlooking, athletic, and clever, and attends Montague High School in his small town of Verona. Justin is a Sophomore in the bitter rival Capulet High School. With summer, Prom, and a grudge football game coming up, how will these two boys keep their heads and their hearts intact?

  • The New Boy [boyxboy]
    1.6M 38.5K 29

    Alex thinks he has the perfect relationship with boyfriend Gary. When Dexter moves in next door to Alex, things start to get complicated. Everyone Dexter meets seems to develop feelings for him, and even though he's straight, Alex can't help but start to fall for him. These concerns he outlines in his brutally honest...

  • One-Shots
    259K 2K 19

    Content of these one-shots/drabbles will be dominantly slash with a hint of this and that.