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  • Beg For Mercy (Coming Soon)
    52 2 1

    Priscilla was an odd girl, an outcast in her father's Estate. She always envied her brother, Luca, who was to become the next Mafia Boss of the Vitali Family. She wanted nothing more than to be out of his shadow for good. That is, until she herself becomes only a shadow, forced into hiding after finding herself in a f...

  • The Empire (Coming Soon)
    82 6 2

    The Empire... that's what all their enemies called them. Swelling masses of death followed them everywhere they go. Merlot was a man of misfortune. He always came second to everyone and had to share everything with his brother, even the women. But behind that he was still trying to live up to his family's expectation...

  • Kill Him with Kindness
    6.2K 317 20

    Susan doesn't remember much about her past other than her name. After so many shots and treatments in the asylum for mentally ill children, she has forgotten all but her name and the man who put her in there. That is, until the Crimson Men take her from the hospital to give her a new life. Crimson Men are an organizat...

  • Innocent Till Proven Guilty
    710 29 5

    Ana was just a troublemaking girl from the average whorehouse, learning the life of after her prostitute mother. But the day came where that life would end and new one would begin, this time under her new master's commands. That is, until the Crimson Men arrive to strike up a deal; stay here forever or leave to become...

  • The Heart of Alexander
    81.8K 3.2K 51

    Based off true events tells a story of Roxana, a Bactrian Princess held captive under Alexander the Great. She was always taught to put her country before herself, but is there more to that than what she is told? But as she plans her escape, Roxana captures the heart of the Macedonian King. He adored her in a way she...

  • Eon
    3.6K 308 21

    Before her 18th birthday Mia has the strangest recurring dream. when she realises that things aren't what they seem to be, her reality becomes twisted. her strange dreams seem to make their way into her life when mysterious twins come to her school and the truth finally comes out. she's supernatural...