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  • Last Hope (Ziall Horlik) AU
    211K 9.4K 27

    Niall Horan seemed like a regular boy to everyone at school. No one ever felt the need to ask him if everything was okay, or if his personal life was fine. Little did anyone know how much he needed help. Zayn Malik was a new teacher at the public high school in London. He was looking forward to this new school year, a...

  • Sinful Love (Ziall Horlik) AU
    193K 9K 27

    Thou shalt not... That is all Niall Horan has been raised to listen to as he was born into a very religious family. His father was the pastor of the church he's gone to his whole life, and his mother is the perfect wife. They were viewed as the perfect Christ like family, but no one knows what Niall has to do to keep...

  • kissing cousins // nouis
    55.2K 2.2K 13

    "So, do I call you Uncle Liam? Or Dad? Uncle Dad?" • "Do I introduce you as cousin Niall or boyfriend Niall?" • The spin off that takes you through Niall and Louis' life of growing up and being in love. And still kind of being cousins. ••••• This is a spin off to Daddy's Darling. You don't have to read that first bu...

  • Mad Hatter || l.s
    194K 12.8K 25

    ❝Oh my, aren't you stunning?❞ in which Louis is Alice and Harry is the Mad Hatter [bottom!louis] cc: larrystylinsonvevo © pleasurelouis, 2015 - 2016

  • Simple Pleasures [Zouis/Zarry; Zourry] *Hybrid* //On Hold//
    36.1K 1K 7

    ❝ Want a ride baby boy? ❞ He would purr. Literally.

  • Boxers & Panties ~ l.s
    901K 40K 29

    World famous boxer Harry Styles has been pining over cute, cross dressing Starbucks barista Louis Tomlinson for who knows how long. Little does he know that Louis Tomlinson feels the exact same way. highest rating: #33 in fanfiction 10/12/15 Also on AO3- Port...

  • Star Struck ☞ Narry ☜
    8.9K 647 13

    "Why does this feel like a shitty star struck remake?"

  • ×breathless kisses× l.p. + h.s.
    121K 4.6K 49

    "Don't you get it?" He said, gripping me tighter. I didn't respond, I couldn't. A low moan escaped my lips. His hands felt like silk against my bare skin. I was fire and he was ice, breaking me down. "I fucking love you more than I love myself."

  • Don't touch MY omega (zarry/zouis/ziam/ziall/ zianourry) (Completed)
    457K 9.9K 38

    An omega(Zayn) has four very attractive alphas wanting him(Harry,Louis,Liam,Niall). Who will he choose. Who will have the right to say don't touch MY omega?

  • Deepest Thoughts [Narry]
    130K 10.2K 35

    "Stop reading my mind!" In which Harry is a mind-reader and Niall just thinks a lot. Copyright © All Rights Reserved 2015 Story Idea: @underwears

  • Brothers H.S M.S.
    25.1K 1.1K 10

    Harry and Marcel are twins. One has special needs. The other has anger issues.

  • Heartbeat [Zarry] [Zombie AU]
    156K 8.1K 21

    [COMPLETED] The one where in a world plagued by the zombie apocalypse, a boy wants to make the remaining civilization realize there's more to life than surviving; learns that anyone can struggle to be better, and how to save the world. And where a zombie learns how to have a conscience, how to save the world, and to h...

  • Lipstick [Narry-EDITING]
    275K 20.3K 49

    "What kind of lipstick are you wearing?" "Who? Me?" "Yes, you sweetheart." "I'm not- these are their natural color." or in which Harry works at a cosmetic store which Niall pays a visit to. He went to buy lipstick for his girlfriend but ends up meeting a boy with more kissable lips than his girlfriend's. Copyright © A...

    Completed   Mature
  • The only weakness
    122K 3.8K 20

    Louis has always been the definition of innocence. From a young age Louis was behind physically, and while he was liked by everyone there were those who were jealous of Louis not only because he was gorgeous ,small , and lovable , but because the famous styles triplets are in town . And their getting what's rightfully...

  • Haunted » l.s. [ON HOLD/REVISING]
    194K 12.8K 71

    ✓ boy x boy romance ✓ larry stylinson ✓ one direction ✓ alternate universe ▶ Life asked death, "Why do people love me but hate you?" Death responded, "Because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth." ▶ When Louis said goodbye to his old imaginary friend Harry, he wasn't expecting to see him again, let a...

  • mixed // zayn centric
    143K 5.7K 19

    "Daddy why can't I go to school with the other kids?"Zayn pouted. "Because cupcake, there are bad people out there." His father tried to explain to him for the hundredth time. "B-But Niall and Liam get to go! Why not me!?" He whined loudly, stomping his little six-year-old foot. "Look baby, you're just..." He pondered...

  • footie | nouis {on hold}
    36.1K 1.4K 13

    'nice ass you got there, horan' 2016©

  • reckless behavior ➶ larry
    7.6K 787 5

    [DISCONTINUED] Sure, he has these eyes that made Harry feel like he was lost in an ocean. And sure, he stared at his bum more times than he cared to admit. But, he was annoying. And Harry hated him. Okay maybe that's stretching the truth a bit, but he didn't like him. He couldn't like him. He's an anti-hero; he stand...

  • Drive In (Larry one shot)
    971 29 1

    Louis loves drive ins but Harry hates them.

  • The Secret
    4.6K 205 4

    What happens when 17 year old Niall moves to a new city and end up In a new school? This is a College AU, This is a story is also about werewolves, vampires, and hybrids. I hope you enjoy this x

  • Caught In A Bad Romance |n.s.|
    18K 1.2K 11

    The one in which Niall happens to be super unlucky and Harry seems to be the bad guy with too many guns.

  • "Temporary Fix"
    17.3K 656 55

    Damn, no one would ever find out my secret. No one would know that I was a big wimp. No one in the world would know the truth behind the idiot who beat the crap out of gay people and idiots. It was only the problem that things changed. Instead of hatred, I began to feel something more and the problem was he, that I go...

    Completed   Mature
  • ❉Howling❉ || L + H ||
    44.4K 3K 13

    ◌◌ "Run little lamb, run." ◌◌ au where Louis is little red riding hood and Harry is the big bad wolf

  • Lipstick Stain [n.s.] ✔️
    310K 13.3K 49

    in which harry likes girly things and niall is a jock who finds him absolutely beautiful

    Completed   Mature
  • What He Doesn't Know// Nouis
    91.8K 3.2K 36

    Babyboy: Hi, I've been a very bad boy, I need a Daddy NiallT: Oh baby, I'll be your Daddy ;) But what he doesn't know.....

  • he's mine || l.s au - oneshot
    10.6K 412 1

    in which one belongs to the other. or; harry is a very, very possessive boyfriend, because louis is his, and he always will be. "he's mine, you stay away from him, because he belongs to me." [lowercase intended]

  • I'm Being Targeted By My Two Sons (Short Story)
    73.1K 2.9K 10

    Louis is raising his twin sons, Edward and Harry, who aren't connected to him by blood. Edward is a promising future scientist and Harry's a pro football player. Louis's always wanted to give his sons whatever they wish for but what happens when they ask for something a little too much on their 20th birthday? ******...

    Completed   Mature