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  • All boys school (Infinite & Block B fanfic)
    2.8K 124 13

    Hyejin goes undercover as a boy with the alias Kim Hyunbin just so she can meet Infinite. But it's not all she thought it would be like; hiding the fact that she's a girl and blending in as one of the guys. It's even harder when she gets threatening notes about exposing her secret. Can she keep up the charade or give...

  • Unexpected Love [EXO & INFINITE fanfiction] (COMPLETE)
    47.1K 1.3K 51

    New chapter of life in Seoul is not as easy as you think for a Busan girl like me. Even though there are Kim's family being my foster-family, wealthy as hell, but as an ordinary person, I'll never can run away from problems. Especially, Love problem. - How could I survive from Oh Sehun's evil doing to me with Kim Jong...

  • Seven Days - Time Traveller
    1.3K 111 14

    Sixteen, we meet. The best age, the purest love. Nineteen, the best birthday present. Your confession, my tears of joy. Twenty, we are in the same city. We walk through streets and roads, our hands never separated. Twenty-two, everything came suddenly. Happiness like raindrops fallen into the sea, never to be seen aga...

  • I'll protect you(Infinite+Exo)
    13.7K 331 27

    Arisa - An ordinary girl who only wants to be happy with all the simple things in life. But returning to Korea after 5 years and starting at a new school is a lot harder than she imagined, especially when she is caught between two guys. L/Myungsoo - He is a member of the popular Kpop group Infinite and is known as the...

  • Love at First 60 Seconds (Sungkyu fanfic)
    27.2K 1.2K 14

    Sungkyu is so busy being a k-pop idol that he doesn't have time to fall in love. One day, he met a girl that made his heart race so fast for the first time but sadly, that girl is already engaged. Will he be able to stop his feelings for this girl or will he fight for the Love that he felt in the first... 60 SECONDS?

  • Operation: Avoiding Oh Sehun (EXO HunHan FanFic)
    508K 25.2K 26

    Luhan woke up to become a girl?! How did that happen?! Worst of all, "she" somehow convinced everyone that Luhan went out for a vacation and that she's his younger sister! Will she be able to avoid every EXO member until she turns back into a boy? There may be eleven members to avoid, but one only holds a grudge agai...

  • I'll Protect You
    79.8K 2.4K 21

    For Myungsoo, life as a high school student is boring. His life seems no color and meaningless. Not until he met Sun-ji, a transfer student with a witty and brave personality. He feels attached to this girl and later on, he feels that he wants to protect her especially when he knew the real story of her life. Can he...

  • My Manager, My Lover? [Infinite Fanfic]
    22.2K 914 13

    Skye Song was a tomboyish girl who came to Korea to work at her Uncle's entertainment company. Little did she know that she would be assigned as a manager to the top idol group of the company; Infinite. After taming the Diva Sungjong in their first meeting, Skye was reassigned as a manager to Infinite. Now she will ha...

  • My Infinite Love [A Kim Myungsoo Fanfic]
    200K 5.3K 36

    |COMPLETED| |2013| #776 in Romance | You were just an independent girl working in a coffee shop, but somehow, as if the stars has aligned in some way, you suddenly bumped into Infinite, the popular kpop idols. They started being nice to you, though one of them, the ever so cold yet perfectly handsome Kim Myungsoo, bec...

  • My Days with You (Fan fiction about Infinite Hoya)
    105K 3.1K 33

    Ji-won came back to Korea because of her parents' business. Her childhood friend is living in there and little did she know that her friend is now a k-pop idol. Fan fiction about Infinite Hoya =)

  • My Bestfriend's Friend [Infintie Fanfic]
    9.6K 461 17

    What happens when you fall in love with your Bestfriend's Friend? Myungsoo was told to go and keep Sungyeol's childhood friend company until Sungyeol arrived, but instead finds himself falling for her unique charms. Should he confess? Should he tell Sungyeol? And what if Sungyeol also liked her?