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  • Her Tempting Aroma
    146K 3.1K 10

    Declan Parker- Dean of elite Santa Cruz Academy by day, owner of the underground vampire bar Liquid Temptations by night Sebastian Adams- Art teacher at Santa Cruz academy by day, prosperous nude painter by night. Elizabeth Slater- on the run from her fathers loan shark that wants HER as payment for her fathers 2.5 mi...

  • Billionaire Bound: My Billionaire Boss, Part 1 (A BDSM Erotic Romance)
    32.7K 359 1

    Delilah's plan worked a little too well... She thought a low-level job in the records department of the Stone-Black Corporation would allow her to uncover wrong-doings she could show to the world to take the company down. But after only three days she's suddenly promoted to work as executive assistant to Jackson Stone...

  • Over The Knee
    288K 2.3K 9

    WARNING: MATURE CONTENT - (Private Chapters) Sexual situations not appropriate for those under 24. There is OFFENSIVE and INAPPROPRIATE material. STOP READING if you are opposed to learning (or hearing) about some of the dark recesses and kinks of humanity. He was sexist. He took whatever he wanted. And now he...

  • The Meeting
    706K 18.1K 34

    Zoe's brought to a meeting with the pretext of having her help close a deal for the company. Little did she know that it would turn into a hot and steamy encounter with her soon to be new boss. But, he comes with a lot of baggage and he has a dark past that will turn her world upside down. Cover made by Unevenfeet ! W...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alpha's Redemption
    1.6M 39.8K 22

    *Mature* "I crave your submission." he said eyes moving down to my parted lips as my breathing deepened. "Whenever I want you, however I want you. I want you screaming for it, begging for it. I want your mouth wrapped around me while I ram into these sweet lips, I want to bury myself deep inside your hot little body...

  • Her sons best friend (Aka Cougartown)
    1.8M 28.5K 36

    Text copyright © Dezertflower ™ 2013, 2014 All rights reserved WARNING! ADULT CONTENT. ONLY SUITABLE FOR THOSE OVER THE AGE OF 18. Laura Stevens, mother of two grown-up sons, is about to be taken on the ride of her life. Knowing that getting on board with that special person is highly unwise and also potentially...

    Completed   Mature
    9.2M 192K 99

    "It was then my mother was set on fire." When Beatrice stumbles upon a crazed man in the forest she barely gets away with her life. Unable to convince anyone of his presence, she tries not to go anywhere near him again but that seems impossible when unfortunate situations arise and feelings change. Her life had alway...

  • Relinquishing Control
    86.7K 992 6

    Excerpt: "Please, Sir. Please" I groan, my hands stretching above my head, my body writhing from the over-stimulation it's been getting. I feel like I'm about to explode from his touch and it's only been a short while. He hasn't yet taken me and I'm already lost in sensation. I feel his breath close to my ear "Scre...

  • Anything Better (Completed) (Sample)
    936K 2.5K 3

    ("say it", I told him as I quicken my pace. "urg ch-ch-ch" he stuttering, fighting so he didn't say cherry. I didn't know what came over me but I had to hear him say it. No matter what. ) April knew she had to win the game at any and all costs, i mean that is the rule. how far would she go? Jeremy had to win even if i...

    Completed   Mature
  • "Just friends"
    2.8M 34.5K 9

    What happens when you fall in love with your close friend?

  • Sexual Feel (EXTREME EDITING)
    2.2M 24.7K 26

    "Say it" he growled in my ear pulling my head back by my hair. He slowed down his entire body and I whimpered in protest. "No" I sobbed, I didn't want to g down, at least not like this. "All you have to do is say it" he whispered in my ear. I wiggled my body and tried to get some type of action, but I only made it wor...

  • Some Like It Rough
    718K 3.2K 4

  • Monophobia
    438K 12.7K 21

    Monophobia- an acute fear of being alone and having to cope without a specific person, or perhaps any person, in close proximity. This 'closeness' might mean in the same house or flat or even in the same room. Seventeen year old Carriel Carter is as inexperienced as can get when it comes to relationships or anyth...

  • Tamed
    2.4M 43.1K 45

    Ever since they were little the Seizan sisters always knew they would end up being mated to the Princes of Planet Atron. But they never expected to find what they did once they arrived on the planet. Never having been anywhere but their home planet Dronan, they were surprised when they arrived on Atron to find their m...

    Completed   Mature
  • Carnal Desires[ON HOLD]
    98.3K 640 13

    Description: After 2 years together, Marcus decides to go and visit the love of his life, Kate. Since she lives in the states, Marcus has a long way to travel. But he know it's worth it if it means that he can be with his love. But on the way they have to face problems and challenges which will reveal if their love is...

  • Stealing his brother's girl
    8.1K 234 8

  • Jobs (18+) | a series of One-shots ^^ On-going, never-ending ^^
    3.6M 10.3K 9

    Professionals. Doing unprofessional things ^^ Warning: Rated M for Mature ^^ It contains scenes with adult language, funny violence, horrible sex, disgusting humor, and crackamolees which may not be suitable for younger audiences. Do not proceed if below 18 years of age.

  • Sinful Awakening
    1.4M 30.2K 17

    Mina Reynolds has never been in a serious relatinonship, and has always been a one guy type of girl. Now one night she has a steamy wet dream of two guys that happen to be brothers. They are both built to utter perfection, the desire of every womans fantasy. And just so happen to be vampires. Mina thinking nothing of...

  • The DILF (18+ Only) [COMPLETED]
    11.8M 294K 14

    [The Dad I'd Like to F*ck: Follow to Read the First 8 Chapters BEFORE You Add to Your Reading List] "You should be careful," Devin said calmly, bending over to scoop Rory into his arms. "This bathtub can get incredibly slippery." "So I noticed," she said dryly. Mortified, she noticed how erect her nipples were. They s...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Ex (18+ Only) [COMPLETED]
    12.4M 283K 14

    [Edited Version ● Alternate Ending] "Colin? I feel so awful lying to you so I have to tell you what," Frankie blurted out, nervously cracking her knuckles as she stared at her boyfriend from one side of the living room. Colin's bright blue eyes danced. "What is it, sweetheart?" "I...I bumped into my ex...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Lavery Twins
    1.8M 37.5K 28

    Growing up with Shane and Matt - the Lavery twins next door, Holly can't seem to get rid of them. With her dad always gone, Holly has always been forced to stay with them - having to put up with the constant teasing, bugging, bear kidnapping and name-calling. All her life. However, as years go by, Holly gets older...

    Completed   Mature
  • High School Scandal (A BoyxBoy Romantic Comedy)
    10.8M 197K 35

    EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!! Hot tempered and impulsive Derek James and Calm and composed Evan Staton has been best buds since the 3rd grade. Nicknamed the Two Musketeers in middle school, they went on to high school as well sought after popular guys. Still, Evan was the one who has gotten the most attention from...

    Completed   Mature
  • Puppet Master
    5.6M 117K 43

    GRAPHIC and EXPLICIT! Tori's been in love with Jayden since she was twelve years old, but he's pulled away at every turn. Doubts, insecurities, and certain, ahem, preferences have been convincing him that she's the kind of girl to totter about on pedestals, and definitely not the lady for him. Exce...

    Completed   Mature
  • Instinctive Desire
    691K 12.4K 27

    Bri is an alpha shewolf.....on the prowl.

    Completed   Mature
  • Dominated
    798K 21K 45

    In book 2 of the Ryonan series we are once again pulled into the lives of the Seizan sisters. Will Alyssa finally take her place as queen and rule or will she continue to run?

  • Curves for the Alpha (Not Edited)
    2.6M 66.1K 24

    Warning this contains sexual material so please if you offended by that please don't read. Just warning you. This is a adult novel and contains that kind of material. Thank you. Unedited and will be edited as I work also once it's finish so please bare with me. Copyright 2013 Unleashed27 - All Rights Reserved ~♦~ S...

    Completed   Mature
    3.6M 68K 29

    Sam and Cam are the Harrisons' twins and like to share their girls, Sam likes his girls thick and sweet while Cam likes his girls thick and feisty. One thing though they like to share their girls but have a pretty rough time finding the one that can handle them both. Freya is a feisty girl, just like her name. She...

    Completed   Mature
  • How to Kill an Incubus, #1 [SAMPLE]
    5.8M 94.3K 43

    This is a sample only. H2KAI is now available for purchase on Amazon! eBook: Don't forget to leave a review! Paperback: Book #1: Rae couldn't...

  • Sexy Little Stories, Not For the Prude
    1.6M 410 1

    These Sexy Little Stories, not intended for the prude of hearts, are sure to get you hot. Enter a fantasy world of role-paying, romance in a far-away land and other steamy situations. These are not your run of the mill "bedtime" stories, and they are sure to keep you up all night. To purchase:

    Completed   Mature