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  • Knight
    10.4M 384K 57

    COMPLETED [boyxboy] Mason Maloney has lived his whole life in the shadow of his twin brother, Nathan, star quarterback of the football team. While Nathan impresses everyone in town with his athleticism, Mason spends his afternoons working at the local bakery. His rather mundane life becomes more interesting when his...

    568K 24.2K 45

    Angelina Gallagher is just a 24 year old lady; trying to make an honest living for herself. She moves to Italy with the hopes of becoming financially independent. Fortunately...or rather unfortunately, she ends up working for Lorenzo Rosi; The richest man in Italy and dare I say the most handsome. How is that unfortun...

    Completed   Mature
  • SOPE | Synced
    906K 53.3K 48

    "I DID NOT DESCRIBE A PRICK AS MY PARTNER, AND ESPECIALLY NOT A GUY!" Hoseok yelled, standing up. "I DIDN'T DESCRIBE A HAPPY FREAK!" Yoongi yelled getting up as well, "This is a mistake!" Jung Hoseok never hurt anybody, and he never asked to be synced to someone who is his polar opposite. Same goes for Min Yoongi, the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cliché [COMPLETE]
    3.7M 216K 59

    "Take it! Just take it!" I demanded in annoyance, springing my whole body out as I tackled Harry from behind. "For the tenth time I don't want your stupid virginity!"

    Completed   Mature
  • Lush Corruption | Harry Styles AU | BOOK 2 ✓
    4.6M 151K 43

    BEST FANFIC SERIES 2018 - @thefanfictionawards Book 2 of the Lush Trilogy (completed ✓) | Continuation of Moulin Rouge (Lush Seduction) | When Vicky West is faced with the cold-hearted, and vile behaviour of her almost partner, Harry Styles. She is taking everything, in a different way. Lies are being unmasked, mid-li...

  • A Bad Boy Stole My Bra- SAMPLE
    104M 2.6M 44

    A BAD BOY STOLE MY BRA is published and no longer available on Wattpad. It is available in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Italian and Indonesian as paperback and e-book internationally. It is also available as an adaptation on the app Episode - 'It Started With a Bra.' This copy has the first 3...

  • Changing Will [boyxboy]
    4.1M 145K 26

    Ethan is sarcastic and sassy. Will is careless and troubled. When Ethan sees how bad Will is struggling, he decides to help the 20 year old. But in order to help Will, Ethan realizes he must face his own dark past. As feelings and secrets emerge between the two boys, Ethan begins to question if Will is really as strai...

  • My Brother's Best Friend [BoyxBoy] HBT Book 1
    4.4M 108K 22

    [Book 1 in the Hughes Brothers Trilogy] Justin has a secret. For so long Justin Hughes has had to deal with the realization that he is gay. He doesn't know when it happened, or how or even why. All he knows is that he's in love with his brother's best friend. His brother's straight best friend. Isaac Benson is loyal t...

  • The Assistant ➵ h.s
    754K 15.9K 84

    Jade Collins is a 19 years old teenager. She has just completed her degree for Media Makeup at the College of Fashion, in London. Just as she is done her last day at college, she is offered a job as an assistant to a expert Makeup Artist, reason being her high interest in makeup and because of her newly-earned degree...

  • Hello, Mr. Celebrity (Larry Stylinson)
    819K 30.5K 31

    Louis Tomlinson is worthless. At least, that's what he believes. His father has beat him everyday since Louis' mother died in a car accident. His life is pretty stressful; balancing money, staying alive, and falling in love with a member of the world's most famous boyband- wait, what? Oh, and throw in raising his two...

    Completed   Mature
  • Friends. // l.s.
    194K 9.5K 31

    "And it was there always, the tension. Lingering in the spaces between us, poisoning the air around us and weighing down the hearts inside of us." Basically, Harry and Louis don't like each other, end up being step brothers and then things ensue. © 2014 by larriesrainbow. All Rights Reserved Achievements: Humor #355...

  • Under The Lights //: Second book of the UTL Series //: Loucel.Larcel Fanfic
    362K 10.8K 31

    Marcel and Louis. Probably the most odd couple... but they fit, they fit together like a puzzle piece. They're in love and happy and nothing could stop that, so they thought. Not only is there a strange knock at Marcel's door that brings an unexpected visit, but school is about to end and he doesn't know what he wants...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Teacher (A Harry Styles Fanfic)
    10.1M 109K 26

    Mackenzie Miller was a regular teenager girl, this is until she met her hot new teacher, Mr.Styles. They immediately begin to have a relationship that is less than appropriate for a teacher and student. Will their feelings for each other be strong enough to overcome everything that comes between them? © 2014, alyloves...

  • Royalty
    12.7M 273K 77

    Have you ever met someone that took your breath away? The very sight of them was beautiful, and you just couldn't stand to be a second away from them? They were so far out of your league, but you just couldn't keep away? You wanted to do everything to please them and let them know they mean so much to you? T...

  • Playboy » L.S
    3.9M 149K 48

    I was captivated, but he was all too good at his profession: Harry Styles, Playboy. © heartagust, All Rights Reserved. (Larry with some Ziam)

  • outsider [h.s]
    7.1M 203K 45

    Imagine a society where everything is absolutely perfect, or at least that's what they make it out to be.

  • Getting BabySat By Justin Bieber
    4.4M 78.8K 71

    As a 17 year old, I think it's highly embarrassing my mom decided to hire a babysitter for me and my brothers. As if that's not enough torture not only is he a babysitter but he's just two years older than me. It's her idea of teaching me a lesson. I just want to meet this asshole and why would he take on the job to...

  • Selena's Little Sister
    161K 4.8K 36

    "You're my sister's boyfriend..." I said, my voice trailing off. I looked down and sighed. "It isn't right for either of us to feel this way." "But we do," Justin whispered.

    Completed   Mature
  • I Accidentally Hit...Niall Horan? (Niall Horan)
    5.6M 136K 73

    Haley Morris is just a normal girl. One night she's stuck locking up the club. She opened the door and BAM! The next thing you know there is someone lying on the ground. He begins getting up and she recognizes who she just hit. "Hey are you-" Copyrights ©_AyeeKristinith_

  • Geeky problems (Marcel/Harry)
    418K 7.1K 24

    Who new dating Marcel would be such a hassle...

  • She's Not Afraid
    2.1M 26K 52

    This story is about a girl named Cayla she's in love with one direction and on her 15th birthday she gets concert tickets to the one and only ONE DIRECTION!! She goes to the concert and meets Harry Styles her hopefully future husband and the rest of the band. Harry thinks shes pretty hot and they swap numbers and they...