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  • Gambled To My Gardian Angel (G×G) {On Hold}
    8.8K 204 6

    Kate walker is a normal 17 year old girl. She is the top of all her classes, is the captain of the soccer and volleyball team, and on top of it all she is popular. Everything in her life was perfect until Amelia came along. Justin walker is her 29 year old brother. Justin walker is a gambling addict. What happens when...

  • Royal Rose (GirlxGirl)
    540K 21.6K 37

    Leo's been hiding her identity for years to fight in the arena where women are not allowed. She got away with it so far and won all her battles, but what if she was assigned as the Princess' personal protector and hiding her identity became much more complicated than before. #1 gxg #1 girlxgirl #1 lesbian #1 gay #1 pr...

  • The Girl with no Emotions (GirlxGirl)
    453K 16.5K 35

    I was only 7 when I met her, but we had an instant connection. We were inseperable. She was always happy and joyful around me, but me on the other hand, I was a completely different story. I suffered a disorder that caused me to have no emotions. I told her my condition and she understood, but one day she dissapeared...

  • Why so Sexy, Miss Evans? (GirlxGirl) (TeacherxStudent)
    1.6M 51.7K 40

    Anna Krause is on her senior year and more than ready to leave high school behind and start a new fresh life without homework, what she didn't expect however was that she might want to spend a little more time inside what she thought was a prison once she meets her new calculus teacher. Copyright © 2018 by Shay Zayit...

  • ☆Beyond The Forgotten☆ (GirlxGirl)
    46.9K 1.3K 30

    #wattys2019 Raven was the most indomitable, captivating person in Mount Olympus. Her kindness and selflessness was admirable to the people. But there was just one thing that scared her- Love. Tenderness, attachment and intimacy. She was so frightened because she was the only one who had not experienced it. Astrid w...

  • Hybrid gxg
    106K 2.6K 21

    "I refuse to marry you, take me home" I yelled. "Rather you like it or not you will marry me, even if I have to lock you in a room" She said while glaring at me. ---------------- what would you do if on your 17th birthday your dad tells you that he's a wolf and that your mother who left you at the age of 3 is a vampir...

  • She Is My Sanity (Futanari) •
    299K 9.7K 42

    Jane Lowe is a 21 year old woman that has moved into a new town, and new neighborhood with her aunt and cousin from Los Angeles, California to New Jersey. Jane is shy but also will not let anyone walk over her, she also has a snarky side. Jane has a secret from her past that she has been running from, only her aunt an...

    Completed   Mature
  • K.I.S.S (Futanari)
    246K 10.6K 45

    She's got everything she's ever needed in life. Money. Loving parents. Supporting friends and overall a great life. So why did she feel so lonely? Why did she feel like she had to be a bitch every time?. Poppy Holmes, has a mouth like a sailor, snarky, bitchy, sarcastic as hell and the most beautiful and popu...

  • The Bloody Tragedy (GirlxGirl) (Futanari) (Complete)
    277K 9.3K 33

    Attending to a royal school can probably be the best experience of your life of living properly and with manner. As Ava starts her high school a royal school she noticed that there is a mysterious girl in the back of the class that does nothing but stare. "Why are you looking at me like that?" I clutch my books tight...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Baby (Futanari) •
    338K 12K 31

    Andy Fanning, A quiet, Mysterious , Twenty One year old girl that had never been in a serious relationship or had any love interest in her life. She has never really shown any interest in girls or boys to which confuses the hell out of her family and friends. Her saying when someone asks her what her sexuality...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Football Dream (girlxgirl)
    99.7K 2.3K 53

    Rose is a college student hoping for a scholarship to play woman's football in America so she can reunite with her father. However, Rose falls for a girl very quickly but will it last? Or is football more important? They both have different dreams but will they find a way, in the end, to be together? (girlxgirl)

  • Kira and the Winged One
    7.7K 629 5

    Kira finds an angel-bird girl living in a cave on Sakhalin Island. Kira also has a new baby brother who is sick due to his critical heart condition. It is not sure whether the baby will survive. Kira deeply cares about her brother, so this situation puts her under an extraordinary amount of stress. Frustrated with her...

  • The Mural (GirlXGirl)
    1.2M 63.5K 43

    "Have you met the new girl?" Gwen, my best friend, asked. "Uh, yeah, vaguely," I replied, trying a little too hard to seem disinterested. "She's pretty out there." Gwen laughed. "And by out there, I mean, she's clearly gay and doesn't care who knows." Oh, trust me, I think to myself. I've noticed. But with my reputa...

  • Wolfdale
    109K 4.2K 27

    So... you're the Alpha of your pack? How cute. And you say it's a big pack? Bitch please... I'm the leader of a whole city.

    Completed   Mature
  • Loving Against All (G X G)
    74.7K 2.1K 22

    The story begins after the war that Domika was been exile from the vampire clan and also she meet her mate at the war also. The war is between vampire and werewolf but still it will never end until now. Domika suppose to be the next queen of there vampire clan but some of the vampire saw what she did, that she killed...

  • Taboo
    108K 5.2K 28

    For 22 year old April, a semi average college student trying to get by on a minimum wage waitressing job and living alone at a crappy rundown apartment, life already sucks. But what happens when a mix of unfortunate events plays out and now she's mated to a vampire? And not just any vampire, the Vampiress. Also known...

  • The Polygamist's Prophecy *Futanari,GxG*
    16K 751 9

    [SLOW UPDATE] [UNDER MAJOR EDITING] Vamus Zeus Hazar, a prophecy was made saying she was destined to marry seven different women with different bloods. Her father, King Vladimir, despise her for some reasons. But her mother, Queen Ivana, is always there beside her to protect her in any case of harm from her father. By...

  • The Girl Who Stole My Heart (GirlxGirl)
    175K 9.3K 23

    "She is not a 'thing' you could just throw away after you used her up! Get on your knees and beg for forgiveness, NOW!" Violet screamed after she saw the woman she crushing on since junior high were treated like rubbish. Read to find out what happen next!

    Completed   Mature
  • Never Be The Same *Futanari,GxG*
    21.1K 757 8

    [SLOW UPDATE] [UNDER MAJOR EDITING] Adrianne Vinzon, 19 years old and she's the definition of a bad girl. Her gorgeousness and hotness attracts many girl. But the thing is, she don't believe in love after she was dumped by her ex-girlfriend and she was so depressed. Since that, she starts to play every girls' hearts...

  • If You Could See Me Now (Sequel of Rebel with a Voice)
    2.2K 45 5

    This book was written by romeothewriter. swagxox or swag_king_ write a version of Rebel with a Voice I have permission for this.

  • These feelings
    255K 8.1K 52

    Tyler is a lonely girl that many people including teachers don't pay too much attention she dresses like a tomboy and has some issues at home, and one day she meets Ana leaving her with feelings she can't understand. Ana is the schools cheerleading captain and that includes beauty and popularity, after a certain event...

  • New family
    628K 23.4K 53

    Edward Hunt is a 17 year old girl who after many years of living with her mom she's forced to live with her father who abandoned her before she was even born. She must find a way to get along with his family the Saunders as well as trying to put up with her father, in which she was never fond of and what's worst she h...

  • My girlfriend's mom
    11.1K 218 55

    Skylar Mahone is kinda a bad girl who gets in trouble sometimes and she is dating Nancy Cimorelli who is the daughter of Lisa Cimorelli, one day Skylar goes over to "hangout" with Nancy and Lisa opens the door and that's when everything starts, will she change her actions for Lisa? Lisa Cimorelli's daughter Nancy is d...

  • The Sea Princess ✔
    21.7K 868 17

    The ocean is a beautiful place. Under the waves someone wants to destroy the happiness that fills the ocean, who and why? 1st Draft... Edited the best to my knowledge... I'm not an editor... I just love to write... Lesbian Story... Under the age of 18 read at your own risk... Happy Reading

    Completed   Mature
  • My Mate is A Vampire "GxG"
    27.7K 783 7

    Zari is a werewolf. she goes to a school where there are lots of different types of mythical creatures. She is pressured by her father to find her mate. When she does she wasn't expecting this. this book is a lesbian story so if you're not in to that just don't read it .

  • The Bitch and The Freak
    300K 10.1K 52

    Will her greatest human enemy and hater fall in love with her?

  • What happened in Vegas (GirlxGirl)
    231K 11K 33

    Maddie Collins is a successful lawyer in London who heads to Vegas for her best friends hen party for the weekend..she awakens on her final morning with more than a hangover... (Completed)

    Completed   Mature
  • Perfect Chemistry
    59K 1.6K 12

    (Gxg) (teacherxstudent) Kate was an actress. She was used to heartbreak on the screen. She was used to having people want her. But what if she meets someone who isn't crazy for her like most are. What if she's crazy for them. What if she wants them more than she's ever wanted anything and not even all the money...

  • My Teacher Is A Vampire (Girlxgirl) (Teacher/student)
    41.8K 1.3K 10

    -- Teacher/Student Jessica is an 18 year old school trouble maker. She has a bad past with her parents and when she turned 15 she moved in with her oldest sister Jasmine. All went well for her until her last year of school where she meets a new hot teacher. It didn't take her long to fall in love, and soon she'll find...

  • Amazon Warriors (lesbian story)
    78.9K 2.1K 19

    Olive was a normal girl who when on the way to see her uncle plane crashes. She wakes up to a strange new place that consists of only of women and girls. She finds herself falling for the best archer of these women and her savior Artemis. Will true love be found or will it all crash and burn?