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  • The Alpha King [Complete]
    1.7M 43.6K 53

    #1 in Luna 11.16.2018 #1 in Romantic 3.7.2019 #1 in Suspense 4.8.2019 {Completed} Summary: Charlotte Woods finds herself in a life or death situation. After war breaks out on her territory, she seeks survival, but unknowingly runs onto Royal Territory. Kayden Giordano is the Alpha King. He is protective and sometimes...

  • The Mating Games
    4.3K 237 12

    She grew up in the snowy mountaintops of Alaska in an impoverished abusive home with only her love of music and her mothers old violin to love and be loved by. He is the Alpha of a dwindling werewolf population on the edges of extinction trying to do everything in his power to hold everything together. In a time...

  • The Mating Games
    40.8K 959 24

    3 best friends finally at the age to participate in the mating games but what if the leaders of the biggest and deadliest pack take interest in them. lots of funny and romantic moments

  • Hidden Beauty( Beauty Regency Series) Book 1 Unedited
    938K 36.5K 31

    Sapphire Hersberry had transformed into a living corpse since her sister's death. She no longer enjoys the joys of life, such as the outdoors and nature, until her father sends her to live with a Duke along with other young ladies to fight for the heart of his rakish son. Damien Hesford wanted no part with this ridi...

  • Precious Cargo
    1.3M 44.1K 33

    (Warning: Rated R) "Now your turn."He watched as she bit her bottom lip and studied what he had written before. She softly said each letter as she wrote it. As he watched her lips slowly moving, he moved to her neck as though in a trance and gently kissed it. Caroline pressed her eyes from the sensation. Byron gently...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Runaway Bride
    28.1K 1.1K 16

    Catrìona Adair is not your traditional damsel in distress. She is a fighter and has never needed or even wanted a man to protect her. She is independent, a spitfire, and refuses to take no for an answer. She also refuses to be placed underneath a man, she can be her own person. When she finds out that her father has a...

  • Viking, me.
    281K 11.1K 40

    A tender aged Irish girl lived a quiet life with her grandmother on the farm her parents built, when tragedy befalls her and the town she has to react! Usually a quiet and contemplative and respectful girl, one of which nothing bad should ever happen, she is stolen from where she belongs and is thrown into a new way...

  • Advertising //OPEN//
    28.2K 1.2K 12

    Want to be known in the Wattpad world? Want to get your stories out there for people to discover? Just looking for some stories to read? Well you've found the place! Advertise your stories and I encourage you to check out other books in here!

  • Negan & Reader Short Stories
    235K 8.5K 87

    This story contains stand alone chapters that feature Negan and the reader in various scenarios. This book contains bad language and scenes sexual in nature. Started 12th November 2016

  • The Other Side
    390 18 5

    When Rick returns from the line up without her dad, Coby is furious. She's faced with the difficult decision of what to do next. She has to save him, but will it come at a cost? And how will Negan fare against Daryl's own daughter?

  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan Imagines
    1.3K 20 2

    Come to request some imagines here for me to make and make your dreams come true of Jeffrey Dean Morgan! Also it must be a JDM x Reader, unless you really want your OC to be with him!

  • Bella And Jacobs Love Story
    12.2K 350 11

    This is a fanfic of Bella and Jacob and the crew of twilight

  • Write F*cking Words Now
    1.2K 211 20

    Having a hard time getting the words out? Maybe I can help get your ass in gear.

  • I Might Just Be The Devil
    1.2K 120 18

    A young woman with a peculiar name is found by Negan and the Saviours. Given the choice of death or joining them, she takes the second option. She very quickly works her way up his ranks and captures Negan's attention, but does she even want it? The undeniably attractive leader takes a shine to her, can she resist him...

  • The Familiar Leather Jacket
    51 6 3

    Lucille Smith- AKA Lucy. It has been four years since Lucy met the people she now calls her family. She has been seperated from her husband for 1,657 days. She was only with him for three days after the initial outbreak. Her husband Negan and her were on vacation in Atlanta when the dead started eating the living. It...

  • Sick and twisted || Negan
    1.4K 153 28

    "Oh darling, you have the wrong opinion of me.", Negan grinned when he noticed. I kept stepping back until I reached the wall. "I'm sick and twisted, but one thing I'm not. I'm not stupid."

  • Sadistic - Negan [COMING SOON]
    24 3 2

    "I'm your worst fucking nightmare, baby." "As I am yours." They were both crazy, even sadistic, feared but worshiped by most. Even through all the chaos and destruction they caused, they were one another's calm. [The Walking Dead] [Season 7 - Season 8] [Negan/OC] [STAND ALONE BOOK]

  • The MVP
    892 48 6

    Really just some cute Coach Negan fluff. This is Pre-Apocalypse. You are Rick's daughter, Ken Grimes. You and Rick just moved into the neighborhood and you are starting school at the high school where Negan coaches.

  • Fix That Bitch: A Foul-Mouthed Guide to Grammar
    12.5K 2K 29

    English classes suck, but that's no excuse to write like a bitch. Sling sentences like a pro and make your beta readers cry with frustration! Keep this guidebook handy and fix that bitch! "I've got it in my library. Best grammar help EVER." - @Rasha007 "The only damn grammar book you are ever going to need." - @Renee...

  • Draft that Bitch: A Foul-Mouthed Guide to Writing
    984 193 3

    You want to write a novel. That's great! Now what? Do you know what to do next? What's your plan of action? How do you keep from quitting like a little bitch? Keep this guidebook handy and I'll help you finish the fucker!

  • The Unknown Lycan Heir (1# The Lycan Series) ✔ | SAMPLE
    699K 9.8K 14

    🌟COMPLETED 🌟 Highest rank #2 in werewolf as on 8th May 2017 || BOOK ONE IN THE LYCAN SERIES || Completed - First draft and self edited.|| 🔹Winner of TRUE COLOURS AWARDS 2017 (1st place) / Royally Yours Awards (2nd place)/ Star Struck Awards (2nd place)/ The Spring Awards 2017 (Honorable Mention)/ Winner of T...

  • The Vengeful One (Pirates Of The Caribbean Fan Fiction)
    87 5 12

    The trident may have lifted all the curses of the sea, but hasn't lifted mine and my crew. I sold my soul to save my crew to the devil himself, the cursed waters nearly killed ourselves. Now today, vengeance is mine. My brother Jack, has tricked me and has tricked him. The man he killed after the curses were lifted. N...

  • The beast and me
    2.6M 82.1K 49

    Jezzabelle Johnson was one of the low class people in her village. With her small family of 5, she manages to keep a smile on her face even though they are having alot of struggle in their lives. In her village everyone treats her nicely considering the fact that she has the most loving heart that matches her beauty...

  • The Innocent Lion
    30.9K 564 9

    Alessia Lannister is the youngest daughter of Tywin and Joanna Lannister at only age seventeen years old. She is the most beautiful, innocent and happiest child in Kings Landing. Her three older siblings try to protect her from the world as they all agree she is too innocent and pure to know the horrors of the world...

  • Fear [ Negan x Reader, The Walking Dead Fanfiction]
    4.9K 254 20

    She was going to kill him, just like he killed her comrades; no remorse. (Y/N) found herself caught between Alexandria and The Sanctuary, as Negan took her hostage. While still wanting to kill him, she got to find more about the man, his past, his way of thinking and acting. Maybe he wasn't at all that bad. Even if he...

  • Breathtaking | Negan x Reader (Mostly Smut)
    71 3 1

    Requests for situations, certain kinks, etc are allowed... There is gonna be a story with it obviously but it's mostly gonna be focused on the smut... Enjoy...

  • My Savior Negan X Reader The Walking Dead Fanfic
    124 6 5

    [[None of the characters in this fanfic are mine except for your character and couple more I may add in but other characters belong to the creators of the Walking Dead comic book and the TV show its self]] Y/N was the leader of a small group of 5 people there were 3 guys and the other two included her and her 12 year...

  • Silent Deception
    11.1M 418K 60

    Previously titled Alpha's Bargain ⚡️ "It's in the bargain that you are required to stay in the Alpha's house." I scoffed. My heartbeat suddenly increased, both from his intense stare, and the fact that I would have to stay in the same house as him and the raven haired girl. "You're lying." He shrugged, his arrogance r...

  • Two Babies and the CEO
    435K 18.4K 32

    "Pinkie swear" "I pinkie swear" I tell her trying to hold back my laughter. "Say it" she demands. Holding in the laugh threatening to escape, I repeat what she said. "I pinkie swear that when we grow up i will still be there always. We will be each others maid of honor and Godparent...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kissed By Dragon fire
    116K 2.5K 13

    Viserys and Daenerys weren't the only children to escape the rebellion. Their father's favorite Bastard child escaped with them. When Viserys tries to sell his sister to a powerful Dothraki Khal, he gets quite a shock when the Khal wants the Bastard Targaryen daughter instead.