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  • The Girl Who Grew Up In The TARDIS (Wattys2014)
    55.2K 2.2K 35

    A 50th anniversary tribute to Doctor Who This is the story of Emily Atwell, the girl who has lived all her life in the TARDIS without the Doctor ever knowing she was there. No one knows the Doctor like Emily for she has witnessed all his lives. And though she has waited all her life, one day she will be the Doctor's c...

  • Break Me (Doctor Who Fanfiction)
    334K 15.5K 25

    ―SEQUEL TO "FIX ME"― Now that the Doctor is back, things have changed. AJ believes they'll just get back to travelling, but the Doctor has other plans for her. Needing to have some down time to think things over, he drops her off at Torchwood to stay on Earth under the protection of his long time friend, Captain Jack...

  • Counting Stars
    356 19 1

    Rose and 10's trials and tribulations. (songfic, of like half of OneRepublic's counting stars.)

  • How she really feels (Doctor who/Rose Tyler) (10th Doctor)
    2.3K 47 2

    Have you ever wonderd how Rose Tyler really fealt aboard the tardis? well,here's a short story about it. (may be triggering)

  • Back To you
    6.6K 280 9

    She lived a fantastic life, for decades she searched for her way back to him... Has her quest come to an end? What will happen when the one thing he though he lost forever walks back into his life?

  • Destiny Defined
    2.1K 120 6

    Rose Must Save the Doctor by doing the impossible! The Tardis, Rose and Others from the Doctors past come to help leading to an ending with nothing but pure love!

  • Heres To Us {A Smillan Fan Fiction}
    9.4K 376 23

    Karen was having a normal life with Matt. She then experienced some life changing surprises that would last forever.

  • Rose Tyler and the 10th Doctor
    13.1K 423 12

    The Big Bad Wolf and The Oncoming Storm are finally being reunited! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The doctor has finally come back for Rose. The human doctor is dead, killed by a weeping angel. Rose has been left alone for 5 years. One normal day, she hears that familliar wheezing sound...... She runs tow...

  • Blessing {Smillan Fanfiction}
    1K 40 2

    That small amount of ecstasy and delight of the night, the tingling heat of two bodies entwined, the creation of something that could not be a blessing. Not at this stage in our lives. {Karen and Matt Fic.}

  • Degenerate - [A Smillan Fanfiction]
    1.2K 33 2

    Karen and Matt haven't seen each other in six months. How will they react to the inevitable change that have taken place?

  • The Fox and the Badger ~A Smillan Fanfiction~
    4.8K 150 4

    Matt Smith and Karen Gillan had always been best friends from the day they met on the set of Doctor Who, constantly cracking jokes to make each other laugh while still remaining serious for their work as actors. But is there something that they are both holding back from each other? Something that is killing them to f...

  • New You ( Doctor Who Fanfiction -- Rose/11 ) #Wattys2015
    19.7K 689 9

    "If you don't like my new body...I'm sorry, but I'll always be the Doctor." He said honestly, and her gaze fluttered onto his. "And the Doctor will always love Rose Tyler." The Eleventh Doctor is faced with Rose, who at first struggles to accept him.

  • My Two Hearts (A Rose Tyler and Eleven fanfic)
    10.7K 340 9

    Rose Tyler and the Doctor flying around in the TARDIS once more! Traveling the universes and seeing the stars, but not without a heavy cost. After the bio human meta crisis brutal murder at the Masters hands its up to the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor to save Rose. But can the Doctor do more than just save Rose a...

  • One last trip?
    3.1K 116 3

    Rose Tyler and The Doctor that's how it used to be. Him and her. Forever. But it went wrong, they lost each other through parallel universes. But what happens when Rose comes back and discovers The Doctor isn't the same man he was before. How about one last trip?

  • Bad Wolf: Return Of Gallifrey
    8.4K 361 10

    The Defender of Earth, Rose took the name and used it with pride. Of course when Rose lands herself right smack in front of the Gallifreian high Council. What will happen, is this they key to getting back to the doctor? Read and find out! 10 & Rose later chapters!

  • Doctor & Rose and the Miracle
    3K 52 16

    Rose was left on the beach and now has a painfully life in the parallel world. She needs to find the Doctor as he is going to be the dad. Will she find him? Will she be able to have forever with him or is it going to be a deserter? The main characters belong to the BBC.

  • Waking Up To Be Mr. Tyler (Paused)
    1.1K 56 5

    The Doctor wakes up one day to find that his life on the TARDIS has completely vanished. He lives a human life under the name John Tyler-Smith and is married to Rose Tyler. As he tries to find out what happened, he finds himself slipping into domesticity and begins to wonder, would a domestic life with Rose Tyler be t...

  • Life With Rose Tyler
    1.2K 23 1

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