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  • You're Early [ManxBoy]
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    "I'm back bitches!!!" I used to be late to his class all the time back then. I'd love to see the fire behind his green eyes whenever they landed on me. And when he said those two words that lit me up like a pack of fireworks, I did everything in my will to get him. Now that I've got him, I'm never letting him go. "Mr...

    Completed   Mature
  • You're Late [ManxBoy]
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    He isn't strict But he isn't easy He gives every student in his class one rule to follow, and one rule only Don't be late to his class Now, let's see who'll follow the rule and who'll disobey it once class is in session And what happens once that one student disobeys his rule? That's what he's dying to find out himself

    Completed   Mature