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  • One love .... Two love
    1.9K 270 19

    Love is not a sin yet it is no virtue. Love hurts yet it is a pleasure. One true love exists....then what do we call other ones? If it ain't one love....its two love. Story includes a confused reader who makes nothing but stupid choices in her life thus leading her to be misunderstood a lot of times. She thinks its ju...

  • The Seven Wonders | BTS
    2.8M 137K 110

    "An evil force has risen. In order to defeat it, you must find and gather the seven wonders." **** » WINNER of BEST FAN FICTION under THE FICTION AWARDS 2017 » Korean boy group BTS (Bulletproof Boy scouts/Bangtan Boys/Beyond The Scene) fan fiction » Highest Rankings: #4 Fanfiction (5/8/18) #1 in Bangtan s...

  • trouble ➳ bangtan boys
    3.2M 132K 73

    ❝ Stay away from those boys, Violet; they're nothing but trouble. ❞ #28 in fanfiction!!

  • the boy with the white headphones
    35.5K 1.6K 25

    You are a bored high school student who just wants to perform. Shying away from social events is your daily life, and it was boring, but you refused to distract yourself. When Kim Taehyung, whom was also an aspiring idol, comes into your life, you find yourself opening up. However, what happens when you feel everythin...

  • My Arranged Marriage With Kim Taehyung Book 3
    127K 3K 40

    "I will always love you, Oh Hana" © All Rights Reserved Written by AhnMira in 2016.

  • Tease (Dark & Wild Series III)
    48.5K 2.1K 45

    "Angels and Demons, is there really a difference? The Devil didn't come from hell... He fell from the sky." When V left, Charity wasn't sure how to feel. She figured it was for the best, considering he always kept her in the dark anyways and brought nothing but trouble into her life. But she couldn't ignore the pain t...

    Completed   Mature
  • CRAVE (Dark & Wild Series Book II)
    37.6K 1.3K 22

    "I wanted her for my own. And little did I know, that act brought me a one-way ticket to hell... and I fell." Charity lived the hard life the hard way. Orphaned at a young age, she did things on her own terms. Be it paying the bills, her schooling, and simply living in general. Charity was strong, independent, and wa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Vengeance (Dark & Wild Series Book I)
    11.7K 494 5

    "They say revenge is sweet... Well for me? It's simply a bullet in the head." Sam thinks there is something strange about the new kid. She couldn't exactly pinpoint it but everyone around her seems to label him as one thing: Danger: Keep out. But that didn't stop her from getting to know the boy, who turns out to be n...

  • Save You
    60.6K 3.2K 30

    Jungkook was eight when he started seeing the numbers.

  • Perfect Picture || JEON JUNGKOOK
    522K 20.1K 58

    "Others see your love for each other. But do they see the colorful love you have for her? Your special love towards her. That no one else will feel. Except you." CREDITS TO THE TALENTED ARTISTS WHO DREW THE DRAWINGS IN THIS BOOK!!!! Start: 4/8/16 End: 1/10/17

  • The Heart Wants What It Wants { jungkook bts you fanfiction }
    46.9K 1.5K 10

    { jungkook fanfic } you won't regret reading this story because I will make you fall in love with Jeon Jungkook

  • Lost Stars
    266K 5.8K 32

    "You got hurt once. How stupid are you to go through it again?" Jane Lou's life turned out better than she thought it would. She made it into the music business, got a career going for her, and was even nominated in the Grammy's for Best New Artist. She's taking the world by storm, and there's simply no stopping her...

  • A Secret Dance (Junkook x reader)
    25.4K 615 28

    First fanfic so don't judge. When a street dancer meets her idol in the states a lot can happen. People can fall in love. Fights can start. And trust may fall weak.

  • Dont lie to me pt.2 (Jungkook x Reader)
    486K 20.2K 36

    A sequel to the story ''Dont lie to me'' i recommend reading the first book before reading this one. A promise Jungkook made to you was that he would never lie to you. But something made the table turn in a unpleasant way, making you keep a big secret from him........ Cover made by: @GoldenMaknae_21

  • Jungkella (Jungkook x Reader)
    77.9K 3.2K 18

    (Jungkook as Cinderella fanfic) Jungkook is the youngest of three brothers, and he is often overlooked despite his handsome features. His biological mother died when he was only five, and his father Kim Namjoon remarried a single mother named Kim Seokjin, who had been taking care of two boys on her own. When Namjoon p...

  • New Faces (Jungkook x Reader x Taehyung)
    118K 3.2K 21

    "Can't I just have you alone for one goddamn minute!" Yells both Jungkook and Taehyung making you cry Credit to @MariaFA for the cover! If you would like to make a cover for me that be awesome!

  • 안녕 안녕 말하지 마 (Jeon Jungkook x Reader) {Completed}
    73K 2K 21

    You're Rap Monster's little sister by two years. You're 18 and your brother asks you to help out in one of their videos since the actress quit. You immediately said yes, since you never see your brother. You get there and the rest of BTS welcomes you. What happens when the innocent maknae, Jungkook, catches your eye...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dont lie to me (Jungkook x Reader)
    529K 19.9K 13

    -Short story- All your life you have been growing with lies. Your parents never showed you any love, they gave you more the impression that you were a burden to them. They lived abroad for work and left you in Korea with your aunt. They said it was best to let you stay there cause they didnt wanted you to quit school...

  • He's Not From Here (BTS Taehyung X Reader)
    65.2K 3.3K 20

    SLOW UPDATES "Hey! Don't you know not to do that in the middle of the sidewalk?!" You say, hurriedly pulling this weird young man up to stand. By this point, although most just ignored you and him in the middle of the sidewalk, some people glanced at the two of you and glared. You were starting to get agitated with a...

  • 10/11 Motionless || ✔️
    60.2K 2.5K 23

    Would it be like a fantasy Would I forget you I'm afraid ©LadyKimTae Started: 09/14/16 Completed: 1/29/17 ** Book 9 of BTS Break up series >> check out my bio to see order of books - •• AWARDS •• - 1st place in Teal & Silver Bangtan awards 2018

    Completed   Mature
  • Is This Destiny? ||《Min Yoongi X Reader》
    546K 14.2K 22

    One day you were finally going to the concert of your favorite K-pop group BTS, and most of all you would meet your bias Suga. But who knew that it would turn out like this? Is this what they call destiny?

  • ❤ BTS × READER ❤
    33.1K 794 5

    You were back to korea for your holiday vacation . You were studying in the US for about 3 years . When you came back, you decided to explore around myeongdong as it was so long ever since you went there . While exploring you found a suspicious person . You decided to help him and while helping him , you found out tha...

  • Falling For Him | Kim Taehyung X Reader #Wattys2016
    90.3K 4.2K 27

    A Kim Taehyung FanFanfiction. "We are destined to be together," he smiled. "Maybe so," Fanfiction written by: alien94_xo Editor: datsmexymaknae95

  • Pretty Boy || Kim Taehyung X Reader
    99.7K 3.7K 10

    "Come outside, bring your parent's car." "What? We haven't talked in months, what's gotten into you?" "That's not what's important right now. Just get the car and meet me outside. We're going far, far away. Together."

  • Lies || Book 1
    202K 5.2K 30

    Kim Taehyung, don't give me LIES.

  • You and Me [Kim Taehyung x Reader] Book 1
    795K 26K 34

    "Oh yeah! I forgot to mention, you both need to find a way to survive in there. It's not like there is a bowl of soup waiting for you out in the open, nor weapons to fight off any creatures... Who am I kidding, what kinds of creatures would be lurking in the forest?"

  • Why do I still love you? (RM x Reader)
    80.4K 2.9K 29

    DISCONTINUED- DM ME IF YOU WANT TO OWN THE BOOK (Y/N) moves to Korea to follow her dream of becoming a make-up artist. She was chosen to work for bighit entertainment, a major record company. She is introduced to a familiar face she hoped she would never have to see again and unfortunately has to work for his band. Wi...

  • Me? A Kpop Idol?[COMPLETE]][BOOK 1][EDITING]
    1.8M 47.6K 67

    A talented young adult girl. But being an idol wasn't her dream due to some reason. But what will she do if the two biggest boy bands fall in love with her? Will they change her world to becoming an idol? NEW EDIT: Started: November 27, 2019 All Rights Reserved. Copyright. 20 December/21 June 2016 © Jihye_1a #Wattys...

  • Protecting Her || Kim Taehyung ||
    2.3M 93.4K 44

    Yoon Eunjae's life had never been safe. It's as if her life is cursed or something. Ever since her 10th birthday, many bad things started to happened to her. Well, most probably because she is an heiress and the daughter of Yoon Jaehyun. One of Korea's biggest Tourism Company's CEO. When she was 12 years old...

    Completed   Mature
  • In Secret
    69K 3.1K 21

    Never show your true identity. That was something Seulbi repeated to herself every morning. Don't let them know what you really are unless you want to end up dead. ------------------------------------------- Park Seulbi, a girl who kept her and her secret to herself, not wanting to interact much with anybody and co...