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  • Chaos
    2 1 1

    C h a o s isn't a man to be played with, unless you're playing one of his games. With the attitude of a psycho and the appearance of a god, he really does live up to his name. This is the story of C h a o s.

  • The Death of Lennox Parker
    4 3 2

    Lennox Parker was peculiar, more than most. It seemed the most weirdest things happened around her, and no one could explain why. Maybe it was because she had woken up in a hospital and no one knew who she was? Or maybe it was just her, and her weird personality. Whatever it was keeps getting her into trouble, and not...

  • Her
    8 4 2

    She gasped for air as the arrow tore through her chest. Her eyes go wide as she looks down at the black arrow sticking out of her chest. Lefu's arrow. An arrow of Death. At that moment she knew, that she wouldn't come out of this alive. She looses control of her own body as it falls to the ground, her body going compl...

  • King Exzen
    11 4 2

    He is known for his dark Kingdom. For his dark territory. No one dared to cross it, in fear of their life. Imagine his surprise when his mate comes running into his life. Literally.

  • Dark and Light
    3 2 1

    Dark was a man that was bored of life, Light was a girl taken from life. Things aren't what they seem, and that makes things interesting. 500 word story in celebration of the new t.v show on Hulu, Looking For Alaska by John Green.

  • Silenced
    11 2 1

    If you are reading this, I am dead.

  • Flower
    2 1 1

    A flower in a vase of terrors.

  • Addalynn
    6 3 2

    Addalynn's hands trembled as she picked up the sword. Sweat poured down her face at the thought of fighting this huge beast. Her voice held no tremble as she spoke up. "If I fight you, I can't say I won't kill you." She calls out to the beast. The beast roared in rage and black dots clouded Addalynn's vision. The beas...

  • Dara
    6 2 1

    The story of an innocent girl stumbling into a fantasy world.

  • Aylo Blyth
    13 4 2

    Aylo Adea Blythe is a female to be reckoned with. A female who single handedly decrowned the Werewolf King. A female who clawed her way to the top. A female with a curse.

  • Zinx
    4 2 1

    A mage in a world of werewolf's.

  • Fayette
    2 2 2

    Fayette was always alone, until she wasn't anymore.

  • Del
    11 2 2

    When a girl wakes up with no recollection of who she is, she is determined to figure out why. Running into the Warriors of Mociart, she soon realizes things are best left unsaid. With bittersweet memories coming back to play and betrayals from the people she trusts the most, she starts to wonder what is real and what...