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  • Break-up Blues [n.h. short story]
    545 31 1

    Where Niall breaks-up with Raevyn and she tries to figure out why.

  • Wish [Harry] On Hold
    177K 11K 27

    [ONGOING] A story about a creative girl who finds all her dreams coming true after wishing on a star - including the love of her life beginning to take an in interest in her. Copyright © 2015 mesmereyes All Rights Reserved [Cover made by: Myself]

  • Eastwood Castle (Harry Styles AU)
    20.5K 937 3

    It is said a beast of a man lives in those there woods. He might not have the fur and the claws like one, but do not be fooled by his winding curls or tantalizing green eyes. For you see, those green eyes are full of yearning; the desire to enrapture you in a world of money, fantasy, and lust. And when an enticed twe...

  • Alien [Louis]
    250K 19.2K 59

    [COMPLETED ✓] A story about an adventurous girl and a lost alien who needs her help to get back home. Copyright © 2015 mesmereyes All Rights Reserved [Cover by: Myself]

  • Ready To Run // h.s
    3.3M 169K 49

    "This time I'm ready to run, escape from the city and follow the sun." "Well, I should probably get going." He said. "Me too." She hummed along in agreement. "Where are you off to?" "I'm going on a road trip." He grinned. "And you?" "My wedding." © Copyright 2017. All rights reserved. This material may not b...

  • Sorcery (Louis Tomlinson)
    775K 47.7K 60

    She found him in the middle of a forest. He exposed her to a world she never imagined. Their lives will never be the same again.

  • The Replica // l.t.
    30.6K 1.8K 21

    Sometimes, a wish can be a beacon of hope, a light in a dark tunnel. For Jaime Butler, it is exactly that. A wish upon a star results in a replica of a popular boyband member Louis Tomlinson, and unfortunately, there's no return address. He's there for the holidays and is determined to fulfill Jaime's wish. ** USED...

  • Breaking Vows • LT
    93.9K 5.7K 32

    Only a year left from being ordained as priest, Louis Tomlinson is sent to an orphanage in the Philippines, more than 6 thousand miles away from Doncaster. He warms up to the children and the people in the small town, and he finds purpose in the foreign land -- that is, until he meets the woman who will make him quest...

  • Rewind
    1.1M 53.5K 51

    What if you had a chance to go back? A second chance to do all the things you wanted to do but you were too afraid to try, a new opportunity to live your life how you want to or to mend all those mistakes. You could have friends. Spend time with your family. Go to Jane’s party! Learn to drive a motorbike. Maybe even f...

  • Brave Bold Belle (ft. Liam Payne)
    2.7M 131K 45

    I've always been a different kind of girl. That girl whose best friends were books but never kids her age, and who was too smart for her own sake but who would never let some step on her. My father is a dreamer, someone who aims too high and I love him very dearly, but sometimes he gets himself in problems... and dr...

  • Techie (Niall Horan AU)
    25.1K 1.6K 3

    "I don't really mind being in the background." Niall Horan is used to being ignored. It happens all the time with his good friend Harry, aka Ace, infamous vigilante of New York. Niall is Harry's techie, designing and building all of his weapons and helping him track and get information on his enemies, but never really...

  • Bound to Happen • HS
    127K 4.7K 8

    Based on 1D's new Stockholm Syndrome. Harry's world is turned upside down when he wakes up bound and blindfolded somewhere. He doesn't know who she is, but deep inside, he knows she's what he needs. A mini-series dedicated to whammystyles for her upcoming birthday! Love you, C! Disclaimer: All lyrics to the song Sto...

  • Impeccable (Zayn Malik AU)
    775K 36.5K 39

    "Skin like porcelain, hair silky and long, manners be perfect, or you'll surely be gone." (cover by moonxriver)

  • Lucifer [Louis]
    756K 37.9K 29

    [COMPLETED ✓] A story about a dying girl and a devilish boy who must work together to ensure her survival. Copyright © 2014 mesmereyes All Rights Reserved [Cover by: Myself]

  • I, Spy [Zayn]
    159K 9.2K 14

    [COMPLETED ✓] A story about a girl on her way home when her journey is unexpectedly jeopardised by a group of spies. Copyright © 2014 mesmereyes All Rights Reserved [Cover made by: @moonxriver]

  • Incomprehensible [Zayn]
    3.4M 80.7K 58

    [COMPLETED ✓] A story about an immortal boy who has forgotten how to love and an innocent girl who helps him to remember. Copyright © 2012 mesmereyes All Rights Reserved [Cover made by: Myself]

    Completed   Mature
  • Aesthetics ➳ z.m. au
    8M 236K 49

    Blank [blangk] adj., having no marks Zayn [z\ain\] n., the boy with coffee colored irises In which he adds words to his vocabulary, and she adds ink to her skin. ✖ all rights reserved 2013 © cathartics completed 04 04 17

  • Bitter & Sassy (Louis Tomlinson)
    6.7M 209K 41

    {book 4} - ❝ All women are the same. One day they say they love you, that they are gonna be with you forever; the next they meet someone else, someone who can be with them when they need it, someone who shares their world. And then they tell you “but we can still be friends.” Yeah, you know what I think of that? Fuck...

  • Enhance
    6.2M 177K 41

    She just wants to be a sport journalist. She is always interviewing the best players in our Uni and sometimes she ends up dating them, but they always break her sweet heart. I would never do that, but she would never interview me even less date me because I'm just a regular football player in the team. I'm not th...

  • Little Shy Ariel (ft. Harry Styles)
    11.8M 294K 45

    I was named after the little mermaid, thought to be strong and brave. A name worthy of a princess, my mum used to say. But I didn't trade my voice for the handsome prince; I just never had it. I've always been the shy youngest sister, too afraid to raise her voice and make herself heard. I don't have the tail and...