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  • The Recall
    96 7 1

    Alice have a new neighbor but she haven't seeing them from three months ago, but suddenly something bad happen to her with one tragedy to another..

  • Just One Day - Jeong Hoseok
    1.3K 127 21

    She is the cutest girl i've ever met, she always smiling even i know she's in pain. God..just give me one more day to be with her, i'll give my best to make her happy.

  • Texting A Psycho || Suga FF
    35.6K 1.4K 12

    Winner as a Wildcard in the 21st Century BTS Awards Me: what do you mean? You texted earlier. Who are you? Patient 1: sorry but they told me to get you! Patient 2: yeah, me too. We will find you. Patient 3: we will kill you. Started: 06/24/17 Finished: 05/0717 All copyrights reserved. The pictures are not mine, credi...

  • Switch (editing)
    2.8K 488 20

    BTS FF You switched bodies with your competition, your ex comes back and now you need to go back to your body but what if a psycho started to kill other people and you're the cause of this. Started: 06/08/17 Finished: 05/07/17 All Rights Reserved. I do not own these picutres, credits to the owners. Book Cover is made...

  • Girl In The Mirror House (editing)
    12.2K 1.8K 20

    1st Place In The Blue Awards. 2nd Place In The Bangtan Awards 2017 3rd Place In 21st Century BTS Awards You entered a room. You live there now but something strange keeps on happening. You heard whispers then you see shadows. This is the story of the person called Y/N and she used to live in the Mirror House, where m...

  • Made By A Dress || Namjoon FF
    4.6K 230 13

    Winner in BST awards in the Rapmon Category. BTS Namjoon FF short story. He was sad and because he cried on a dress, the dress made a girl. You are that girl. You are the girl in the dress and you were made by a dress. Your mission, protect him. Make him happy but when he cries again, you disappear. Started: 07/05/17...

  • The Forbidden Love | 금단의 사랑 | j.j.k. (Completed)
    168K 8.3K 76

    First Prize in The Mic Drop Awards (jk category)💯 First prize in The BangtanAwards (jk category)🔥 Second place in Bts Piped Piper Awards( jk category)💕 Third prize in Bapsae Awards (jk category)💞 Third prize in The BTS Awards (jk category)✈ ------------------------------------------------------------- "It's bad...

  • Can't Move (editing)
    2.1K 340 20

    Completed BTS FF .By day, a mannequin but by night, a human. You are on a quest to find a cure to be human forever but through this journey you learn that the cure they give you is impossible to do. And there is a penalty too. Finished: 06/08/17 Started: 05/01/17 All Rights Reserved. I dont not own these picutres, cre...

  • love, anonymous
    133K 8.5K 42

    "Did you see the latest chapter of that webtoon?" "Which one? You know I read a lot of them." "The one that recently became popular - In My Dreams." ♧♧♧ Cover by @SugawiththatTae ♡

  • foresee
    1.1K 85 7

    how hard is it to get out of the friendzone? angst 💦 cover by @SugaWithThatTae !!

    3.1K 159 2

    Why is love so complicated ??💓💓 What happens when the person you love , has finally decided to move on from you?? Can you win their love back? A jikook oneshot. Contains: Confused but manly Jungkook💪 Angelic Jimin👼 Fluff (teeth rotting sweetness)💓 Bit of angst ..(very little) A bit of kaimin.. Awards: 3rd place...

    7.6K 603 7

    ◆【"нуυиg ι ℓσνє чσu mσrє thαn αll thє вítѕ cσmвínєd ín αnч cσmputєr" ✨A story where Jungkook and Jimin are engineering students and huge computer nerds and Jungkook confesses to Jimin through a computer program ...✨】◆ A Jikook Short story Contains: Fluff ( a very unhealthy amount of it)☁ Terms related to c programming...