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  • My lemon book {requests are open}
    27.7K 259 15

    Pure lemons I'll take requests. I will do Yuri, Yaoi straight, DP and threesomes pretty much everything.

  • Poisonous Love
    15.6K 328 3

    This is an idea that I thought about while I was searching for Sesshomaru x reader lemons. There weren't enough so I wrote my own. LEMON!!! Which means sexual themes. You have been warned

  • The Weapon and Mister
    876 50 22

    this is my first one sooo hope you like. this is a soul eater fan fic with a X reader and may have a lemon later on in to it. Don't own soul eater or you Or the person you base your weapon on.

  • Rebellion is Undead
    246 19 17

    This is the sequel to my story, The Mysterious Shadows! Hope you guys like it! This takes place right after the last chapter ended. The story name has nothing to do with the character. If you haven't read the first part, please do!

  • The Mysterious Shadows
    2.1K 88 38

    What happens when misunderstood princess Ashley gets kidnapped and taken into an alternate universe by F.E.A.R.? Will she escape? Will her 4 other sisters share the same fate?

  • Andy Biersack x reader Book 2
    32.8K 1.4K 13

    This is the second book to my first Andy x reader if you haven't read my first one you wont know this story will have love, drama sex and maybe some fight scenes im going to try and make this story different from the first. enjoy

  • Andy Biersack x reader
    299K 7.4K 25

    Edit: This story is going though a little upgrade, I wrote this a long time ago when my grammar wasn't too good so I'm currently fixing that, apologies) This is my first fanfiction. Its an Andy x reader with alot lemon so sorry if its rubbish. (in this fanfic you're Jinxx's little sister, this fanfic is obviously fo...