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  • A Loophole (Percabeth Selection)
    1.1M 31.7K 62

    The Selection. A once in a lifetime chance to come to the palace, meet and fall in love with the handsome Prince Perseus Jackson. Or in Annabeth's eyes, the chance to possibly, maybe, fall in love with her best friend. She found a loophole, and because of that loophole she's caught up in the world of dating, jealousy...

  • The Nevermore Princess (Book #2 in the Peanut Butter Fingerprints series)
    26.9K 931 36

    A life of murder is all nineteen-year-old Raven has known. A successful assassin living in Illéa, Raven finds her wings growing too big for her cage as she comes of age. Wanting to break free and fly, Raven accepts her most daunting mission yet in hopes that her father, doubling as her boss, will free her. Her missi...

  • Ignited || John Laurens .1
    55.7K 2.7K 41

    » When he was ten his father split, Full of it, debt ridden « Alexander Hamilton, founding father, grew up without a father. But he grew up without something else too. His sibling. When he was ten and his father departed, he took Alexander's twin with him. Alexander hasn't seen either of them ever since. He doubts the...

    Completed   Mature
  • IRON DAUGHTER ▹ stark ✓
    1.1M 41.3K 35

    Every family has demons, but none of them seem to scream as loudly as they do in the Stark family. Tony Stark is known for many things; a father being one of them. Before he was Iron Man, before he was the CEO of Stark Industries, before he was an orphan, he was just a twenty year old kid who found out he had a d...

  • We'll Write Our Way Out
    22.3K 824 40

    Alessia is Alexander Hamiltons older sister by two years and, just like Alexander, has a talent for writing. As a woman, she can't do much. She continues her life as herself, a normal woman, trying to deal with everyday struggles, but when she writes, she writes under a pseudonym, as she knew that otherwise her writin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nearly Morning {A Captain America Story}
    299K 7K 37

    A story of how Captain America finds his daughter. Or rather, how she finds him.

  • Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away [Solangelo]
    479K 15.3K 30

    Nico di Angelo- The child of Hades. He was a depressed ball of rage wherever he went. He preferred spending his time in his cabin, alone. He would often forget to take care of himself such as go outside to eat. Nobody would ever like him. Or so he thought... Will Solace- The child of Apollo. Basically a dream. He lift...

  • Recovering (A Percy Jackson Fanfiction)
    296K 6.2K 39

    What will happen when Percy Jackson is put in a coma? Will he pull through? Or has his luck finally run out? What will happen to Annabeth if he doesn't make it? What will happen to Percy if he does? Read to find out. Highest Ranking #1 in Percabeth 1/5/19 WARNING: This is UNEDITED and written when I was like 12-13...

  • One and Only (LAMS)
    294K 10.5K 33

    Another basic modern college au sorry Literally stereotypical to every college au fic u read (yes there is a storm chapter) with a FEW plot twists bc you know meee ;) When Alexander Hamilton accepts a scholarship into King's College he meets an amazing new group of friends, in doing so also finding the one and only, J...

  • Flatmates - Solangelo AU
    334K 11.6K 28

    Nico di Angelo is a forensic pathologist, well, training to be one. He spends his days examining dead bodies and learning how they died. Pretty cool, right? Will Solace is training to be a nurse. His goal is to prevent as many bodies from needing to be examined as possible. He wanted to save people. When these two mov...

  • Groff-Miranda/Miranda-Groff
    20.4K 989 56

    { COMPLETED } Cecilia Rodriguez is just done with life. An orphan since her infancy, her small town in Massachusetts payed to foster her and get her an education, until August of 2015, when she asked her town to get her to New York for her sixteenth birthday. Well, she got there, but she never got back to Massachusett...

  • The Addition (The Selection)
    180K 3.3K 22

    Book 1 in this series. America and Maxon have been married for two years. America loves getting to wake up next to the love of her life. But she isn't as happy with her current life as she thought she would. What happens when she decides that she's ready for child? Thank you -nini- for all the help with editing! I ac...

  • Misfortune ( Lin Manuel Miranda )
    38.2K 1.2K 16

    Lin Manuel Miranda, one of the most gifted, talented, and brilliant men the world has ever seen. While the success of his Broadway hit Hamilton continues to rise to the top, Lin never could've predicted his life would turn into a nightmare.

  • Peanut Butter Fingerprints
    202K 3.5K 47

    It's been five years since America Singer won the heart of Prince Maxon Schreave in the Selection. Now Queen of Illèa, America struggles with balancing her royal life and family life. When forced to choose between love and loyalty, America wonders if the price of freedom is really worth the pain, suffering, and heartb...

  • The Princess (The Selection)
    255K 7.7K 59

    Book 2 in this series. (See below) Celia Ann Shreave is the daughter of Maxon and America. She just turned 18 and has to marry in order to keep the crown. What happens when she hosts her own Selection, making her the first female to ever host their own? Will she find love in one of these men? Or will it turn out to b...

  • Innocent (Lams prison au)
    200K 10.1K 38

    John Laurens, charged with man-slaughter, dangerous driving causing death and driving under the influence. Sentence: 11 years Time Served: 1 year Marquis de Lafayette and Hercules Mulligan, charged with intentionally causing serious injury and possession of drugs while incarcerated. Sentence: 12 years Time...