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  • Crossfire (A Skyrim Fan Fiction)
    2.5K 124 7

    I, Kisvar, have escaped Apocrypha after being trapped there following the events of the Siege of Whiterun. That battle ended in a victory for the Stormcloaks and, for now, the Imperials have been once more driven from Skyrim, but another war is brewing- one that will be fought in the shadows. Relations between the T...

  • unbound ❧ skyrim
    1.2K 104 7

    ❛ beasts can only last in a cage for so long. ❜ ( based off of tes v: skyrim ) ( multiple relationships ) ( mature content! )

  • queen wolf | a skyrim fanfiction
    879 67 10

    It's a warm spring night, and everything is red, red, red. Svenja has had a rough start to life, and it seems like the world isn't quite done with her. When she's bitten by a werewolf, she's sure her life has just become worse. What she never imagines is that it could become infinitely better. But first, she has to w...

  • Arch-Mage (Arch-Mage Trilogy, #1)
    64.2K 4.2K 67

    *A tale set in the world of Skyrim* *The first in the Arch-Mage Trilogy* The Dragonborn has disappeared. Alduin has yet to be destroyed. Rowlen Mabierre, a Breton, joins the College of Winterhold in the hopes of becoming powerful enough to do what the Dragonborn did not. However, his ultimate goal is tossed aside when...

  • Victory or Sovngarde
    22.1K 1.8K 45

    Book Three of the Honor and Glory Trilogy Six years after defeating Miraak and saving the entire world for the second time, Ylva Sky-Shatterer finds herself in the middle of a new kind of adventure: motherhood. Her twin children, a boy and a girl named Jergen and Embla, keep her on her toes. They've already proven the...

  • The Assassins of Skyrim |Skyrim Fanfiction|
    2.2K 159 23

    UNFINISHED This story is Assassin's Creed and Skyrim... sort of. It's told from the point of view of Rapier, a Khajiit that is part of the Dark Brotherhood, and her companion Kharjo, also part of the Dark Brotherhood. I include my favorite assassin. Drum roooollllllll, Archer Tamilo Cormac! I bet you're not surprised...

  • Mage Hunter - Skyrim
    449 25 3

    Following the tragedy and chaos that occurred during the great war, Rhulacen crosses the border from Cyrrodil into Skyrim, hoping to escape the ruined province and the painful memories of his past. Now he intends to continue with his life and earn a living, doing what he does best; hunting renegade wizards. But when...

  • The World-Eater // Skyrim Fanfiction
    11.3K 606 19

    "None of us will get we want."

  • Split Loyalties [A Skyrim Fanfic]
    500 57 5

    -on hold- (I had a description, but somehow it was deleted. I'll write in back in soon. I do not own Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series, only what I create.)

  • Honor and Glory
    77K 4.4K 32

    Book One of the Honor and Glory Trilogy After training for over a year to fulfill her destiny as Dragonborn and defeat Alduin, Ylva knew she would need a challenge. Joining the Companions in Whiterun seemed like the only guild she could ever call home. But she still doesn't feel quite settled. None of the Companions k...

  • Nirn's Finest [Elder Scrolls One-Shots]
    1.8K 116 9

    A collection of stories ranging from completely original works to back stories of already existing characters to what-if's. And maaaaybe some ships (and goats? :D) Everything will be based off The Elder Scrolls (probably more Skyrim than anything else, but still), and suggestions and criticisms are welcome!! Disclaime...

  • Cloaked in Storm
    887 112 8

    "You seem awfully melancholy, ma'am. May I ask what's ailing you?" He is sincere in his words, but I know he's just asking to be polite. "Aye, the better question is what isn't troubling me," I mutter gloomily. Before the kind Bosmer can respond, his rude Nordic friend interrupts. "You look like you just crawled out...

  • Dusk's Journey [A Skyrim Fanfic]
    11.6K 1K 25

    Dusk lived a normal life in Solitude with her family, but she had always suspected something was off. She wasn't like the other Dark Elves, and was particularly good at thieving. Then she became an adult, and her parents gave her a journal instructing her to travel around Skyrim in search of her birth parents. But as...

  • Of Daggers and Bows - Skyrim
    1.2K 70 3

    A book filled with the unwritten stories of the people of Skyrim. (probably will be one chapter long one-shots.)

  • Stormcloaks[✓]
    7.6K 568 1

    The aftermath of the Great War has left Tamriel in shambles and its citizens divided. A war is rising in Skyrim and it is up to the heiress of Eastmarch to settle the score between the Stormcloaks and the Imperials. Anodyne Stormcloak recruits her allies to fight the scourge of Thalmor that are closing in and infring...

    Completed   Mature
  • But I'm a Black-Briar! (A Skyrim Fan Fiction)
    39.9K 2.1K 44

    Being Maven Black-Briar's granddaughter, Mira has never really wanted for anything. The Black-Briars are the most respected family in Riften and their reach extends to most of the other Holds throughout Skyrim as well. No one will dare hurt Mira's feelings or deny her anything she wants, because if they do, Maven wi...

  • Not Alone (A Skyrim Fanfiction)
    117K 3.6K 46

    I, Kisvar, the only known Dragonborn, have defeated Alduin in Sovngarde. I joined the side of the Stormcloaks in the Civil War, and the Empire is subdued once and for all. Skyrim is at peace, and I am renowned across the Nine Holds. You might think my life has slowed down some now, right? That I'm taking a well-ear...

  • Slayer // Skyrim Fanfiction
    19.6K 1.2K 13

    "Nowhere. I lost everything. It's all in the ruins - probably burnt up, anyway." [Content warning - contains mentions and scenes of torture, mentions of death, character deaths and a reference to what could be interpreted as self harm] [no longer updating]

  • Insurgent // Skyrim Fanfiction
    82.2K 4.6K 33

    "I never told you about the bear, did I?" I said. "What bear?" "The one that gave me my first scars." [content warning - violence, character deaths, animal death and a suicide attempt]