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  • Fight The Night - A Toru Yamashita FanFiction
    5.5K 136 21

    Laura, introverted makeup artist, and Toru, guitarist for japanese rock band One Ok Rock, have been dating for about 9 months. Since Toru has to travel a lot for his job and Laura has to stay in Tokyo due to her job, they don't see each other a lot. The relationship starts to make Laura very unhappy because she alway...

  • One Ok Rock Oneshots
    5.7K 94 6

    Various One Ok Rock Oneshots.

  • Drag Me To Hell ▪ Takahiro Moriuchi
    1.3K 44 9

    My story small descriptions are in Chapter 000

    21.7K 380 76


  • Dear 10969 Frontman | Taka Moriuchi FF √
    23.4K 1.3K 38

    The title says it all. This story features the ONE OK ROCK frontman Takahiro Moriuchi. The situation: Winter loves the band ONE OK ROCK, especially the frontman Taka, thanks to her best friend Ellie who introduced the band to her. She sends him a message everyday using her journal because it's impossible to meet him...

  • Fate |Toru Yamashita Fanfic|
    9.8K 416 17

    Do you believe in fate? Do you ever wonder what will happened to you in the future? A fanfic about the sexiest man alive, Toru Yamashita🔥😂 May contain some typical fangirling scene, and maybe some grammatical error😂😂 sorry in advance🙇🏻‍♀️

  • Moriuchi Frontmen
    4.5K 140 14

    Her first love cheated on her. Her parents were never there for her when she most needed them, and she was merely a punching bag for them whenever they were mad. Y/n's band, the Fuming Stones, joins Warped Tour and she meets Taka from One Ok Rock as they both form a relationship, soon becoming more than just ordinary...

  • Band oneshots | OOR | Crossfaith
    10.1K 199 19