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  • A Man Can Change - A Draco/Hermione Story
    2.7M 44K 48

    Pesky Death Eaters and Horcrux hunting changed Hermione's plans for her 7th year dramatically, but after the defeat of the Dark Lord and the take down of most of his followers, Hermione and her friends decide to play out their 7th year as it should have been, and to have a year free of drama. This is also the same pla...

  • Vanilla
    5.3M 153K 30

    "Not just a flavour, but a way of life." When seventeen-year-old Flo Kennedy is forced to up sticks and trade her life in London for a sleepy seaside town on the south coast, she's anything but excited. Walden-on-Sea could win awards for being Britain's dullest town, and with a population consisting almost entirely o...

  • Lovers or Friends Series {Samples Only}
    5.1M 70.8K 27

    Sample of Zeke & Sydney: Lovers or Friends Sample of Cuddy Buddy Sample of Wifey Sample of Wifey 2 Full books are available on Amazon

    Completed   Mature
  • The Stalkers' Guide To Roadtrips
    62.4K 4.4K 41

    road-trip (verb) - Make a journey by car, bus, etc. they road-tripped from Turin to Lisbon stalk (verb) - harass or persecute (someone) with unwanted and obsessive attention they stalked the band across the continent --------------------------------------------------- So maybe they shouldn't go on a roadtri...

  • Only in London
    8.2K 460 39

    Her first time in London, with her relatives, and her cousin's best friend who seems to enjoy endlessly annoying her - what could possibly go wrong? Many things apparently. Mikayla Jones never thought that the 3 weeks in London would be a roller coaster of emotions..a ride that she wasn't prepared for. 21 days of dram...

  • Meet the Baxtards
    216K 961 4

    The family burns basics. Trashes tropes. Their daughter isn't out for blood. She's out for the person who started the cliche that ended her. ✯ ✯ ✯ "Even though I dip your toothbrush in the toilet bowl, excessively steal your clothes, purposefully annoy the hell out of you, and wish at every 11:11 that you'd be in a...

  • The Invincible Summer of Juniper Jones
    663K 30.5K 27

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION In 1955, mixed-race Ethan Harper leaves his progressive hometown for a summer in Alabama where he's not welcome, except by resident free spirit, Juniper Jones. ***** After getting himself into a bout of trouble, 16-year-ol...

  • My Name is Raquel [Editing From Scratch]
    54.2K 3.3K 12

    A girl that lived her entire life in Switzerland, originally Canadian, having strict and religious parents who wanted to take over her life. On her 28th birthday Raquel recalls all the incidents that had happened in her past after her 17th birthday. Flipping through her pictures that portray memories with a meaning an...

  • Stay
    4.2M 142K 59

    *NOTE: This is a fanifc. I'm currently editing this into a chic-lit fiction novel and posting it on the RADISH app. Search jhildey to read. * Evie Jones was seemingly in tact. Her life was a representation of perfection. Niall Horan was seemingly self-assured. His life a representation of indifference. On the outsi...

  • The Bucket List [Undergoing Major Editing]
    23.9M 781K 45

    A cynical and anti-social Ellie blocked herself away from people and studied non-stop ever since her mother passed away. But she wanted to change. She creates a Bucket List that will force her to change her ways and live a life she wishes she had. But she finds herself making a deal that she'd regret with the most pop...

  • Room Service
    1.8M 64.8K 13

    With summer just around the corner, Coraline's prepared for another busy tourist season at her family's hotel. What she's not expecting, however, is England's hottest up-and-coming music sensation, Leon McCarthy, showing up at the check-in desk.

  • Confessions of a Teenage Broadway Star
    121K 4.3K 26

    Scarlett Bright was born to be on Broadway. Unfortunately, her dreams of a glamorous life in New York City are still a year away, and she's going to have to survive senior year first. When she's accepted to the best performing arts high school in the country, she unexpectedly jumps into a world that's way bigger - and...

  • They Don't Know (BOOK TWO)
    679K 21.5K 73

    Everyone has a back story. Whether their lives seem perfect or not, everyone has a history behind them. Sevyn feels stuck in the past when her ex-boyfriend returns to school after three months of being locked up for sexual assault. With her best friend avoiding her at all cost and her brothers dealing with their own p...

    Completed   Mature
  • Imperfection (Discontinued)
    1.4M 35K 49

    Why must he do that to me? It's not fair! I don't want to fall for Dorian, I hate him ! I've hated him since 5th grade. That Dorian was easier to be around. He was the Dorian that made me want to beat his face with my face and laugh while I did it. But this new Dorian, all he does is make me blush and smile and says t...

  • Nobody's Business (BOOK ONE)
    582K 18.3K 58

    Sevyn lives in a world where people are starting to loose the most valuable quality. Common Sense. Forget this young wild and free mess. Sevyn wants to enjoy life just like everyone else, but she's not going to act reckless just for the fun of it. Aint nobody got time for that. She's too busy focusing on her future an...