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  • Arranged to Love
    1.6M 56.1K 24

    Vera Laurenti was a eighteen year old girl who had just graduated from High School. She never had a normal childhood. She grew up without her parents who didn't want her. She was an outsider of the family. Her grandparents raised her with much love since she was born. She felt forever thankful for them. On her graduat...

  • Fragile Hearts | Ongoing
    32.5K 954 16

    In which two families allow their traditions to strangle to death their own flesh and blood.

  • Win Her Back
    235K 6.1K 24

    I lost everything I have Love, family, my soul My mind and heart were corrupted by Fear, Sadness and Trauma I believed all of his promises, I am such a fool He promised Love, but he pushed me away in the depths of agony. He promised trust, but he never believed everything I said. He promised happiness, but he took the...

  • Hello Stranger
    21.2K 1K 20

    Roohi is still grappling with life post her divorce with Jay. Trying to balance work and her tiny tot, she thinks her life is turning on a new page when she meets Ranveer. Just when she is getting over jay slowly and has begun feeling something for Ranveer, tragedy strikes. A new friend, Sid, helps her cope in the af...

  • The Ceo And His Hijabi
    120K 6.4K 30

    "Enough!" His voice boomed in the office, silencing the whispers. The coldness in his tone shook the body of his workers and they held their head down. Nobody had the power to look up into the eyes of the man who could destroy their life with just a flicker of his hands. "What did I say about this deal?" He asked them...

  • Towards You✔️
    258K 12.6K 38

    Not edited(first draft) Nayab Hasan 22 year old beautiful girl is a journalist. She is bubbly, kind hearted, adventurous and firm in her decisions. Haroon Samad khan 29 year old handsome is business tycoon. He is arrogant, Cold hearted, ruthless but caring, sweet and possessive for his family. _...

  • Pretty Little Thing | ✓
    495K 33.5K 39

    [Highest ranking: #1 in Spiritual on 15/8/18] ••• • In which a girl saved a boy's life in the most unexpected of circumstances • She drank water. He drank alcohol. She had a family who'd take a bullet for her. He had a family who'd throw him under the bus. She dreamt of her future. He dreamt of his death. Both are...

  • 1001 Nights
    2.7M 162K 38

    ❝Tell me a story, love.❞ In which, a slave girl tells a bloodthirsty king a story in exchange for her life. [07.15.16] all rights reserved ©2016

  • Married to The Devil's Son (SAMPLE)
    9.6M 198K 29

    A prince, rumored to be son of the Devil. He is the definition of Danger. He is the Darkness itself. A princess. Imprisoned in her own home, only to come out once she gets married. But married to whom? *** Once upon a time, the Devil fell in love with one of the King's many wives. One night he went to her room disguis...

    Completed   Mature
  • Revengeful Love
    99.2K 2.5K 12

    "Now, are you ready to marry me?" he asked in his stern voice. " P-please I don-don't want t-to m-marry. P-please lea-leave me. I want to go h-home." I begged. After listening my reply, his eyes became dark instantly and fury enveloped him. He fisted my hair and pulled it with such a great force that a sharp cry reson...

    92.3K 3K 31

    He came home angrily i don't now what happened to him he started to throw all the things. I asked him "what happened". He stared gaining at me like a hungry lion towards its prey.... I stared praying god to save me from this hungry lion. "This is all your f***ing fault. because of you i lost my project." "what I h...

  • He Felt Like A Storm ||Wattys2018 ||Wattys2019
    1.6M 75.5K 86

    The story is of two individuals Siddharth Khanna and Anusha Singh. Both were gems to their parents, both spoiled, both stubborn, friends adored them and siblings love them. Like something very unexpected happens whenever you were least expecting it to be, exactly the same way, the marriage bomb was thrown on to thei...

  • Imperfectly Perfect (Completed)
    454K 24.5K 37

    He is Strong because he has known weakness She is beautiful because she is aware of her flaws He is fearless because he has learnt to recognise illusions from real She is wise because she has learnt from her mistakes He is a lover because he has felt hate AND She can Laugh because she has known sadness. Come join us i...

  • Revenge Marriage
    707K 23.3K 30

    #1 on 28/5/18 to 4/6/18 #2 on 1/02/18 # 3 in chicklit on 28/01/18 #4 in chicklit 5/12/17 (not edited yet) Zayan Ahmed, one of the richest man of London.When Zayan found out that his brother committed suicide because a girl Alishba rejected his proposal.He got married to Alishba Abdul to get his revenge.He tortured her...

  • Always At Your Side | ✔
    467K 4.7K 8

    [Highest ranking #1 in spiritual] [#2 on What's Hot list] "What are you doing here?" I asked her through gritted teeth. She looked at me confused. For the sake of her, I have to do this. "I asked what are you doing here?" I now shouted at her. She flinched. "I..I came here for you." She stuttered, playing with her fin...

    173K 7.9K 45

    This is my third story . I am sure it's worth reading. Jaanaki ,traditional Indian girl what there to not say caring, religious, respects elders, loves kids, can do anything for her family and loved ones. Raghuram, symbol of rude, arrogant, cold hearted, hates people mainly woman from bottom of his heart...

  • Destined to be together
    248K 10.9K 64

    #8 in 2018 - 28/10/2018 #11 in India - 28/10/2018 #91 in 2018 - 17/9/2018 #150 in 2018 - 15/9/2018 #47 in desi - 9/9/2018 #869 in chicklit - 9/9/2018 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ She still didn't understand why he chose that movie "5...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Billionaire's Final Victim | ✓
    2.9M 130K 52

    "I hope you realize you made the worst f**king decision of your life." She could feel his cold icy blue eyes piercing through her soul. "I didn't ask for this..." tears threatened to fall from her eyes, her lips quivering in fear. His grip on both her wrists become tighter as he slams them hard against the wall, tra...

  • Mafia's innocent girl
    351K 13.8K 31

    " D-do-dont k-kill me" she begged looking at my gun and sobbing loudly. "Now, why would i do that??" I asked her chuckling at her and then smirked, looking at her face while twirling my gun in my hand. "Y-you are a g-go-good boy. Killing people is wr-wrong. Vimla masi told me, it is wrong to hur-hurt people. Every pe...

  • Kidnapped to take revenge
    72.9K 2K 18

    Nandini could not believe the fact that she is married woman now. Married forcefully to her and her family's enemy, Ranbir. Ranbir Singh - rich and very handsome, ruthless and very dangerous. This story is written from third person point of view but I have make sure it is understandable when you will the story Please...

  • If I Could Melt Your Heart
    142K 7.2K 26

    He is arrogant and she is innocent . What is going to happen when these two became one ??

  • Just Your Wife!!
    716K 38.5K 44

    "You really don't care" i whisper tears running down my eyes i wipe them furiously, today i will not understand him he as to understand what i want. "No....!!, you can do anything" he said pulling out his clothes roughly i march to him. And jerk him around. " Really....!! Its ok with you if i go out with any other man...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stolen Hearts
    526K 22.7K 40

    "Please Mr Rai..." he didn't let me finish has he took step close to me too much close to have my heartbeats speed up to ten times more faster. " you know me better Riya and we are getting married now, so be ready" with that said he turned and left the room . Love finds it way even in broken hearts.... And when it doe...

    Completed   Mature
  • somebody...for me
    694 50 3

    "I never planned to fall for you, but I did." "But I don't love you. " "why are you lying? I can see it in your eyes you are lying to me." "No. I don't". ---------------------------------- kiara is not your typical girl. What's so different about her? well, she's a tomboy- One of the boys!!! Keith is our self-procl...

  • His Stubborn Beauty (Sequel#1 To UFW)
    189K 10.4K 18

    (UFW sequel#1) (Unwanted series#2) Sania, a girl who hated men, a girl who lived in village, a girl who was abused by her father, a girl who was very stubborn, a girl who can do everything to give all the women of her village their rights. Zain, a rich man, CEO of his father company which was now touching sky because...

  • Slave To The Beast (Sample)
    353K 20.2K 59

    Completed   Mature
  • love with crazy billionaire's
    22.7K 1K 33

    Ayaan - ebrah.. "How can you do this to me". Ayaan said. He gripped her shoulder so tightly. "Sir please leave me its hurting."ebrah said in pain. "Oh really ." Then ayaan took her one hand and put it on his heart . "Its hurting here more. Till the time You have only seen my loving and caring side but now you are go...

  • Horror Can Seek You From Anywhere...
    3 1 3

    "An usual call at Call Center lead something unusual to Malini".."Night with the Phone Call"... "John was not known, his reading habits can lead him to death.....He still curses that "Page No.46"...

    223K 7K 37

    I've known them since forever. I've known them since childhood. But I never expected them to betray me. I never thought cute, little, lonely kid, Aarav, the Aarav I've known could ever play such a dirty game / trick with / on me. I've never dreamt that he could break my heart so easily. But now, I'v...

  • Marry You For The Baby
    245K 18.3K 29

    #05 in General Fiction on 11/09/16 The weather after the rain was pleasant. I took a sip from my sugarless coffee just like Arjun. Arjun and Aadhya became my world from moment I married him. I will do anything to keep them happy. As I was about to turn around but a pair of arms circled my waist making me still at my p...