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  • The Secret Life of My Husband, The Professor ✔️
    193K 9.1K 58

    ❝ You are a Lair, Professor! ❞ I said as I slapped him across the face. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to him. ❝ No student of mine may disrespect me like that and get away with it ❞ He said with a force that would have made any person in the world tremble. But not me. I gazed into his green eyes. ❝ But I am no...

  • FATE | completed ✔️
    64.1K 2.8K 36

    "You like it" He asked. I nodded not looking at his reflection in the mirror. "Ok i will buy this" he answered. I stiffened on hearing that he would buy this. "No its ok i will buy it" i turned around and slowly said. He flashed his perfect smile at me once again and walked to me. I took a step back and my back hit th...

  • The Halal Way | ✔
    692K 43.6K 34

    #2 in Spiritual | 1 / 8 / 18 | We-muslim girls- all know girlfriend and boyfriend ain't halal, and that falling in love is definitely not haram. We just gotta lower our gaze, no lingering looks, and get on with our lives. Easy peasy. Well, that is what Sarah thought before she saw Amir, the hottie in her class. Or as...

  • Crazy in Love
    3.9K 905 5

    "I always wanted to give my heart to you, but I can't do that and now it will always be with you. It will always beat faster when you see yourself. You will always have my heart and I will take your's with me, for forever." ................... Hunter has always been in love with Emma, but due to a secret, he can't sh...

  • Maryam
    3.2K 580 13

    An admirable but mysterious solicitude arises in the life of a muslimah, Maryam Hayat, when she is onto the dwindling scams of her life thrust. Indeed she inbounds her breaths to seek refuge in Allah against all the wrongs, angst and affliction. Being truthful and respectful to all, weather sentient or lifeless presen...

  • Dealing with a billionaire bad boy
    1.4K 63 30

    Happiness can only mean one thing you being happy with the time of your life or you trying to be happy but....... Love love is a different word that can't be spoken but only by heart and spending time with your love of your life but what happens when that someone is a bad boy who is a billionaire and soon or later you...

  • Falling in love with the Muslim girl ✔
    1.9M 115K 53

    [My stories do NOT represent Islam, they represent most Muslims nowadays] ~~~~ "So I can't be this close to you?" Brody softly asked, pretending he didn't know the rules of my religion. "THEN LEAVE", he added pointing towards the door. And that's when it hit me, it wasn't him who was holding me there.. it was my own...

  • The Rise Of Wicked
    4.1K 1K 21

    {Best Ranked #167 In science Fiction} Under New Construction W.I.C.K.E.D, A deep red scar in six teenagers hearts, slowly tearing apart what used to be a normal life. W.I.C.K.E.D Inc are manipulating teenagers minds, to destroy earth, but the truth of why, remains unknown even by the most powerful. What W.I.C.K.E.D...

  • Feelings [poetry]
    1.4K 631 21

    || Life is a rollercoaster . It rotates wonderfully . it shows ups and downs . First i was on top . Then i fell down . Twisted like a Fish on a floor || -Read this book and comment so that i can know that you like them or not .

  • A Walk Through the Qur'an
    9.3K 277 18

    Brief explanation/reminder of the Qur'an

  • Dance with the devil
    17.7K 410 6

    Miriam is a normal girl in high school, but one day, everything changes. The Joker is going to blow up their school if they don't play a little game he has planned. Because of this, Miriam is going to do things she might regret. If she doesn't play right, her best friend Amber might die. Is she able to play the game r...