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  • Mccree x reader LEMON
    2.3K 19 1

    You and Mccree are about to have the highest noon ever😉 I don't own art

  • It's Okay To Cry ||JotaroXF.ReaderXKakyoin||
    56.4K 1.8K 41

    What a wonderful world...A tear run down my cheek Warning First few chapters have grammar errors! (Soon will be fixed so don't complain) [COMPLETE] [Book 1]

    Completed   Mature
  • Strange Lovers ( Jotaro X Reader) (Lemon Aka NSFW)
    38.8K 692 7

    Jotaro Kujo. A delinquent. He wouldn't care if his food was too cold, he'd leave the restaurant without pay. Brutally beat anyone who tried to mess with him, and put teachers back in their place. But theres a soft side to him. No one really knows about except his mother can see it. Maybe even you can get to see it.

  • SAUCY TALES 〈Overwatch Oneshots〉
    1M 13.3K 16

    Overwatch // (Various Male Characters x Female Reader Insert) Warning: extremely graphic sexual content. For mature audiences only.

  • Jojo's bizarre​ adventures X Reader
    103K 1K 24

    Request Open! Choose anybody all the way to 1-8 anybody or when i feel like it and just enjoy this plz ;-; first time doing a jojo bizzare adventues one shots

  • Bleach x Male & Fem Reader Lemons
    318K 4.2K 43

    Bleach is one of my FAVORITE animes. This is a very long, multiple part character x reader lemon. I'M BACK and taking requests!!!

  • Portgas D Ace x reader x lemon (ace up your sleave) *short story*
    11.7K 185 1

    lemons....lemons everywhere.... you are in a tavern with ace just chillin, when you guys get a stupid idea to play *strip poker* . { comment if you want me to make one with the game twister ♣} *picture on the top is not mine by the way*

    Completed   Mature
  • Dio x Reader x Jonathan Side Stories
    2.8K 70 2

    A bunch of one shots to go with my main story Dio x Reader x Jonathan.

  • The Psycho King (Broly x reader)
    20.6K 779 33

    What if Goku never came to earth, instead Broly and Paragus came in his stead? What would happen? Will he brutally murder you out of anger, or suffocate you with a confusing love-hate relationship? Heads up: This story uses dbz Broly, not dbs Broly, subtle differences but dbz Broly is more insane than dbs Broly DISCLA...

  • Overwatch Lemons~ (Requests are CLOSED)
    20.6K 258 6

    Recently I have been into reading a lot about the characters from Overwatch and looking into each of their back stories. To be honest, I have never played Overwatch BUT I do have enough knowledge about it so I can create some steamy lemon stories for each of them! Enjoy! Please...This is for 18+ only! That is why the...

  • The Key~ One Piece X Reader
    71.3K 2.7K 11

    A few days after you are born a package will come in the mail for you. For girls it's a locked pendant, for boys a key. No one really knows where the gifts came from but what they did know is that when they found the key to unlock the pendant the rest of their lives will be truly happy. Soulmates is what the pair was...

  • Jojo's Bizarre Oneshots
    110K 2.4K 44

    This is a book about oneshots with you in the wonderful world of JJBA. Jojo is in my top 3 animes that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!!!! So enjoy, the stories!!! Now introducing Part 5!!! Now it's parts 1-5.

  • Seijuro Mikoshiba x Reader (lemon)
    1.4K 19 1

    hi guys!!! this is my first time writing a lemon or any fanfic... I am not too good at english as it's not my native language. I've personally read a lot of free character x reader lemons but very few of Seijuro( i mean he's sexy as well, right?!), so i decided to dedicate this lemon to all the Seijuro fans. I hope...

    Completed   Mature
  • DBZ Characters x Reader
    618K 9.2K 99

    -Finds an x Reader- "Woah where did that come from?" -Looks at title- "Oh my this author indeed has no life whatsoever." "And it's Dragon Ball of all things, goodness gracious." -Reads it anyway-

  • | |Kakyoin x Reader x Jotaro: Rejoice for Love | |
    299K 9.5K 40

    The innocence of one can be shattered to the tyranny of this world at any moment. Yet for some, they are faced with difficulties ungodly to his world, and remain untouched to the pain. There lies a girl, still so young to this ancient Earth, floating in the crystal seas of sadness and hurt. She floats silently with li...

  • Platinum Love {Jotaro Kujo X Reader}REPUBLISH
    2.7K 39 2

    This is a republish because i did published the same story title but this story is gon' be different 💚

  • Various JoJo Characters x FEMALE Reader {Slow Updates}
    30.9K 379 9

    One Shots, Alternative Stories, No Deaths 😭 SFW & NSFW Mainly JoJo's But will also have some other characters. From Part 1 - Part 5. I changed the name cause I know I'm gonna add more then just the main JoJo's Gonna add AUs and more

  • Wartime AU!Jotaro x Reader: Promises of Anguish
    755 45 1

    Wartime has been known throughout eternity to bring nothing but pain, misery, and anguish. Jotaro Kujo and his family were no exception to this law.

  • Different - Diabolik Lovers X Reader
    504K 14.3K 34

    You, (y/n) (l/n), have always been family to the Sakamaki brothers when you were all kids together. Then, after all tears are shed and all the screams have died out, you enter their lives again, but as expected, there's a catch. You have no memory of them, whatsoever. Now, you, a now seemingly emotionless girl, are a...

  • Makoto Tachibana x Reader [LEMON]
    34.6K 404 1

    An adult content ...and a lot of fun for sure :3 :3

  • Itachi Lemons.
    45.2K 601 2

    Haha... In putting all my Itachi lemons together .-.

  • An old friend ( Haru x reader x Rin
    17.8K 405 9

    You joined the Highschool Iwatobi but what you didn't realize your past friend was there to and Haru's enemy was into you.

  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure x Reader
    109K 1.8K 9

    JJBA Oneshots! Requests are open!

  • What a beautiful duwang ~ Josuke x Reader
    36.7K 646 10

    Every Jojo in the Joestar family tree is said to have one woman in their lives. Joseph's wife, Suzie Q...Jonathan's wife, Erina Joestar... The list goes on, but where's Josuke's woman? In this story, we meet a classmate of the three main protagonists that goes by the name of (Y/n). The poor female photographer is forc...

  • Another collection of Dragon Ball oneshots
    223K 3.8K 40

    [Reader is always female unless differently specified in the title of the oneshot.] Just as the title says! This is the first oneshots book I ever write, I hope it turns out ok... Also since english is not my first language there may be some grammar errors, sorry! Lastly, I accept all requests except lemons and smuts...

  • Cold Shoulder: Sosuke X Reader (Lemon)
    1K 30 1

    You 2 are friends and you overhear him say that you are annoying so you want some payback for his rudeness. idk

    Completed   Mature
  • Killer x reader modern au
    7.1K 243 6

    I felt like killer doesn't get enough love in the fandom so this was born. I don't really know where this is going so I'm open to suggestions, they would really be appreciated. And I hope you enjoy.

  • :Soar: - Levi X Winged!Reader
    82.3K 2.2K 13

    You were captured from your family when you were only 8 and brought to the Undergorund City, brutal experiments getting conducted so that wings sprouted from your back and your senses were heightened to inhuman levels. Fast forward 15 years and you've become a legend on the streets, no one knowing you had wings, yet...

  • Reinhardt X Reader
    23.9K 428 8

    Very fluffy, story heavy, does have smut/implied smut. Okay so got some smut now. Kinky smut. I am a terrible person. Soon to have role play between fem reader and Reinhardt so there's that female reader. Y/N - Your Name